London Fish And Chips

18890 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 276-7410

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Ka Yan C.

Ahh fish n chips, one of my favorite dishes to eat. I am unsure what fish they used but boy it was a huge chunk! We were definitely not expecting it to be so big (which of course we were happy about). Fish was definitely fried fresh and was not heavy on the batter. It was crispy, no sogginess or being overly greasy and heavy. Chips were crispy as well!

This is during covid time so we ordered in the entrance and it took around 13min wait time. There is a parking lot so hurray for parking!

Jen C.

What a great place. We did delivery from here and everything was amazing. Super crispy shrimp. Thick cut fries just so good. I will order from here often!!  Shrimp was perfect as were the scallops. Love that you can order vinegar. Perfection.

Donald M.

Great. Service with smile and food still warm just like it cook just for you fish was crispy and fry's hot with bond's shrimp got love when plan come together

Joe A.

First time here- ordered 2 piece fish and chips- very tasty. Fish was really hot and not too greasy.
Good take out service- will come again. Thanks.

Leslie Mouton

Mt first time eating at London Fish and chip. I had their fish and jumbo shrimp with fries It was delicious the fish is huge the shrimp are too... They serve you enough food you can eat off of it twice. Try it! It's worth the money.

Monica Cacho

I had the fish and chips with the shrimp jumbo shrimp and it was totally amazing and more than I thought it was going to be I've been craving fish and chips for some time now and this totally satisfied my taste I will definitely go back and I definitely recommend them!!

Eric H.

Great fish and chips. The dining room is closed due to covid-19 so you need to take the food with you or eat in your car. My only complaint is the tarter sauce is very heavy on mayo and too light on seasoning.

Ramone O.

The batter is really light and buttery, and tasty. It has a classic "fish n chip" taste to it( even tho it's jumbo shrimp) fasho coming back. Took like 8-10 mins.

Kimberly Moore

Our first time to try this restaurant, order and pick up at their doors (not admitted inside) of course masks required. Food was excellent. We ordered the 2pc fish & chips (good size portions!). The tempura style batter for the fish was on the sweet side (prefer plain), the chips were the steak fries variety. Next visit I would like to try another meal on their varied menu.

Michael S.

Tasty food, well made, quality  ingredients. Definitely will return. Short wait for take out. Recommend ordering online or call in.

Heather D.

I just picked up my order and devoured the most perfect crunchy fish and chips ever! It is so hard to find true British fish and chips. As a kid I remember my mom bring me to the Rockridge shopping center in Oakland... There was a fish and chips place there. Ever since I've just craved what I remembered. This place, this spot on!
When a food spot specializes in basically one thing, it better be good! It's better than good, it's fabulous!

Tia M.

The food actually isn't bad at all. It's actually pretty good, it's just the host she's very RUDE! Inpatient very hostel.. I watched her yell at a old man for needing help reading the menu. It was ridiculous people are supporting you're business and you should be appreciative! Especially during this pandemic money is running thin for a lot of family's an the fact that u Chose to speak to ppl this way is sad! I will not be back.

UPDATE!! I have spoken to Sherlin! And she has apologized to me and went into great detail of that not happening again. And it a misunderstanding. Thats  not what they stand for. I greatly appreciated her taking the time out to fix their wrongs, I have a new found respect for this place! And will  be coming back! Thank you again Sherlin and I will be seeing you soon!

Brie D.

My husband is from South London and one of his favorite meals is Fish n' Chips. He hasn't had it in 6 years because he hasn't attempted anywhere out here in the States out of fear it will be an awful imitation. This past weekend was his birthday and he wanted Fish n' Chips. That's when I found London Fish N Chips on Yelp.
I placed an order for Fish, Chips, and shrimp. I requested lots of tarter sauce and malt vinegar. In London they have a vinegar called Onion vinegar which is common to eat with it, but I didn't check to see if this place had it.
My order was ready for pick up quickly, and I went to go pick it up. I pull up to a hole in the wall style place, and when I say that I mean it as a compliment. Not dirty, but humble. Nothing fancy, they do what they're meant to do. I hate finding a beautiful place and leave feeling dissatisfied because the food didn't match the decor. I paid online so the hostess brought me a huge box with my order and lots of sauces. Everything I requested. So happy that I didn't get home and something was left out.
Now to the food:
Fish was buttery, crispy, and still piping hot when I got home. They were MASSIVE. I was afraid 5 pieces wouldn't be enough for all of us, so I ordered 10.
I could only eat a piece. I think my 220 lb husband ate 2.5
He gave the fish an A. This is a BRITISH GUY rating A Fish n' Chips spot in Hayward an A! I'm a sous chef and I gotta say we were both impressed.
The shrimp was fried in the same batter. Shrimp was great quality, nice juicy size, perfect batter to meat ratio.
Chips were nice and greasy JUST LIKE THEYRE SUPPOSE TO BE! Salty and so good. We all stuffed out faces.
We froze the left over fish and reheated it the next day at 400 degrees for 11 minutes and it was like how it was the day before!
The fish holds up amazing in the freezer if you have left overs like we did!
I gotta say, this was one of the best restaurant decisions we've made in a while. Absolutely satisfying. Delicious. Husband loved it. We'll be returning customers. Check out me holding a piece of fish.
Thanks London Fish N' Chips, for your service.

Matthew Moss

The best fish and chips, EVER! The prawns were superb <3 whenever I return to EastBay in the future, believe that London's will be on my Future Patronage List <3

Calvin Lo

Great value. Fish was moist and chips were crispy. Fried oyster was also tasty. Everything was well fried and not greasy.

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