Los Carnalitos La Mejor Comida Chilanga

30200 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward
(510) 324-8125

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Ana Patricia Estrada Bolanos

I love their Huitlacoche quesadillas they are the best

Angela M.

Came here about 30 mins before closing. Found it on Yelp while in town. I get it's close to closing but the food was cold meat was old and recooked so hard. Over priced for being cold. Disappointed. Was looking forward to a good burrito. And it's a regular with sour cream. I don't like sour cream. And regular shouldn't have that and cheese.

Theresa M.

Food had great taste, but my kid's torta was so spicy he said his lips were hot. We didn't ask for spicy, but we got it. We had to toss it :(

Patricia L.

I love Los Carnalitos!  They're located in the shopping center in Hayward by the Target off Industrial.  Different type of food and I like it.  I usually get the huarache with carne and nopales.  This is the only place I know of that serves nopales (cactus).  Their tacos are good too, I only wish they had like a taco combo plate type thing instead of ordering beans and rice on the side.  Minus one star because they're closed on Sundays.

Marco traversa

Great food! Unique items from Mexico City, distinctly different from many other taquerias. The Huaraches was delicious!

Joyce Z.

When I saw that this place serves up food that you often find in Mexico City, I knew I wanted to try it out especially the huitlacoche quesadilla which is not commonly found elsewhere.  Often called corn smut or corn fungus, it may not sound appetizing, but is actually quite good with a slight crunch.  

I must be on a lengua kick as this is the second review in a row that I've had lengua, but this time in a taco.  I was impressed with the amount of lengua you get as it's not diced like most places but sliced.  

The con carne y nopales huaraches was a bit too spicy for me but I did have a bite as I wanted to try the cactus.  If you're not big on spice, be careful with the sauces you get as most of them are medium or spicy but if you're a fan, slather away.

Misael Wyatt

The place serves large dishes and for affordable rates. super friendly owner. 5 stars.

Akash S Shetty

Loved everything I’ve ordered so far. Definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area

Allison Henry

Incredible al pastor tacos and really delicious quesadillas! Get the aztec quesadilla with all the authentic Mexico City fixings (corn smut!)

Maria V.

I am very picky with Mexican food but I was really happy with the food here. I could close my eyes and picture of myself back in Mexico eating street tacos. This place is legit.
We got a few different things to try as it was my first time ordering from here and EVERYTHING was delicious! Besides the food being delicious the portions were huge first Mexican restaurant that I know that is not stingy. I will definitely be re-ordering from here.

Katie M.

Everything here is fantastic, unique, tasty, and made with thought. Cannot say enough great things about this place. Have ordered pre- and post- COVID there and both experiences were great.

doc m.

Delicious! Stuff is on the spicy side, so be careful if you can't handle your chile.  We got a huarache with cabeza (excellent -- juicy fatty tasty meat), Panucho (great, but watch out for those habaneros), and two quesadillas: chicharron and Huitlacoche (delicious with the green sauce). Easy ordering for pick up via yelp's grub hub, and they were masked and social distancing was being enforced.

Mitzi M.

Amazing place for real and authentic Mexican/Chilango tasty food.  Me and my family cannot stop to ordering every weekend plus the staff is soooo funny and familiar. Don't let pass another day of your life without eat the Cochinita tacos  ¡Todo lo del menú está chingonsísimo, banda!

Tamu V.

OMG I just ordered two steak tacos! And it was the best steak tacos I've ever had. And it was only steak cilantro and onions. Steak taste like it's fresh off the grill and my taco was full of it. My friend and I came by here a few days ago and she didn't want anything so I didn't get anything. But she did get a mango drink that was great.I wanted a taco and did not wanna go back to the taco truck that we went to that same day we didn't order from this location so I came here and I am so mad that we did not know we were missing out on this great food! I'm definitely coming back and I'm bringing her as a matter fact I just sent her a screenshot of my taco and told her we messed up for leaving that day.

I just went back and bought two more I couldn't help it!

Leticia Flores-leckbee

Very friendly, very accurate on my order... tacos were delicious, but not everything was. Great place to snack!

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Los Carnalitos La Mejor Comida Chilanga

30200 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 324-8125