19 Southland Mall, Hayward
(510) 887-7688

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fred v.

I ordered through DoorDash(since they had a 4.8 rating) I should have searched on yelp first before ordering. The food did not taste good, very oily/greasy and most of the beef in my teriyaki was burnt. Will not eat here again

Reece Owens

We came to this spot for dinner. we heard about this spot from quite a few people. Well, we were not disappointed. the staff were so friendly and we had a great feeling. The meal was great. We loved this restaurant a lot and we shall absolutely come back again. Keep it up.

Gregory Collins

The food is delicious but the staff could learn to be more helpful for the customers. I had a few questions about the food and felt like I was scolded for it.

Matias Pablo

Good food

Barry Money

We enjoy to go out. Yesterday we came to this magnificent place which we didn’t know before. We spent a delightful time there with first-rate dishes and a well-trained stuff and an impressive chief cook. We put this place in our phone list and we shall definitely come back soon. We warmly recommend.

Grant Henricks

last night was our first time we came to that place. But It is surely not the last. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the magnificent cuisine and fine drinks and with the honest price. We will surely visit there in a short time.

Vinson Johnson

Worst service. I watch there service for 40 minutes I saw multiple customer service problems. they spit in one customers food while they weren't looking.

Sun Ik L.

I had to have a quick bite so I ordered spicy tuna roll. It was not stellar but was edible. I had a very low expectation anyways. Usually pictures are better than the actual food. But I found the pictures of food were not very appealing. Anyhow on that day I went to the bathroom 5 times. I felt REALLY sick pretty much right after. I have not felt sick this much for a long time. The only other thing that I had was strawberry smoothie in the same mall. I didn't want to wrongfully accuse people or place. But it looks like somebody else below got sick too. It s either this food or smoothie but I don't think it was smoothie. The mall management should look into this.

Stetson Koch

The place serves large dishes and for reasonable prices. very kind employees. Keep up the good work.

Arend S.

Came with my brother to grab some dinner. I asked for sushi and there was no sushi, so that's half the menu gone. I ordered beef teriyaki and it straight up tastes like carne asada. No flavor and tough like leather. This place is an embrassment to Japanese culture and it's food. Would definitely steer clear of this location.

Rachel D.

I got the beef teriyaki over noodles. The noodles had an interesting orange tinge to them. The beef was okay. However, I did not like the "teriyaki sauce" at all. It was very sweet and did not really taste like teriyaki sauce. The sauce had a very unpleasant taste. I also wish they had trays to carry the food. I had my drink in one hand so I had to carry the container with the palm of my other hand. And the bottom of the container was piping hot and was burning my hand while I walked to my table. 20 minutes later my hand is still slightly tingling from having to carry the container.

Cyril B

I bought the Teriyaki Beef plate, when I got home it was overcooked and lacked the quality I come to expect from this establishment.

Chasity Fulton

Delicious food, large portions. I eat here every week

Dean L.

Pretty good for fast food, has chicken and shrimp teriyaki combo. Plenty of food , loved the teriyaki sauce they use. 10.00 for combo and food left over after my wife and I ate. Will be back.

Matthew S.

Great, quick food at a reasonable price. Solid customer service that's always reliable. I recommend the chicken teriyaki. Good size portions as well. This is one of my go to spots at the southland food court and I highly recommend it.

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