1299 W Tennyson Rd, Hayward
(510) 783-4338

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gracie pacheco

I expected one big chicken breast 4 my chicken sandwich but got 2 semi dry strips! Mash potatoes were good.

Kristi Ball

Food was normal KFC. The employee had trouble taking our order in the drive through which resulted in us getting completely different food than we intended.

AL Bundy

Very pricey but food was good

Handyman John

Got fast service and the place was clean

Mz. Lady Boo

Customer service was great. Chicken was over cooked.

Nick Arias

Delicious spicy chicken I always get that when I come here it's spicer than Popeyes I dig the big pieces too they give you too popeyes gives you tiny aneroxic pieces of chicken

Wheel Gunner

Best chicken in town.

Cecilia M.

Very disappointed ...after a long day at work today, i dont feel of cooking so i decided to buy the $20 dollars fill upThat comes with 8 pcs of chicken and some stuff ..when i got home my chicken is only 6 pcs and very dry ...its not the first time its happen to me this is the 2nd time that i bought to this place and that time missing 1 mash potato thats why today as soon as i got the food today i checked if i got 2 mash potato and its there never imagine that this time the chicken itself is missing ..

Thida V.

Usually come here because it was close to my home, but it's been getting worse every visit. After my last visit a couple day's ago I had to write a review. I was in a rush and hadn't eaten all day so I thought to grab some chicken before hop on the highway. I drove through the drive through which was empty & thought how lucky I was on time. I ordered the 5 wings combo. The girl gave me my food and card & said thank you, have a good day. I drove off, and as I hopped on the freeway realized I never received my drink. I was already on the freeway so I wasn't going to turn back around. I get to my destination and start to eat because I'm starving. First chicken was okay, tasted old, but I'm like it's whatever. Bite the second chicken and it's a bit slimy so I look at it and this is what I see. So... I'm annoyed and bite into the other 3... they were all like this. I was so upset. And I didn't want anyone on the shift to get in trouble, so I didn't call to complain. I'm doing this review to remind them to cook it longer. Even though the outside looks done... it's not. I could've gotten a horrible stomach ache. That was a definite waste of money.... I got a cooked biscuit & 1 small hot wing for 7 or 8 bucks....

Joe H.

It is terrible to get fried chicken here, too much salty and no fresh any more, I felt very bad to get diner here today.

Vinnie Guzzetta

Open the hand washing sinks. Help stop the spread of covid and allow better hygiene instead of accelerating it.

Raihana Mubarak

Yummy. Hot chicken at all times. Fresh and ready.

Alexis H.

Mac and cheese was too watery. Almost made me sick, I was practically forcing myself to eat. Even though you go through a drive-thru they ask you to park on the side and wait. Asked for water and it appears pink, Im assuming it comes through the same spout as their juice? Not too sure if thats a good thing.

See K.

Covid 19 review. Went to pick up food for my mom and went through drive thru. Person at the window was nice and had their face mask on. That's when I saw a lady who was bringing the food tray out to put into the heating unit to store the chickens DID NOT WEAR HER MASK!. She had her mask on her chin with her mouth and nose fully exposed!!!! I didn't feel safe for my elderly mom to eat the chicken, so I had her microwave before she eat. I will not eat pick up food here again.

Joey Katigbak

I'd go here in a pinch, but find the Hickenlooper a bit on the oily side.

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