Razzos Pizza And Salads

27098 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 674-9155

Recent Reviews

Lena Renee

This place was my go-to, however, as of today that's changed. I understand times are hard and Covid, but c'mon.Ordered a salad. It was on doordash so I didn't have the option to "add/pay" for it, but in the notes I wrote, please add cheese, croutons and extra ranch if needed charge me. The response I received, was a nice lil note taped on my salad saying:'I'm sorry, but I couldn't add the croutons, cheese and ranch because you didn't pay for it'

Viridiana Pelayo

I order a personal peperoni pizza and the crust has a good buttery flavor .

Afele Coleman

Delicious vegan pizzas and great service??i wish i knew the name of the lady who is always there when i order but she is very kind

Shawn Michaels

I ordered the medium vegan Hawaiian pizza $15 it’s good and I’m surprised it was!I never had vegan pizza before so it was surprisingly good!The tiramisu was okay but I was expecting more of a cake tiramisu not a parfait.I would definitely come here again.

Anthony Waltz

Durning the lock down my wifes nephew decided to go vegan. He really wanted a pizza though. I found this place. The pizza was awesome. The 3 of us all had some. The pizza sauce is one of the best I have tasted. The vegan cheesecake rocks. I am not vegan and I order both of these because they taste so good.Also had the Baby Spinach Salad. There was nothing to complain about. Great portions and very fillingMade dor a great luch and dinner.

My Anderson Angels Jalynn & Laila

Ordered two cesar salads for the first time. The salads were good and nice size too.

Roger Ashton

Doesn't matter which location or if they have full staff working. The food is good. The lady working on Sunday deserves a medal. She was spinning them pies out and making great salads.

Izzie B

Being vegan for years now your options are limited, however Razzos makes my husband and I feel spoiled. I absolutely love the Santa Fe pizza. A true vegan pizza paradise!

Chao Shan

The pizza is not fresh at all. They had been cooked a few hours ago at least, and will be heated again when you place the order, so the crust is too hard to bite. Costco pizza and Domino pizza will be much more FRESH AND CHEAPER! Definitely disappointing to order this for my son’s birthday.

annabelle bridges

Pizza and the scene at this location is excellent. Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. Bring your appetite because portions are filling. This place has great reviews for a reason.

Anthoney Santana

Amazing vegan pizza! I didn’t know about this place and was blown away by their vegan pizza. I’ll definitely be returning for more. :)

Ezekiel Morgan

This spot is one of my favorites! Fair rates, considerable dishes and the employees are regularly very kind.

John Bourne

3 stars So we don’t have a lot of vegan options in the peninsula. Heard about this place from a friend so tried it out. Ordered 2 pizzas and drove from San Bruno to Hayward to pickup. Girl behind the counter was very nice and had our order ready. Got all the way home to find out they put pineapple on my pizza which I’m not a fan of (and did not order, have the receipt to prove it). Drove 50 miles total and wasn’t going to drive back to get my order fixed. I’m reluctant to ever go back, wish they were more observant making the pizza.

Aaron Ruiz

Finest food, very welcoming staff, consistently great vibes. They charge affordable pricing and the food quality is good. I recommend this place.

Roscio Jimenez

I liked this one better than the Oakland one. The food has better taste. I usually come here when I buy a Groupon which I recommend.

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