Hometown AYCE Marketplace

704 Southland Mall, Hayward
(510) 782-1200

Recent Reviews

Giovani Lutz

I regularly come by grabbing some food in here. I like the quick customer service and well made dishes. I recommend this place.

Doris Mora

My fav location for tasty buffet food.

Aaron Pierce

Looks closed all chained up and alrms going

Robert Eubanks

The food is consistently fresh and delicious, workers hands out good customer service. I liked the cleanliness and mood. Will come visit again.

Chris McNally

As great as always. Friendly staff and really tasty food. Look online for coupons and deals 1st

Richard DeVries

I had a delicious Excellent 5 Stars breakfast February 22 2020.

Gilbert Espinoza

Unfortunately this will be my last time here.

Sara Vanessa

This place is so bad! I took my family here and paid $105. The food was old tasting. My daughter got sick. I will never ever eat here again. I wish I would have taken pictures. It's not worth your health to eat here. It wasn't very clean either. The plates and silverware still had food on them. I was so very dissatisfied with the restaurant. The staff was friendly. That is about the only thing nice about it.

Kimberly F

Don't do it! It was awful. Food was cold and tasted like mildew. The carpets smelled horribly musty. We left feeling sick. The place was freezing cold inside. Even employees kept going over and sitting in front of the fireplace. We want our money back. Not even good coffee.

Fernando Márquez

delicious and attentive and careful staff

Alex Ramírez

delicious and attentive and careful staff

Zamora Moton Phillips

The food wasn’t Appetizing very disgusting

Sandy Sumner

Tried this place once with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I enjoyed the great vibes and yummy food and drinks. They never disappoint.

Jayden N.

Horrible,they hardly even put out food and the food taste like rubber.The drinks were all watered down.Cookies are hard,ice cream machine is broken all the time,milk was somehow spoiled.Its just all bad here.I don't think anyone should eat here at anytime of the day.All there food is probably left overs from the trash cans.Im probably never coming back.

Ronnie Boggs

We like a lot hanging out. Last night we arrived in this magnificent place which friends told us about. We had a delightful evening there with high-qulity meal and an experienced crew and a great cuisine. We added this fine restaurant in our list and we shall certainly return soon. We highly recommend.

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