22312 Foothill Blvd, Hayward
(510) 733-5881

Recent Reviews

mike mcnew

The staff here is great and very fast thank you

Angie M

Great food

Jesus Gonzalez

Okay food, price a little high

Michael T.

Not impressed with this location at all the girl who is in charge ring me up at the register and she was so rude and had no personality whatsoever. When I noticed they put mustard on my sandwich I asked her if she could remake it and she told me that I should have said something sooner I will never come back here again I am so disappointed

Donny O

One of the last good Quiznos left in the East Bay. Convenient location in Northern Hayward and never a long wait. Mmmm, toasty!

Lorea Negroni Gillespie

Owner is always working with a big smile and a kind word. Plus the sandwiches are pretty good

Melissa Lovato

I love love love Quizno's. I wish they still had more of them around.

Lorea Negroni

Owner is always working with a big smile and a kind word. Plus the sandwiches are pretty good

Fostahn Saiban

Very popular and polite

Paul Cutteridge

Not too bad! Roast beef

Benjamin P.

I never understood why Quiznos struggled so much. They are one of the better chain sandwich shops around. Subway is not good. They are hands down better than Togo's. They have fun and memorable marketing. They make their own tasty bread. They have good ingredients. Prices are fair. I like the manager / owner (I think?) guy that works here. Fun, proud, a good leader. They seem like they have a high turnover rate for other employees as I rarely recognise anyone and they always seem to be in training. Their menu is a bit wonky, but once you get past that and find your staples, it's a solid establishment. They love the throw ranch dressing on a lot of sammies. Not that you need to go with that, but it is a bit wonky nonetheless. I'm stuck on the traditional or pastrami. Always very satisfied and of good value. A great local establishment. Wish there were more around!

Samantha Florez

Love thier Scampi Salad.

Lelan Q.

I like the $8 foot long lobster sandwiches. It taste delicious and they make it your way. I come to Quiznos only for the lobster sandwiches. A great deal compared to other lobster sandwich places that charges ridiculously from $12 to $14 for a small Colombo size (6 inches).

Theresa M.

10 out of 10 for the sandwiches 7 out of 10 for the staff: This score comes from the fact that I have ordered online and come into the store to learn that no one ever looked at the fax machine and the order was not made. So now iPhone my order in. It's usually about 85% correct. Otherwise the staff is quite friendly. And the sandwiches are superb.

Avi Kash

Excellent food wow

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