Katsuo Sushi and Grill

28569 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 963-5921

Recent Reviews

Darren S.

Fast-Food Sushi spot. The service is quick! I usually get the Hawaiian & Salmon poke bowls, which are a decent size. You can opt for salad or rice base. Ordered takeout here several times and haven't had any issues with my food.

Cynthia B.

Located across the Hayward Costco on Hesperian in the new plaza. I went here a few times to order one item, Lion King roll for myself. My daughter enjoyed the salmon teriyaki plate. I think their Lion King roll is the best in the area. I bought one for my sister, who also enjoyed it alot. I am too lazy to try other items when I found something very good. Plus, it is a bit of a drive for me to come here, so I just order my favorite. I suggest to order ahead.

Hassan Rivas

Definitely a spot worth stopping over, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the rates are reasonable and it is always neat there. Kudos.

Rolando Mckee

Certainly a place worth stopping by, the food is good and well prepared, the pricing is affordable and it is regularly neat there. Highly recommended.

Reece Owens

This spot sure knows how to please their clients. Regularly with a helpful approach. The food is affordably priced, constantly flavorful and neat.

Charleen Fernandez

The food was really good and not too pricey ?

Marcy S.

I've ordered here a few times online and they haven't disappointed. Except the deep fried California roll, mine wasn't crunchy at all, so I never ordered that again. I do, however, keep ordering the California crunch roll! So delicious and love that they are generous with the crunch flakes. It's a good sized roll and it's my favorite of theirs. Their katsu and bento box is filling and satisfying. Definitely my go to Japanese place!

Jim Pollock

Pleasant surprise - across the way from a Costco is this cool little place. I’ve only done takeaway here of course but it’s really good and fresh and creative.

Jenny L.

Thanks for writing back and rectifying the issues. I will sure to be back, as this is my go to place for lunch at work

Chubchub F.

This place has a great sushi list and simple bento combos. I opt for the ($12.95) Beef Teriyaki bento that came with 4 California roll pieces and a green salad . The rice was soft and moist. Also order the ($11.95) Black Garlic Sesame Oil Ramen . It was worth every penny! Order ahead to minimize wait time!

Anthony Vital

I simply enjoyed their food. I always get excellent service there. The place is neat and the employees are always nice. Will visit here again.

Neryssa L.

Ordering online for takeout thru Yelp was so easy! We ordered from here since it's near where we live. Nothing too fancy. Got a couple chicken combos and four rolls (lion king, dragon, california crunch and double salmon). Chicken combos are huge portions! The california crunch was for myself and I love that they put a lot of the crunch flakes on top. Was also informed that if you order takeout thru Yelp, it's more expensive. Order directly thru the website.

Julia C.

Very quick service (10 mins) on an early Sat evening for takeout. My only very small complaint was the cashier not being friendly. She wasn't rude either though. Got the chicken combo bento box comes with rice, salad and 4 pieces of Cali roll sushi. Maybe I'm used to a little higher prices in South Bay but for $11, the price and food was just right. Free drink with yelp check-in too..would come again!

Acelyne P.

High quality sashimi for a "fast food" type restaurant. They have delicious bowls, plates, combos, rolls. They even have ramen! Their chicken katsu is sooo yummy, it's my go to meal here (aside from the salmon sashimi)! I enjoy coming here on my lunch break with coworkers because not only is the food quick, the place is clean, and the servers bring your food to you if you're dining in. I also love that they're near Costco, so when I don't have a long lunch hour, I'll take a plate to-go, while I wait in the Costco gas line to get gas, cuz you know, I multi-task.

Div G.

Disclaimer: I was famished, and forgot to take pics, next time for sure! This review is for pickup, especially during the COVID-19 era. Food: Ordered the Lion King and Super Dynamite Rolls. Both are cooked, fried / baked. And packed with flavor! There was a good balance between rice and fish. The fried roll was not oily. And both were seasoned and wrapped perfectly. Neither roll was spicy, or too salty. And most of all - they did not smell fishy, especially since they are cooked rolls. Service: Ordered via DoorDash, and took ~20 minutes, which was great. The rolls were nicely separated, maintaining their individual flavors. But they did not waste either, was able to get both rolls in one to go container. Definitely want to try more items on their menu.

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