Round Table Pizza

24703 Amador St Ste 6, Hayward
(510) 783-5300

Recent Reviews

Andrea P.

My last time ordering from this place . My second time ordering and I found a long piece of hair after my third bite disgusting !

Zach C.

Don't have time right now to go into details but they were extremely generous with take out during this pandemic. An employee by the named of Felix (not sure on the spelling) was especially nice to us.

J New

I really dislike this round table. My wife decided to go to this one. I usually go to the one on Foothill. You asked for not to be cooked well done, you will get it well done. I hate burnt pizza they always burn your pizza here. Unless you order combination, my guests because of the vegetables.

T Singleton

I eat in this spot a lot since I work right next to it. I have to say their service is always awesome and they keep the place well organized regularly. Pricing is affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

COACHALEX510 Rajo-Duran

Good pizza. Good salad options. Buffalo wings are fire!

Elexis M.

Edwardo was super friendly! Great customer service. Not a bad wait time. Food was fresh and hot. Will definitely be back!

Cris Perez

I had made a order, at a time when I arrived it was there nice & hot. Thank you

Anna V.

Round table pizza is my favorite pizza , a little pricy but worth it. This specific location though has some very unprofessional and ghetto workers, very young people that have no customer service skills

Harminder Singh

Very good test this pizza. I like it. Good customer service

Kim Hinkel

Always clean, staff is friendly and food is fresh and hot!!! This is a great location!

lucy -meow

It's so fun and the employees are so nice

Harry S.

I order pizza and the cashier told me it was supposed to be within 15 minutes, I did arrive within 15 minutes my pizza was ready for pickup. And good flavor, I have no complaints about this place. I have to recommend this place since is been good service and good flavor so no complaints for this one and I gave you if I start keep up the good work

ZD Kris


Lavish P.

Been ordering here for past 3 years every order has always been correct. I always order King Arthur no cheese and roughly 25 deliveries always has been 100% accurate. Good job. The cooks actually read the orders. Pizza always tastes great round table always has the great recipe. Never been sick or anything weird. Sometimes it’s quick but Delivery times can be 1 30 minutes on peak hours just smoke weed and relax man don’t be to psycho about it lol the drivers always find a way and come into the apt complex and hand deliver to my door — something Uber eats and postmates drivers just don’t do. Overall this is a great pizza joint and look forward to continue ordering with them. Oh and when I place an order on the phone the employees seem cool and want to make sure they get my order right. 5 stars!!

Harry Singh

Very nice. Too good test I try paner pizza.

Alexander N

I really enjoy their dishes. I always get fantastic customer service there. The place is well organised and the workers are always very welcoming. Keep up the good work.

Colten Mcknight

I go to this marvelous restaurant from time to time since I love the good air that is unique to this place. The team is awfuly helpful and well trained. The service is extremely fast. Needless to say, the food they cook is exceptionaly good. I ate there many times and I was always pleased. The expense is decent. I highly recommend this place to my friends and family.

Mo P.

I love the flat bread pizza and the garlic parmesan twists. The amount of time it takes to make these 2 items is a little bit longer than I would like. They have an arcade and TV's and all in all I would definitely go back. 3.25 stars

Dave M.

Why can this place ever have the pizza ready when you come to pick it up. They tell you it will be ready in 20 to 25 minutes I show up 35 minutes later and it's still not ready. WTF!

Moe Saleh

I had their King Arthur pizza the other day and it was amazing! Even though it costs more than Dominoes, it is worth it! I ate a medium pizza all by myself. Will be making this a regular stop for dinner.

Stella M.

Hard to order online delivery or pick up.Pickup pizza 20 mins after ordering.It was lukewarm and greasy

jeffrey e.

This f**king piece of sh*t place! We ordered online and cost me at least $200, It's been more than an hour so we decided to call. They said that the order we placed online is for tomorrow. Do you think I want to order f**cking pizza for tomorrow while I'm watching Super Bowl right now?!?! We'll not order in my lifetime!Feb. 5, 2017 ........June 8, 2019 Two years and four months after. I haven't got any call and/or they have not reach to me about this problem....Nevermind

Russ B.

New website for online ordering is a train wreck. Coupon code weren't honored on more that one occassion.

Liz G.

Had my son's birthday party here last minute due to the rainy weather.We were able to reserve the banquet room. Food and service was great. Eduardo and the cashier who helped us was extremely friendly and accommodating.They made it very easy to place orders for my party and make sure everything was brought out to my guests. I will definitely come back to eat here and maybe even book another party. Thank you!

Steve K.

Came in and ordered a large custom make your own pizza. Probably a mistake because even with the $5 coupon it was $32....outrageous for one pizza. Chairs were put upside down on tables an hour before closing, which I thought was weird. I'm patiently waiting and noticed the people that came in after me got their pizza. I go up to the cashier and am told they overcooked the thin crust pizza I ordered and will need to make another. The girl showed it to me and it was definitely burnt and overcooked. I asked for a partial refund for the mistake but she wouldn't give me one. Never coming there again. Overpriced and incompetent employees. Customer service non existent.

