Fog Line Bar and Grill

25037 Clawiter Rd, Hayward
(510) 783-7300

Recent Reviews

Eli Abdalla

Phenomenal place to eat and drink! Great service, the atmosphere had good energy! Definitely recommend!!!

Duglas Soriano

Good bar tenders and service is good. Had a good time.

Ervin Bond

Good place to visit and have fun!!!

A Bomb

It's a dive bar. What's not to like? Pretty divey tho.


The drinks are good and the kitchen has good bites. It has a a modern jukebox with the latest hits.

Brandy Thomas

One of my favorite afterwork hangouts. Good drinks, nice jukebox, pool tables, darts, food and most importantly a cool vibe.


One of my favorite afterwork hangouts. Good drinks, nice jukebox, pool tables, darts, food and most importantly a cool vibe.

John Baptista

This place has closed down.

Dee B.

Best place ever!!!!

ms. teabby

Food was good, service was great. COVID-19 friendly. The outdoors event be safe and respectful!

John T.

I almost had a drink here 26 years ago when I managed the electrical supply house for many years down the street. Nothing has changed except the name. Hayward doesn't have much in terms of clean, polite, & aesthetically pleasing places to entertain at. B street has a very few select spots. I feel even there it's 2.5 stars at best.

Mary C.

No. AVOID THE FOOD AT ALL COST. Was driving by yesterday morning (Sunday 3/1) and saw on the outside of the building they had chicken and waffles.. so, my sis and I thought, let's give them a call to see if they have breakfast. So, I called and a nice lady answered and said "Yes! We serve breakfast!" So, we turned around and went. Parking lot super small and there were cars parked so we thought, 'Oh, they must be serving food now!" Wrong. We walked in and it was quite dark (it's mainly a bar). There were bar stools outside all piled up on one another. This should have been a sign. But anyway, we walk in and we're kinda unsure about the place. No one is in there..but there were hella cars in the small lot. So, we kinda wander in and are greeted by a nice lady. We reluctantly sit down and she brings us a menu. There are no breakfast items on the menu. So, we look at each other and get up to leave.. and I tell them, "Oh we were looking for breakfast".. the lady says, "OH! You just called, let me get you the breakfast menu." Then the owner looked out and said, we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner... So, we sit down and look over the small menu. Pancakes and eggs 7.95, breakfast burrito 3.95! Good deals.. Anyway, we try to order coffee.. and the lady's like, "Oh, I can put some on for you.." :o and we're like, ok, decaf please. Not too sure if it was decaf, but it tasted a bit off. She only had 2 vanilla creamers and then tossed some sugars on to the table. It's was quite hilarious. Then, she brings out a canister of the dry creamer. It's hella dirty on the outside and there's about a tablespoon in the bottom of it. Then, we have to ask for teaspoons to stir our coffee..... lol So, after about 40 minutes, the rubbery pancakes come out. They're kinda thin, and they taste like fish. Yes, fish. Obviously did not clean the cook-top after cooking fish. Really disappointing. Had to ask for butter.. Butter comes out and there's that old dark yellow stuff on one of the pieces that lets you know that it was not wrapped properly in the fridge..... anyway, then the scrambled eggs and bacon came out. (On a separate plate which was fine). Scrambled eggs were all chopped up in little brown bits and were actually over cooked but edible. Flavor was ok. But the bacon.. again, rubbery and way under cooked. Sis had the egg and cheese burrito with added ham for 95c more. Said it was ok and at least it was warm. Anyway, the bill comes and the coffee was $3.00!!! For this weird flavored coffee with no cream!!??? Wow.. they could have comped that. Then, my sis was over charged for the burrito. Price did not match what was on the menu. We didn't say anything- really just wanted to get out of there. Please don't tell me you serve breakfast when you were obviously not prepared to make or present breakfast to paying customers. THE WAITRESS/HOST/BARTENDER WAS VERY NICE, BUT IT WAS OBVIOUS SHE WAS PUT ON THE SPOT WITH AN UNDER-STOCKED KITCHEN, ILL-PREPARED COOK, AND A DESPERATE NEED FOR BUSINESS. THEY NEED TO CLEAN THE PARKING LOT, THEIR TABLE TOPS, AND JUST BE MORE PREPARED BEFORE TELLING PEOPLE THEY 'SERVE BREAKFAST'... A HUGE WASTE OF 26 BUCKS!!!

jose alvarez

Exelent place for relax.

Williams Fernandez

Nice, chill place to enjoy some drinks, and a pool table. I personally enjoyed my first Friday visit after work with co-workers. I'll be damned if I don't show up another Friday.

Jimmy A.

My sons basketball team was at a tourney in the east bay and we found Fogline to grab lunch between games. Service was fast, everyone was nice and accommodating to our big party of parents and kids. The highLight was THE FOOD!!! Some of the best wings I've ever had (lemon,pepper,garlic wings ). The team had several orders of their French fries and the "mini sampler" plate of wings, chicken strips, fried fish, and quesadilla were all delish!! Looks like it is a fun club at night! Lots of big screen TVs for Watching Sunday football. Highly recommend this place for his food atmosphere and customer service.

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