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28549 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 397-1690

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Christian W.

Our office just moved us from Union City to a block away from this Ike's and normally I'm not a fan of sandwich chains but our company offered it up for lunch on them. I seriously don't know how any one can even think of buying a sandwich other than Ike's. I have now found a location near my house and plan on making it a more regular dinner choice. My favorite is currently the Matt Cain on Dutch crunch with extra dirty sauce. The employees at this location are hit and miss with service. Sandwiches have always been perfect but sometimes I have them in 5 mins and this last time they entered KIM as the name so my sandwiches sat there for 20 minutes until I asked about them and checked for an order that matched. I get the masks currently make it difficult for anyone to hear but I walked in 4 or 5 times and not a single person attempted to assist or match them up to me until I asked if that was supposed to be my order. I expect this at Subway, not at Ike's. I'll make sure not to eat these sandwiches at this location and stick to the one near my house. They're amazing!

Arris Q.

Standard Ike's Love & Sandwiches location except that this location is quite slower than other ones I have been to.

When I come here, after ordering my sandwich there is usually about a 20 minute wait to receive it. I don't know why it takes so long when other sandwich places will have you in and out in 5 minutes max.

I was fortunate to only average a 20 minute wait, I saw some other customers leave the store when they were told their order would take 30-45 minutes.

I think the reason for the inefficiency is because they're balancing between numerous in person orders, orders being called in, mobile orders, and food delivery services like doordash. Be that as it may, as a customer I don't want to wait 20+ minutes for a sandwich, I would say the store has some experimenting to do to improve efficiency.

Also the store staff do a poor job of calling out customer names which creates confusion and has us walking to the order table multiple times to check if it's ours because the staff didn't call the name loud enough.

Though no fault of the store, I do think Ike's is a little overpriced compared to competitors, but what can I say? It's a solid sandwich.

On top of all this today during my recent visit I needed to use the bathroom but was told I couldn't because of Covid 19, though I don't see how using a bathroom would be problematic for Covid. As a paying customer I needed to use the bathroom and it was disappointing that I couldn't because all the surrounding businesses also had their bathrooms closed to customers which is annoying cause if I can't use it at the store I'm buying food at, and I can't use it at nearby stores where do you expect me to go?

LnM Carpet Care M.

Philly cheese steak made by Cindy exactly what i requested,very delicious will be back again Thank you!

Steve G.

First time to this Ike's although I've been to several others.  Ike's used to be a foodie Mt Olympus.  A real treat you'd stand in line for.  You could look forward to a huge sandwich with creative combinations that would have your taste buds thanking you for months.  Usually only ate half and saved the rest for later.

Unfortunately Ike's has become a mere mortal sandwich.  A good sandwich but more your average run-of-mill deli sandwich.  I ordered a Matt Cain.  Some of the old flavors were there, just didn't pop like they used to.  Taste buds were slow dancing not rocking out.  And I finished the whole sandwich and wanted a bag of chips to fill up.

Ike's charges premium prices for average sandwiches.  I can a get a better sandwich at my local deli for less.

Megan P.

For an Ike's, this deserves a 1 but for a sandwich shop, I'd say it was okay to good...
The Hayward Ike's definitely hits different. There's not as much stuff inside and I feel like the sandwiches are just smaller all around. The flavor also isn't as good. I usually get the Menage a Trois at every Ike's I go to and this was the most disappointing one I've had.

Vanni C.

Sometimes I'm vegetarian is very similar to the Jeremy stoppleman  and since they didn't have it on the board.. I just ordered it with breaded egg plant added on . One difference is it has mushrooms which I don't think the Jeremy stoppleman has. It is an excellent vegetarian options... I actually only ate half of the sandwich and ate the rest for lunch the next day. My total was $14 and some change.  Personally I think its a lot for a sandwich but I haven't stopped eating here and probably won't ‍

Michael Pierre

Every one I go to is top notch. I strongly urge you to study menu on website before going. Endless possibilities for sandwiches. I talking hundreds of combinations. About 50 most popular are on a wall menu. Matt Cain is my favorite, with extra meat. The dirty or godfather sauce is to die for.

Rajiv Appana

Awesome sandwiches. You cannot go wrong.

Amy E.

Hard to decide between 3 and 4 stars
Points for a safe in-store order and social distancing, masks, etc.  Points and a smile for kind,cheerful employees.
My friend informed me they were having a special son certain sandwiches the first week of Nov '20 so I thought I'd get some Ikes pre-Costco. I got the menaige a Trois which was on special, $7. Boyfriend got the aluna (?) Tuna. It was $10.75. His first remark was "a whole lotta dutch crunch and a thin line of tuna " which was kinda true unfortunately, lol. Didnt get a photo.
My menaige a Trois seemed decebntly portioned, it was messy and saucy already so I wouldnt even want the chicken piled TOO high. The chicken and flavors were tasty - there was a hint of sweetness from honey. I asked for a lot of red onions which was a good decision.
I was thinking, I would totally get this sandwich again, then I remember it was on special for only $7...but normally, its 13.75! Whoa. That seems pricey. So I would probably check for a cheaper sandwich next time. :/
So, taking points away for unsatisfying amount of tuna and semi pricey sandwiches. But I would gets Ikes again...once in awhile.

Ben T.

Zapp's chips! Sandwich good too.  Surprisingly short line on a Saturday afternoon (11/7/2020)

Snigdha D.

Love Ike's sandwiches in general.  I didn't give them 5 stars because of their lack of options on the menu.  They have a very small number of the Ikes menu items and not many of the ones I love (the fried chicken kind).  Compared to the Oakland, Palo Alto, Cupertino, San Jose locations the menu in Hayward is lacking.  Ikes often has promotions on specific sandwiches once a week but I have never seen any of the items selected for the promotion carried in Hayward.

That being said the staff is great and they are observing social distancing.  The preparation on the few items they do offer is good.  My suggestion would be to offer more items from their main menu because at this time there is only 1 sandwich I like on the menu so I won't be going there as much as I would if they had a menu similar to the ones in the South Bay

Nathaniel Smartt

Great Sandwich. Busy but faster than expected.

Rich Ash

Clean. Social distancing enforcement. Great sandwiches!

Michael Pasco

great Vegetarian Sando's go check them out! order ahead because there can be a wait for walk ups!

Chyna C.

I tried this place for the first time last weekend. Upon first glance, I saw the employees wearing gloves/masks, hand sanitizer was available, and there was floor markings to have customers stand 6 feet apart. I ordered the Bill Walsh. I was pretty excited to get my sandwich, it had some weight to it and was a standard sized sandwich.

I got home and opened it up and it looked like a soggy, nasty mess. Thick slices of turkey, avocado slapped on, and bread looked super dry like it had been sitting out. I ate one half and could not finish. It sat way too heavy in my stomach. Later that night, I crawled into bed and started having this insane burning and indigestion in my stomach.

Not coming back. Horribly made sandwich!

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