Arthur De La Rosa

Staff is very friendly and efficient. Food is good. Buffet area, seating area and restrooms are kept clean. There is also a side room available to rent for parties, etc.

Alex Rodriguez

The pizza and service here is great. They always have that crisp crust that i enjoy and they never skimp out on cheese and pineapple. The wait is about 10-15 mins when dining in but for pizza of this quality it's always worth it. I couldn't wait to take a picture before i ate a slice.

Stacie R.

We come to this location specifically because it has the best lunch buffet hours and, from my experience, the staff does a great job keeping the pizza and bread stocked and they don't overcook everything. I'm not complicated when it comes to how I want my pizza... Cheese, pepperoni, maybe another meat on there, but that's about as complicated as it gets. And this Round Table gets it right! The other thing they knock out of the park is the garlic parmesean twists. When they make these for the buffet, they're always soft, super cheesy and loaded with flavor. I have ordered them from other Round Tables and it's a super let down because they over cook the bread or there's hardly any cheesiness. It's one of my favorite parts about Round Table! So this buffet gets it right and that's so important. They also keep things stocked. I remember we went to one place and had to ask them to make more cheese pizza. It's kind of a staple, right? I think they were trying to keep cost down sinc they didn't have many patrons buying the buffet at that time. But that brings down the experience for the people that did pay to have the buffet! Anyway, coming to this location for the buffet, I feel confident that we're going to eat well and have a good experience.

Tui S.

One of the worst service ever, cashier was super rude, looked like she didnt want to serve my wife and I, waited super long for our food and then when we finally got it, it was burnt. Never coming here again.

Jason H.

Ordered pizza from here on Sunday morning. The cashier had multiple mishearings. And that's fine I dont really mind because telephone connections. The operator was really rude and uninviting. I had to repeat my order multiple times to get it right. So after my order is complete, I just got hung up on without any bye or anything. Never received an estimation on when the order will be there . Usually every place I order from will update on how long itll take. Fast forward an hr and a half later I get the delivery. The driver is also unfriendly and he hands me cold pizza, cold food items. And just left without saying anything. No personal skills at all. Opened my pizza and thank God that was correct. The garlic bread came out wrong and the ranch spilled all over the bag making everything in it unusable. Called back and they said they couldnt do anything about it. After talking to them more they finally budgeted with a partial refund and then hung up abruptly. As a former round table employee, this is one of the worst experiences I've had with a pizza place. I will not be returning and will even drive out to another one to stay away from this round table pizza. I'd advise for you to do the same if you rather would support a company that actually cares

Ivy M.

Chicken garlic pizza is delicious. Service is good we usually order ahead and it's ready in the exact time they say it will be ready. They're a little stingy with the ranch when you ask for more than 2.

Gera S.

Ordered a pizza for delivery, two hours pass by so I call to check on the order. Turns out that they never "received" it, even though I have a screenshot of the confrontation page, as well as a confirmation email. Correct location and my info was correct as well, so what the hell happened? Waited two hours for nothing? Ridiculous.

Tippy T.

Unsatisfied with food. I order online medium veggie no onions, WELL DONE, please add red pepper and plates. I pickup up exactly 20mins later. By time I got got home 4mins away food was cold, no ranch for twist pizza under cooked and no plates. But a bag full of cheese and peppers enough for 5large orders.

Ashley Hardy

Dam shorted me a bread stick and shorted me a hotwing and i tipped cold game not to be greedy but i paid for a 6 pieces. i got 5 kids and just wanted a piece for me im just sayin tho.unless its a 5 piece bread stick and 5 piece hotwing feed the staff and maybe they wont have to eat off my plate. Pizza was good tho

Adam Aquino

It's a typical roundtable but yeah the staff changes here often so the consistency of the workers is a bit off. The pizza is still good. Online ordering is kinda messed up on some orders it's better to call in so they don't mess up. Delivery takes forever FYI so I would just pick it up

gamers Crusher

I really like the food and the drinks.

Jaime Leon

They have the all you can eat pizza and salad at the lunch hour during the week. Both the pizza's and salads are good. The price is around $10-$11 with a drink. Can't beat it. Having to wait for more pizza sometimes slows you 5 minutes or so but it's very good overall.

Chris Valen

Childhood favorite love this place. Go Here everytime I go back home to visit. 1 of the few left. Love this place. If I had the business knowledge would open a roundtable in Orlando in a heart beat. But until that life time. I will come home every November an enjoy my slices of Heaven. So my quick review. This place serves awesome delicious pizza. Is it healthy, probably not. But if I had a cheat day for life. This would be it. The awesome pizza is mouth watering and every bit takes perfect. Its greasy with warm cheese and fresh ingredients. Comes out hot and ready to eat. An just puts a smile on my face with every bite. Everyone has their food which brings them back. This is mine. Here's to it being around till im 80.