Manila Garden Restaurant

20500 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 670-0727

Recent Reviews

Jowee T.

Wholesome Filipino Cuisine! Affordable and so delicious. There is only 2 of us eating, saving time and money for other extra curricular activities.

Sig B.

My son approves of their Filipino style spaghetti. In my opinion, it is much better than Jollibee. We got a food tray for pickup and they really pack it to the brim. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

ailyn F.

I have a long relationship with this restaurant, 13 years to be exact. Whenever I'm craving real Filipino food, this place is our go to. Due to Covid 19, I call them first this morning to make sure they are open. When they answered the phone, having in mind that they are in a buffet setting, I asked what they have for today. She told me a good selection, but not the food that my mom's craving. We're really hoping they will have Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo), and Dinuguan (Pork blood stew). Then I was taken by surprise when they offer to cook it for me! I'm sooo grateful! As always, the food is great! I promise the restaurant that I'll be back again this weekend to order at Alden's Crab shack (yes, it's a different restaurant, but under the same establishment).

Mariana O.

Been coming here since I was young, really reminds me of where I'm from in the Philippines. Very welcoming, delicious all you can eat Buffet for families who are on a budget. Wonderful customer service!

Zayne Middleton

The food is regularly fresh and delightful, staff members provides good customer service. I like how clean it is and atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.

Andrew Garner

I celebrated my graduation earlier this evening in this gorgeous place. I am glad to say that we had a fabulous evening and the place was definitely one of the reasons for the strong gathering. The team collaborated in a gorgeous style, the cooking was very good and my guests were so cheerful. We shall absolutely visit again for more events. Thank you very much.

Tom Rucker

last night was our first time we went to this good restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last time. We enjoyed the evening very much with the efficient service, with the first-rate meal and booze and with the honest payment. We will absolutely go back there soon.

Kyle Gross

I regularly stop by purchasing some food in here. I like the rapid customer service and well cooked dishes. They never disappoint.

Andrew Musto

I eat here a lot since I work nearby. I have to say their service is always good and they keep the place clean at all times. Pricing is affordable and they serve large portions.

Ryel G

Good food and not crowded. Price reasonable for buffet

Wyatt Stanley

We had a great in this restaurant. We enjoyed the awesome atmosphere and the menu. The staff were super welcoming. I am happy we finally managed to eat here.

Kobe E

The customer service is regularly swift, excellent atmosphere, kind employees. Will visit again when I get in town.

Christopher Gomez

last night was the first time we went to this excellent restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We enjoyed the evening very much with the attentive service, with the exceptional cooking and fine drinks and with the decent pay. We will definitely go back there soon.

John L.

Yo this place is underrated big time! I went here for lunch and it was only $12 for All You Can Eat!! The friend chicken was bangin! The lumpia was god like. What more could you ask for. Check it out yo

Eva B

I attended a filipino party in this place. The meat served taste like from leftovers- washed, fried, and recooked as adobo?

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