Hayward Liquor and Groceries

849 Sycamore Ave, Hayward
(510) 733-3322

Recent Reviews

Ronald Johnson

Your average mini Mart with friendly Service

Alysia Robbins

The hood liquor store. Been goin there since i was a kid.

Andrei Cimpoaie

Good variety

hock cheong

Staff are not honest. I bought in my scratchers winning, 3 times the staff told me my total win which is less by $10.00 and when I asked for my scratches back he then told me the right total winning amount. The fist time it happened I thought maybe it was my wrong calculation but second and third time, I had enough. This place is NOT for me to spend my money.

M Arshadi

Good place for quick shopping

Mark Spansel


Mary Coughlin

The people who work there are really nice. I buy my lottery tickets there. They always wish me good luck!

Jesse James

Quick place to get liquor or candy

Atilana Bronson

Family friendly establishment

Donny Bailey

Pretty much have all you Liquor needs. They ah-ight.

Nick Bencriscutto

Fast, stocked and friendly.

Martin Jr Flores

Service sucks. I will never step into this liquor store again.

Jerry S

Had what I needed.

Peter Boone

Never before have I had a bad experience here but today I spent almost $50 on a handle of Crown Royal and the cashier did this thing of taking the bottle out of the box, out of the bag to turn it upside down and say, "See? No leaks." When I got home I opened the box, the plastic seal was broken and 2-3 drinks were gone from the bottle. I don't really care whether he knew about it or not; it's his and every employee's job to know whether strange customers are opening their liquor and drinking it, and it's also their job not to be opening liquor and drinking it, so it doesn't matter who did it. Either way, I won't be buying anything here again. Sorry to the very nice, evidently honest people who work there but they need to protect their merchandise better.

Wayne Turner

Stop there for a snack nice place I'll be back

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