Shell Shock Seafood House

20413 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 200-7466

Recent Reviews

David Montgomery

I had the crayfish with garlic butter sauce medium heat. And the mussels. I would have t I say the best I've ever had!

Charlene McCully

Food is great great seafood spot drinks are good customer service AWESOME

Susan L.

This is the second time ordering takeout from this place. The seafood is great and delicious and usually fresh...for the most part. I wanted crab for Mother's day dinner and my husband ended up ordering the #2 combination which had crab, crawfish, shrimp, corn, sausage and potatoes. I had the crab and my husband had the shrimp...we both had the crawfish. To my surprise, the meat of the shrimp was mushy and not firm like it would be when fresh. My husband noticed the same thing. I'm a little disappointed that we were given old shrimp. Will we be coming back's a big maybe.

Lucy N.

It's my favorite seafood restaurant and I come here about twice per month with my hubby. We both enjoy the #1 option: 2lbs of shrimp w/the head and 1lb of mussels with the house sauce and sometimes the garlic sauce. Both sauces are the bomb! Service is great, food is fresh and nice ambience. Definitely recommend!

Youa V.

Covid19 Review. I've never had food here prior to covid so idk if this is just because of covid but this was the MOST BLAND seafood boil I have ever had out of any place I've ever been to (kickin krab, boiling crab, hot and juicy crawfish, rockstar shrimp) it literally tasted like basic butter. I got spice level spicy and it was not spicy at all. The seafood itself though was good quality.

Lisa H.

I was feeling skeptical about ordering take out tonight from this place due to the recent mixed reviews, but I went ahead to do so anyways - and I'm so glad I did! I ordered two pounds of shrimp and the garlic noodles; both which were very good. I chose their house special sauce, which was perfectly seasoned and not overwhelming in terms of saltiness. I found the garlic noodles a little overpriced for the portion size, but the tastiness definitely made up for that. My order was ready in 10 minutes as promised, and the employee working this afternoon made sure I got in and out of there as quickly as possible, which I really appreciate. I'm so glad I was able to satisfy my cajun craving during quarantine without having to drive to Newark for Ray's Crab Shack, or San Jose for Boiling Crab. Shell Shock is the closest you'lI be able to get from those two restaurants in the Hayward area. I look forward to being able to order food from them again another time!

Antoinette T.

I've been here a few times now and every time the number 2 is always on point. The shrimp are fresh and huge. Definitely worth the money. Customer service is always great. The team gives great honest opinions and the atmosphere is great The only thing that stops me from giving me them 5 stars is the garlic noodles. They lack flavor and they are very dry. Tried it twice and it was bad both times. Other than that they are definitely worth it.

Vee L.

Placed an order earlier this week as my family has been craving seafood, however, upon receipt something was not right. The smell was off, the sauce/seasoning smelt like pasta sauce, very herby. Went home and started to eat and it was very apparent this was not a lemon, garlic, butter and Cajun seasoning (their house sauce) this was pasta sauce with herbs. VERY disappointed especially during this time when we are ordering solely for pickup. Restaurants should uphold their business in the standards they would should they be fully operating, and not try to cut corners to get orders and money. To make matters worse after consuming some mussels I fell quite ill. Sure enough shellfish poisoning, although mild (thank goodness), still horrific. All other possibilities are ruled out as this was the only thing I had eaten that day. First and last time ordering/eating at this place. Beware when ordering during this pandemic!!!

Mish N.

They are currently open for takeout orders and have a good system in place for ensuring social distancing and minimizing contact during this covid pandemic. We ordered the combo pack #1, which came with 1lb of crawfish, 1lb clams, 1lb shrimp. Portion wise I feel like it might be a little short, but it's hard to tell since they put all 3 seafoods in 1 big bag. But the flavor and consistency of their sauce is way better than boiling crab in my opinion! We also got the garlic noodles, which are super tasty, full of garlic and not too oily. Also as a warning for those of you who like lots of sauce to slurp on, this place's style is not like that. But I personally don't like it too saucy, just because it's usually a ton of butter and oil that makes the sauce. After trying this place, we are fans but now want to try crawdaddy to compare (since it's been a while since we had it too).

Coryann E.

I'm a boil freak, I have tried so many boils around the Bay Area. This place we tried back when it first opened and we needed up walking out because no one came to our table for like 15 minutes. I even went and sat at the bar eventually and still never got greeted. Just recently we ordered to go because of the virus and I waited forever to place an order which maybe they're getting all kinds of calls for pickup I'm not sure, but the sauce the boils in had so much herbs in it. It just wasn't my thing, also the lemon pepper fries had no lemon pepper seasoning they were just fries. My stars are low for quality and customer service...but the two stars is just a thanks guys for being open during this covid and we the community appreciate that your still providing us with food at this time. I'm sure there are fans I'm just not one of them. Best boil by far is in the middle of no where and has light traffic inside...the boiling crab... Berkeley

Alona B.

I like the proximity of this place to my house. I had a bday party here and the reservation was so easy . They did not even asked for credit card. The service is awesome, they did not even charge corceige fee.They could get very busy during weekends. Now that they only do take out, they are so awesome! pens are disinffected, efficient, and still friendly. I hope they stay in business.

Melanie S.

