Mountain Mike's Pizza

410 W Harder Rd, Hayward
(510) 479-0719

Recent Reviews

christina s

Kind service. Quick and delicious

Estrella Solis

Personal unprofessional and very lazy the boy cut me off My call and then I tried to call again and the girl told me you can You hola she left me waiting 35 minutes I will not order pizza from that place again they are very irresponsible I had better tell me that they are very busy and They had no time to make pizza for me ???

Derek Dutra

So, I ordered from this establishment 3 times.Between messing up my orders (first time I called in I corrected the person taking my order that I wanted red onions, NOT olives on my pizza. Pizza shows up with olives), the sheer lack of direction that these drivers have (to the point that I've literally been put on a group call with not only my driver, but also someone else), being lied to when they *wouldn't* deliver my pizza (driver said he tried calling 4 times, I have no record of that in my call history), told that my pizza is now a "priority" (1+ hour later, and there's still no sign of it), and whatever other games they decided to put my father through (such as wasting several hours of our time, trying to skirt around call and shirk responsibility), I'll say that this location is anything but professional, and you'd be wise to order from ANYWHERE else.

Lance Huang

I frequent this excellent place every couple of days since I enjoy the good air that is exist in this restaurant. The staff is extremely attentive and skilfull. The service is awfully quick. Most important, the food you get is perfect. I frequent more than once and I was always satisfied. The price is decent. I suggest this place to my friends and family.

Cory Grundy

It was good got mountain size worth it crust was soft no complaints here.

Pooja Lal

Love there salads but they had stopped offering it during the shut down..

Tarquin Leonian

Clean dining room. Great food.

Shannon Held-Beardsley

you cannot use the coupons they have available, which is sketchy and wrong. otherwise the pizza is ok.

Alex Z.

First and last time ordering from here. Our pizza looks like it was a puzzle of saved slices from other old pizzas. Honestly, there are slices of one in the middle of the other half! Missing toppings and just tasted old.

Michael L.

Just about the worst customer service ever! Asked for extra sauce didn't get! Called and asked what they would do to Remedy the problem and the girl on the phone said that's just how they make their pizza I'm sorry we can't help you do not go to Mountain Mike's and unheard of Boulevard and Hayward terribleStick to round table people

Brandon Hartman

MMMMMMountain Mike's. The best pepperoni ever. The best chain pizza ever. The delivery driver was rude though minus a star for that.

Celina P.

I buy pizza all the time an no problem, but the bread sticks were hard as a rock.disturbing if they old or or re heated honestly I would rather drive to Mountain mike in Castro valley better quality of food

Aleda G.

I ordered a medium size Everest pizza and found it extremely satisfying! The pizza was nice and crispy and not soggy. The ingredients were surprisingly not salty especially with all the black olives, salami, and other meats. The pizza was so good and delicious that I'll have to order it again. Great job Mountain Mike's!

Diane M.

This wasn't the first pizza we've ordered from here, we are sheltering in place, after all. The pizzas from here up to this point have been meh. Also, during this same period of time, I've ordered from the Mountain Mikes in Castro Valley and the quality was head and shoulders above what we had been getting from this location in Hayward - thicker, more moist. However, I just had to review this time. The pizza we just got was the worst pizza I've ever had in my 60+ years. If I could give it less than one star, I would. Barely any sauce, barely any cheese - dry and barely warm. I can only assume that the franchisee here is saving a few bucks by skimping on portions. I will never eat food from here again.

Hang Le

The place is safe, clean. The staffs is friendly. I appreciate this place

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