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Mrs T

So I ordered some cookies for my daughters graduation party and it was delivered three days after the set delivery date. And of course by this time it was after the graduation party. I was going to personally drop the cookies to our guests but noticed that they were already stale. So I sent them an email. I received a call the next day and was told that the delivery date was an “estimate date”. Which I did find on the invoice. I spent about $185 for 150 cookies and I couldn’t even give them out because of the condition it was in already (stale). They told me I could only get the “shipping fee” refunded because they have no control over the delivery company. They need to work on getting the cookies to the customers on time.

Jo West

Easy process, friendly customer service, product looked like my husband, tasty cookies and the follow up was great to ensure my order arrived in plenty of time. My husband and our guests really enjoyed this nice touch to his 40th birthday birthday brunch.

Nancy G.

i cant believe this place is still in business. I ordered a couple hundred cookies for my grandson's first birthday party and the order came 2 days after the party. His birthday was June 7 and i ordered the cookies in March so we could get them just right and then i get an email saying they were shipped out a day before the party! They knew exactly when the party was and still did them late and did not do one thing about it. I would have done another order and overnighted the shipment but this owner said it was out of his hands. The worst part of all of this is that my credit card charged the hundreds of dollars to me and would not refund even though i did not get my cookies for the party. i sent the box back that came late, so i never had the cookies ever. Discover credit card said that even though i deserved my money back and they would have loved to refund me, when i did the order online i checked off something that agreed to pay even if the delivery was not on time. BUYER BEWARE with these people and especially read the fine print. Somehow this company proved to Discover that I agreed they would not be held responsible if delivery was late, even if they sent them out late. This is a horrible, horrible company and the way they treated me was terrible. Sorry I had to give even one star to be able to post this. I would say NO STARS

Taryn T.

I stumbled upon their site as I was searching for something special for my husband's 40th birthday. Online, the cookies looked so cute. Once I placed my ordered, I anxiously awaited the rough draft of my husband's face. It looked exactly like him! The team at Parker's was so warm and friendly. The cookies arrived quickly and they were exactly as the emailed rough draft. Not one cookie was broken. I had to hide them for a week until I surprised my husband and our family with the cookies. Everyone was so impressed. Plus, they taste great! Highly recommend Parker's Crazy Cookies! My husband LOVED them and it made him feel extra special during this weird time. Thank you!!

Karen W.

Go big or go home, right? Celebrating my 50th Birthday during The Pandemic required some creative skills. I needed individually packaged products, but I wanted a unique baked good. Parker's Crazy Cookies were just what I needed! Sent them my photo, they emailed me a proof. I approved it, then the elves got to work, baking & shipping my cookies. I got soooo many compliments on these! They were the hit of the party! And the best part--- they taste delicious! Thank you for making my day special!

Veronica F.

Love the cookies! Customer service was great, cookies taste good, and everyone loved the image of my dad! Definitely will be spreading the word and using at future events

Kristin M.

My husband and I decided to go with Parkers Crazy Cookies for our wedding favors back in 2018 (sorry for the very delayed review). I've been meaning to give them the 5 star review that they deserve but sadly never got around to it until now! Better late than never I suppose! After seeing all the pictures of cute customized cookies they've done, we knew this would make for such a cute detail to our wedding! So glad we went through Parkers! From start to finish the process was pretty simple and they were really great about replying to my emails which was great for this stressed out bride to be:) The finished product was adorable and pretty on point with the draft they had emailed me prior to production. I would gladly go with them for any future events that need a little personal touch! So happy we found Parkers Crazy Cookies!!!

Val H

This company doesn't have any recent reviews, so I thought I would put one up here for them. My sister and I ordered cookies from Parker's Crazy Cookies as a special personalized addition to our parents' 50th anniversary party. The order process was easy, they had open communication and always responded with 24 hours of us sending an email.


This company doesn't have any recent reviews, so I thought I would put one up here for them. My sister and I ordered cookies from Parker's Crazy Cookies as a special personalized addition to our parents' 50th anniversary party. The order process was easy, they had open communication and always responded with 24 hours of us sending an email. After ordering, we uploaded a picture of my parents and Parker's went to work creating a cookie proof for us that was personalized to look like my parents and included a "50" heart between them (their 50th anniversary). You get 2 revision of the artwork before they bake the cookies, though we only needed one. The cookies were so spot on when we got the original proof that all we did was add eyes behind glasses (they were sunglasses in the picture, which is why the eyes were not on the cookie) and add a touch to the outfits. The first revision they sent back was so amazing, they got every detail right and it looks JUST like them, right down to the print on my mom's shirt and the cut of my dad's collar/jacket!! The shipping and return policies are very clearly posted in multiple places on their website and the contact person we had was amazing to work with, The delivery date we selected was on the order form, in the confirmation email we got, and in the emails regarding the design proofs. We had specified a delivery date a few days before the party, but got nervous since it is winter. I asked how long they stay fresh and after discussion, we moved the delivery date up a few more days to be safe in case of bad weather along the route. This was very easy to do, just took an email.The cookies arrived on time and were very well packaged. They were double boxed and cushioned. We ordered 150 and received 160 (they always send a few extra just in case- I love that! shoes they truly care about their customers). Not a single cookie broke in shipping so we ended up being able to use the extras at the party. Thanks PCC! Finally, the most important thing- the taste! They are soooo good! They taste just like the animal crackers we used to eat as kids (the real ones, not the knock-offs). These cookies were a huge hit at the party, everyone loved them. I really could not be happier with how they turned out!I can not say enough good things about PCC. They are well worth the price and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to create a personalized special token for their event!

Lindsey A.

I ordered these cookies as party favors for my wedding a few months ago and they were a huge hit! The design detail and customer service were exceptional and everything arrived as promised and perfectly packaged. Not only that, but they tasted great too! I highly recommend Parker's Crazy Cookies and will be a repeat customer for sure.

Brittney E.

From customer service to receiving the cookie here in Hawaii, AMAZING! I would definitely recommend everyone to try these cookies! It will be the highlight of the party!!!

Chimere G. Holmes

I recently celebrated my wedding in Center City Philadelphia, and had the distinct pleasure of offering each guest my very own, totally original Parker's Crazy Cookie that consisted of my husband, our absolutely adorable little Shih Tzu, and me. To say the cookies were a hit is an understatement, they were AWESOME and so loved! Several guests took pictures of the cookies and some people said they were "too cute to eat! Guests wanted to hold onto them and opted not to eat them, but instead took them home to enjoy. I highly recommend Parker's Crazy Cookies, as the ordering and creation process was effortless and the incredible crew made it so easy to order and customize my vision. Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic. Customer service could not get much better. I give Parker's 5 stars and two thumbs up without reservation. Thank you for making my wedding reception all the more special and personal. Much gratitude! Xo

cat v.

They were awesome and so great to work with!! The cookies came out perfect and all the guests thought it was the best thing at the party!

Erika B.

They are awesome! So excited to order from them again. They were extremely punctual, professional, and precise!

Lori T.

Just ordered custom cookies for my husbands retirement party and they were a hit. Parker's was super easy to work with--always responsive and helpful. The design was created quickly and they allowed me to easily increase my order before my event. The cookies were ready on time and professionally packaged. They looked great and everybody commented on how cute they were--and then once they ate them, they complimented the taste. All around win! P.S. They shared the design file (.eps) with me so that I could use the graphic they created for other parts of my party planning (I made a cute sign using the picture) It was a great bonus!

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