Phở Tỷ #II

27461 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 783-9888

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Inoke H.

I've only recently discovered this place and I've already been back a few times. It's that good! So far my favorite thing on the menu is the #44 with an extra side of egg rolls. Can't wait to try more of their menu. Super friendly owners.

Natalie M.

This is my favorite place to get Pho from. They always have it ready super fast. Minus one star because they really only like cash and kind of give you a hard time when you use a card but other than that I will keep coming!

J.T. A.

This place was the only one that we found with outdoor seating. We were very hungry. We were happily surprised by how tasty everything was. It is not much to look at, but both our meals were delicious - a diamond in the rough.

jeff f.

Wow can't believe what I just experienced with the service here. I placed an order over the phone for a few appetizer items for pick up. As I arrive I realize I have a little bit of cash in my pocket (never really carry cash) so I calculated the cost of my items to see if I have enough to just pay cash. The items were each 5.75, 5.75, and 9.50 so with tax was about $23.10. When I walked up the younger lady asked me what I ordered and without even calculating anything or looking at the bill she goes "ok give me $25". So I question her on why it cost so much when it should be a few bucks less. She says nothing and walks to the back. She comes back out and whispers "ok just give me $24 but shh dont tell anyone". What do you mean don't tell anyone? 1) you arent doing me any favors and 2) you are still over charging me. I know its only a couple bucks, but it seemed as if this is something they do often. I wont eat or order from here again.I handed her the $24 told her I know she's overcharging me but if she needs it that much to keep the change.As for the quality of the food, I wont say its my go to spot. Was just the closest place at the time.

Frances S.

I actually love the food here but they ALWAYS CHARGE YOU EXTRA. Today I got a rice plate, spring rolls and a Thai tea w no pearls (the pearls are always bad) and they charged us $26.75. Then when we asked why it was that much, she said the prices were raised (CHANGE THE MENU PRICES!!!) So then she proceeded to tell us the price of each one, which didn't make any sense if you consider the tax. She said the rice plate was $14, the spring roll was $7 and the tea was $5. You're telling me that the tax was 75 cents??? On the menu, it said the rice place was $12.95, the spring roll was $5.50 and the drink was $4. So why did you lie to us saying you raised the price and that there was tax? Love this place food wise, BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS SCAMMING!!!!!

Jem C.

Local and closest pho spot when I am craving Vietnamese food. I will say their prices are a bit much for how their food tastes. But I'll still eat pho from there when I'm hung over :)

Louise P.

Came in to get some rice plate ($11) and viet coffee($4.30) and was charged $18. Even plus tax it won't equal to $18. I just paid and won't coming again.


My favorite Pho place in Hayward. Family oriented and friendly. When I lived in Daly City, I had a favorite one also. Any town I reside in I always try to find the same friendly family oriented Pho restaurant.


One of the best tasting Pho soups in Hayward definitely recommend this place good parking not expensive at all and very friendly

Craig King

Numba 9 was hella good and I don't even care that they upcharged from the menu price, that's how pho ty do

Andres Hernandez

One of hayward's best spots

Marco Elias Rustrian

I love soup # 29 ?

Amanda L.

Come to this place with my bf almost weekly love it and love the family so welcoming !

Edwin F.

Very Disappointed! Walked in at 9:15pm and told that they are closed when the door said business hour would be till 10pm.

darr bassir

the food was excellent I would recommend that place to anybody in the area or any of my friends who know me

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