Mac Taco

25125 .c Santa Clara St, Hayward
(510) 264-0624

Recent Reviews

Ali Jenkins

Definitely a spot worth trying, the food is awesome and fresh, the prices are reasonable and it is constantly well kept here. Highly recommended.

U.R. K.

We were big fans before COVID and now we get burritos at least once a week. I have many food allergies and subject to cross contamination and that has NEVER happened here.

A T.

Stopped by and bought one regular grilled chicken taco and one super grilled chicken taco. It was great. The lemon is nice and cold. I was surprised how good these were. I'll be back

Jake The Muss H.

The steak fries is the best! Wowsahs! I've been craving this every week but get it at least once every 2 weeks due to health . Lol. The potato ratio to steak and cheese is perfect. The steak fries from joint in south land mall doesn't compare!

Franklyn Rede

Good customer service! The food is great must try! Very Friendly and helpful

Armando Navarro

everything is good

Shaun B.

I live right down the street from here and have never been until today. Wow. There Mangonada is unbelievably unbelievable! I think im addicted cause im coming back to go get another one right after i finish this review! Had the hot cheeto burrito just cause i just had to try it and it was pretty good but the carne asade fries tho. Omfg! I cant believe i was sleeping on this place!

Nancy D

Very disappointing. Super salty and the beans were so runny like soup. Fish tacos have some weird sauce on top that made it so soggy I had to just toss them when I got home.

Nancy D.

Disappointing. Ordered fish tacos, rice and beans to go. Fish tacos came with some horrible sauce that made them so soggy that I threw them out by the time I got home. Rice was okay but the beans were horrible. Super salty and so runny they were more like bean soup. First and last time at this place. Bummed.

Betty Diaz

Super good


The best shrimp tacos on this side of the border lol

Ennis I.

First of all they were not busy 2 people in there. I ordered a chicken burrito with whole pinto beans to eat there. First thing he tried to short change me 1 dollar. I watching the woman make a burrito and noticed it had refried beans on it, so i thought it was for someone else. When i was given my order it was in a to go bag (I order to eat there) when i opened the burrito I noticed that it had refried beans on it, I ordered whole beans. I told him, he argued and said they were underneath the chicken. They were not. Stay away from this place!

Andrez Hernandez

Was greeted by friendly hello, had two tacos with rice and beans, food has a lot of flavor would definitely be back, also very clean and very MEXICANO

Eric V.

I always recommend this place to my family and friends everything is good from there tacos to there burritos also there steak fries be on point they have lots of options on the menu I feel this place needs more Credit because there actually bomb also the employees are very nice I will continue going to eat here keep up the good work.

Tyna M.

I ordered the fully loaded nachos with shrimp. I was not disappointed! The amount of every ingredient was perfect. The plate looks exactly like the picture posted. They even supply you with extra chips which is vital with fully loaded nachos.

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