Red Chili Thai Vietnamese Restaurant

29583 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 881-8593

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Madhuri A

Vegetarian Yom yum tasted like meat soup

Brian Westberg

A solid thai/vietnamese restaurant. I've had both cuisines here, from classic thai dishes (curry, roti,tom yum) to classic viet and they surprisingly do both well. Not the best thai I've ever had, but it's good enough to satisfy a craving for sure and the prices are actually reasonable.

Alvin R.

The prices are ON POINT! The quality is DELICIOSO! The options, the blends, the "not just a Thai restaurant" is WELCOMED! Oh this is definitely one a my go to's after a hill hike at Garin Regional park! I been back I'll BE back I'm THERE!

Leiya H.

Ordered beef red curry and Thai tea! red curry sauce I feel like could've been better, but everything was good! do not underestimate how hot they can make their curry! Still one of my fav. Thai/viet spots near me! Thank you.

Dolly Alejo

?❄ EARLY CHRISTMAS DINNER?❄??Ordering food was easy. Food was prepared properly and served yummy and delicious dishes. Burp! Burp???? MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE❄?❤?

Pretty Drea

I'm so impressed by there seafood Pho here! I'm a Vien Huong type of girl so it's hard to find great soup but this place right here...and for the price. Keep up the good work. Forever a customer.

Ruby G.

We love this restaurant! Have been coming her for years and we are never disappointed.  We always order #42 yellow curry, #38 BBQ Short Ribs over rice, #C6 Pumpkin Curry, #9A Larb salad, #48 Sauted ground meat with eggplant and Pho. We order almost every weekend. You must come and try it.

Jackie C.

Underrated Thai/Vietnamese restaurant. I was very skeptical at first because of the location and dated exterior look, but boy was a glad to be wrong! Yes, their customer service isn't anything to write home about, but then again you don't come to Asian restaurants for the service. The food quality itself was quite good! Usually when restaurants try to blend cuisines from different cultures they fail miserably, but this place actually strikes a good balance. Will definitely be back to satiate my craving for South East Asian food! They also get extra brownie points for handling so many busy lunch orders and still manage to get my order of 3 dishes out to me in under 10 minutes.

Darryl Gay

Really good place. Small, and it is takeout only, but the food is very good.

sarah v.

My FAVORITE Thai restaurant. They are quick and efficient with orders and pick up during covid.
My favorite dishes are the Roti Canai and Pad Kee Mao with veggies and tofu, no egg. I have no clue what's in the bread or yellow curry but it's sooo good. I'm pretty sure the pad kee mao can be made fully vegan if noted. Ordering is easy online.

Eddie H.

I've been here before a while back food is tasty. Very busy though. 45 min wait. But delicious

Jeffery McElroy

I always stop purchasing some food in this spot. I enjoyed the rapid service and well cooked dishes. I recommend this place.

Ann T.

When you're jonesing for some Thai/Vietnamese food and you don't want to drive anywhere this place is convenient and available on Grubhub. Located on the corner of Industrial and Mission in a strip just North of Burger King.

They have all the Thai classics including pumpkin curry and Papaya salad along with Pho.

Their standout dish is the mango salad that comes with their salmon or fried trout.  Wish it was on the salad menu.

Curry is good and if you order medium spicy it has a nice kick to it.

Last time we ordered our Mango Salmon was overcooked but the salad was yummy! Our pumpkin in the pumpkin curry was just barely cooked as in hard. The curries have a rich homemade taste to them, I'm ok with Maseri Thai Curry Paste if I'm making it at home, but I'm not ok when it's used at a restaurant. Unless they're able to do a Sandra Lee spin on it and then I wouldn't notice!

Ordered Pad Thai with added fish and our container was packed with fish!  Normally we don't have any pad Thai left but this time we had a lot. Fish was a mild white fish.

The Pho is ok, but with all the Vietnamese places nearby I wouldn't order it unless I came with a group and wasn't feeling the curry.

Reasonably priced, convenient and it has a cool name.

Wendy Gomez

The absolute best Thai restaurant I've ever had! I had just moved to the neighborhood when they first opened a few years back and been hooked ever since. Always greeted w great service, friendly staff. Go-to Thai/viet spot great tasty portions for the price, peanut sauce to die for!!

Marilen T.

I ordered 2 Pad Thai for our dinner tonight and I was so disappointed that it was so dry, noodles were not fully cook. I will never order again in this restaurant. We didn't even finished one.

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Red Chili Thai Vietnamese Restaurant

29583 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 881-8593