Naked Fish

24703 Amador St, Hayward
(510) 887-4569

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Royal B.

I have been coming to this place for a few years now and I have usually been satisfied. However, I have noticed that the owner's wife is selective about who she greets which is a red flag for me. The last two times I came, I was not given a "Hi" or "Have a nice day". However, she goes out of her way to have a whole conversation with people who walk in the restaurants as a group. I like her husband because he acknowledges everyone, regardless of the quantity of customers or how much the customer will be purchasing. I also noticed I was charged 25 cents for the plastic bag which contained my food. I had a Togo order. I have never been charged 25 cents for my bag. The Spanish speaking guy who usually takes my order and also took my order recently never charges for it. I think the owner's wife added the bag charge since she was the one who walked over to give the receipt. Once she walked up to me, she did not say "Hi" or anything. She put down the receipt and said "Here's your total". I think that 25 cents was for me sitting down in a table instead of the bag to be quite honest. I really did not want to post a review which had anything negative because her husband and the other workers are all really friendly. But it's not right for her to treat people differently and have favorites when I always treat everyone who works there with respect. Really disappointed.

Garland Dyer

Exceptional service thanks Jessa! Really felt welcome, sushi is on point, had the lion king roll and it came out wrapped in aluminum foil so that way the dish stayed warmed, shows me they care about the quality and temperature of the food. Def dining there again! Thanks for the delicious food!

Toto del Rosario

Reasonable price for a very good Japanese meal, sushi and kama!

Adilene P.

Used to be my go to but they just lost me I kept giving them chances but idk what the hell is going on now. I asked for sriracha and spicy mayo drizzle and got this!! Also no avuacado in my temporal roll smh!!!

DeLon Roach

Always a great place to eat ? ?

Daniel W.

Still my go to place for quickish "cost effective" sushi. Been going here for 15+ years on and off and it still has some of the best flavor sushi and other food in it's price range.

Jailyn A.

I've ate here before . Today I did take out instead they told me 25 mins it will be ready i got there . They told me 10 mins then the cook corrected her and said 15 i told her i wouldn't have mine coming later if you told me on the phone but i have my kids and i don't see the communication. She did say she was sorry and felt bad i just didn't like the simple fact the cook and the waitress we telling me to different ETA. I rather had them tell me on the phone a 30-35 min pick up time even if it was done before

Tracy Sandoval-Gallegos

Just picked up my order and the sesame chicken smells and taste BURNT. Totally disappointed

marisol n.

Omg the sushi is so good from here. I've tried many places but nothing compares. Presentation is always so beautiful and everything is so fresh! I highly recommend ordering theses rolls, you won't be disappointed. Beautiful roll Iron man Lion king Dream roll Hulk Dan

maggie anderson

The best spot ever. Anything you want to eat is there.

Leslie M.

Was excited to try this place due to all the good reviews but sadly did not go as expected. I had the teriyaki chicken which was too dry maybe a bit over cooked. I also had the sesame chicken which wasn't cooked all the way and had some raw pieces. And the lion king rolls weren't so great something was off. The only good thing we're the dragon rolls.

Jasmin M.

Cleanliness is always on point . Also the only place I trust with my sushi . They don't have the stuff premise compared to other places I've gone I can't request to take stuff off but here I can . All the workers are nice great customer service . Be patient because they're always busy .

Andrea B.

my go to place in hayward to get sushi! their rolls are a bit small but you pay for what you get. there's still no sit down so by the time you get home it's a little soggy. giving 4 stars because their rolls can be a little bigger

Mel M.

I have been coming to the Naked Fish my whole life. They have by far the best sushi in the Bay Area. The hospitality is always comforting, they really make you feel like you're at home. Any chance I get I introduce my loved ones here and they fall in love. The food is so addicting. I would HIGHLY recommend a 49er roll, a lion king roll or a beautiful roll. Please if you come across this gem, try it. The staff alone makes you want to come back but the sushi is to die for. So much love and positive energy to the owners and staff

Jesus Rafael D.

If I'm craving sushi I would go here. It's better than driving to San Jose. Their sushi is really good and near by. A good place to go with other people and hangout.

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