355 W A St, Hayward
(510) 732-1901

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Noel Graff

I forgot to order a French fry while in the drive through and asked to add on one and they said no!! The ladies in the window said I would have to wait in the line all over again, wouldn't have me wait in the pull over waiting parking spots or anything. Said no absolutely not. Also, my iced coffee definitely was made with soured milk. It made me sick. It was too late by the time I realized, was already halfway home and didn't want to wait in line a third time. So disappointing, A Street McDonald's!

Prentiss Mcknight

How did google or T-mobile know I went to mcdonald. Is my phone taped. To where this phone knows exactly what business I go onto. I left my phone on the truck. I didn't take it into mcdonald..


Drive thru is alway's quick. Price's inexpensive & I've been buying one, getting the other for $1. Any size soda is always $1. Food is tasty, don't know how health, but I feel fine. Hunger feel's sucko !!!!

Ayden Fuller

The food is regularly well prepared and delightful, employees gives fantastic customer service. I loved how neat it is and character. Would recommend to others.

Sst pomer

Free wifi. Friendly staff. Ordered chicken nuggets, asked for BBQ sauce and honey mustard. Got honey mustard and RANCH. Ordered a large regular coke, light ice, got a funny tasting soda that didn't taste like regular coke.


I've ordered from here a couple times. After a couple times. Twice I've gotten roten food. Kids meal apples are nasty sometimes. My burger was over cooked and the chicken was dark grey with a nasty taste. If I could add a picture of the burger I would.

Tiona K.

If I could no star I would. Be careful going to this McDonald's they are liars always check your receipt I ordered a Travis Scott and they charge me everything individually saying that it was no longer available so they charge me for each individual thing even though when I first got to the drive up I asked pacifically was a Travis Scott meal deal still happening and what is the manager any help no trying to call them when I got home any help no will never ever go there or anybody in my family go to this McDonald's ever again

Jun V.

This is Son of a bitch location A st. Hayward the fucking workers they don't understand my order this is the Drive-thru is Worst fucking worst!! DIRTY FOOD!!!.....WRONG ORDER they over charged me NO ketchup, sauce, straw and napkin!! Dumb ass!!


It's McDonald's during Covid-19. Drive thru only. Good job.

Lolo Turnage

Food was good but ice cream machine was down in the hundred degree weather

Relaine J.

Don't think I've ever had a bad experience with McDonald's the food was good don't get me wrong but come on man... the bag was super greasy...

dionicio vega

Meh... i hate shredded lettuce. Who puts that in a deluxe and calls it a deluxe. Staff very stand office. No hellos, or thank yous.... just wait behind that car.. felt more a number than a valued guest. Proly wont be back for a long while. In an age where we live thru a plaque, and with so many choices, why would I spend money where its not appreciated. Lots of mom and pops type place need it much more..

Marcus R.

Everything single time i come to this specific McDonalds they forget something and give attitude when I ask for it. Even things i paid extra for.

Esterline Hill

Service is great! Workers are always helpful

Christina A.

my brother ordered through uber eats, we didn't get one of our breakfasts, any of our drinks, or even a receipt. we went and nicely asked that they give us our orders but the "assistant manager" gave us attitude saying there's nothing they can do and claims the receipt was with the order but there was no receipt! horrible customer service.

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