Pot Pie Paradise & Deli

3522 Arden Rd, Hayward
(510) 781-4994

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Doug Faunt

Lovely healthy food, they've been my regular spot for years, at the Temescal Farmers Market.

Bryan L.

The frozen pies came out great. Very tasty and packed with ingredients. However in my case, I prefer it to be 30-35 mins in 375 degree oven. I went on a Friday noon and was served quickly. The thai curry and tikka masala were my favorites. The original chicken pot pie was also great

G P.

Love that they have plant based options! Working on trying all the pot pies. Just down the street from our new office. Thank you for all the yummy options!

Bee M.

Amazingly flavorful vegan Tikka masala pot pies!! We got six frozen pies for takeout, and we have been enjoying them over the weekend!!

Pamela N.

Just tried two delicious pot pies from Pot Pie Paradise & Deli. The flavor in the crust to the flavor in the pie both compliment each other. They are reasonably priced allowing me to try many more as there are over 30 choices from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, seafood and vegan just to name a few. The pot pie desserts look amazing as well. I can't wait to visit again.

Allikat Martin

Crust is nice and flaky but since pies are so small there's more crust than contents. I didn't like the two kinds I tried. The pesto artichoke had marinated instead of fresh artichokes so the pie was overpowered by a vinegar taste, the other was apple but the apples used were too tart for my taste. I will try them again but definitely different kinds.

Nicollette R.

The chicken pot pie was dry but crust was good. My coworker loved his pot pie it notClassic. I would of not mind paying 8.00 if it was better than a Marie Callander's frozen pot pie I may try it again as the crust was really good

W T.

I like this place I eat there when I can the food is excellent and always have been some people say it's expensive you can't put a price on quality

R M.

I ordered the Thai vegan pie but it was sold out. The lentil stew was recommended and I was somewhat reluctant as I normally eat a lot of lentils. Wow, It was nothing like I imagined. It was filled with lentils, but also potatoes, carrots, and other veggies and was savory and delicious, without resorting to spices for flavor. My new favorite among many at this wonderful restaurant. Thank you Theresa!

Melissa H.

We live in Hayward, and we were looking for auto zone warehouse, when we spot this place at a corner. We haven't had pies in such a long time, I had to get one! Honestly, Chicken pot pies are always delicious but this one was really good! They have TONS of other options, even for vegetarians!!! I tried one only, but I will come back for more! The history behind this place just makes it more Special, also during this covid19, supporting local business are what we should be doing. Let's forget snoot supporting the big corporations or chain restaurants. I'm glad we Stopped by, the staff were all friendly and wearing their mask. Cheers guys!

Sam L

Love this place, it’s a hidden gem and the food is amazing and freshMake sure to try their pot pie at least once.

Malek Juli

pretty restaurant and clean place

Marian I.

Super surprised by how great this place was fpr 10$ I got a potpie and a side plus drink!! Also ended up buying frozen pies for the rest of my week. will definitely come back.

AnaSofia Z.

Omg... Most delicious Tikka Masala pot pie EVER! I bought 5 more to keep in my freezer!! This place feels like home when you walk in. They have these cute little flower plates where they serve their pies! The place is a bit hidden between all the industrial buildings around it, but it's totally worth finding it and giving it a try!!

George G.

A decent pot pie, has more a older taste to them good to try but don't know if I'll come back for a seconds.. if your ccraving a pot pie it's a quick solution

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