Bought 2 pounds of crawfish to go. Brought it home not to find out that more than half of the crawfish had eggs in them. Called in to tell them and they said it was ok to eat. There's no way in hell I am eating those damn eggs! Gross! Totally ruined my appetite!!!

Chariya L.

Order 1lbs if shrimp, felt like I got half a pound instead. The macroon ice cream is overpriced. I would never come back here!

Brandon R

Fast service. Friendly staff. Great food. The sauces are great and if you're not into Cajun, they have chicken tenders that come with fries.


This place has the best tasting seafood I've ever had! I usually order combo number one which gives an enormous amount of food for only 42 bucks. The sauce is amazing and the sides it comes with are delicious. The only downside is you cannot come later than an hour before it closes. 30 minutes before it closes, they shut down the kitchen and no longer cook or accept guests.

Norma Warwick Moore

Great flavors. We got the $63 combo with the mixed Cajun sauce. It was enough to feed at least 3-4 people. Very tasty service was great we even get to bring home a huge doggie bag

Fah Piangfa

How the manager of the restaurant handled N95-masked customers during CoronaVirus pandemic.

Fah Z.

How the manager of the restaurant handled N95-masked customers during CoronaVirus pandemic. Yesterday we went to get small bites around busy dinner time while our car was charging nearby. We sat at the bar to make sure we were 3-5 feet away from other customers out of protection for ourselves. My husband was sneezing from spring allergies. We have not been traveling anywhere but I'm from Thailand (live here in Bay Area) and I am very well aware of the Covid-19 virus up to 14-day symptomless incubation period when the virus is contagious. To better protect ourselves from spreading viruses we wore N95 masks like we had been every time we had been outside of our home the last 2 week's, and we walked into the restaurant. We sat the the bar, ordered our food, drinks and he sneezed into his mask . A little later.. our waitress came and apologized (???) She then explained that her manager had seen us in our masks and observed my husband sneeze. She said our food was being prepared would be fully comped, but we must leave the restaurant and could not eat the food there. Whoa... I mean.. if you want to treat people like they might have Covid-19 you have to check where they have been traveling in the past 14 days? Where they live? Who they live with? Anyone who lives with those people from cruises ship Blah Blah blah.. Any one of the fifty or so patrons in there without masks could have been contagious w/o knowing. But .. for normal citizens who are actually well prepared to get this kind of service is a little ridiculous I think. Just my opinion. I remotely run several of my small vacation homes in Chiangmai Thailand. About Mid February I got an inquiry from a Wuhan native. I didn't automatically decline them because of where they come from. As a manager, I opened dialog about their previous travels and confirmed they had been in Thailand since early January via their passport, then proceeded with their booking. This Covid-19 virus will spread easily if you do not wear a suitable mask.. many people who wear these masks are not sick. They want to prevent themselves from viruses or from all ignorance people who haven't educated themselves on preventing transmission through open coughing, not washing hands, and touching your face. Anyway Food was good. Attitude of management.. not so much. Thanks

LeyLey N.

First time there with my family and I enjoyed our lunch/dinner. We came in on a Friday as soon as they open 3PM and we were seated immediately for a family of 5 including my mother who is in a wheel chair. The workers were very thoughtful and helpful to seat us at a table that accommodated my mother which made our visit very pleasant, great customer service. Food was fresh and hot and delivered to us in a timely manner. We ordered a Combo #3 with all three sauces combined with a mild and garlic noodles and rice as sides. We really enjoyed our meal and had a great family bonding. We will most definitely be coming back soon and hope to experience the same service.

Angela S.

If I could give this zero stars, I absolutely would. It was my boyfriend and I's first time here and I heard the craze about it through some of my friends and decided to give it a try. I was super excited, but unfortunately, this was the biggest mistake coming here. When we walked in, we thought the atmosphere was pretty nice. It was super packed, we didn't really mind the wait. We put our name down and how many people at our party. From what I noticed, the host wasn't going in order of the list like you're suppose to. I've worked at a restaurant. You're not suppose to seat the people who have bigger parties first. You're suppose to go specifically in order because that's clearly not fair. Once we got sat, our server (Owen) didn't even greet us or anything. He just got straight to the point saying, "What do you want?" Not even a "what can I get started for you guys?" He was just absolutely rude and a straight up asshole. He didn't even check on us at all during our meal. Although there was a server who checked on us (Joker- probably not his real name) but he was super nice. Also, I didn't appreciate the servers going in between the tables to squeeze through to get to the other side without saying excuse me. They literally just pushed my chair like I wasn't even there. The food was spot on though. That's the only thing we enjoyed. My boyfriend got a shrimp basket and I got a pound of shrimp, and the shrimp was THICK. Not like other seafood boiler places where you get small ass shrimp. But yeah, this was my experience. I wouldn't come here again if I'm being honest.

Yvonne Ortiz

Food was delicious. BUT, come prepared for a messy meal and cheap paper/plastic utensils, vessels & tissues as napkins. Some like that experience I guess.

John James

We love eating out. Last night we found this superb restaurant which we didn’t know before. We enjoyed a lovely experience there with very good food and an experienced stuff and a professional cuisine. We added this place in our list and we shall no doubt visit again soon. Highly recommended.

Milessent D.

Our go to spot!They're fast, the staff is friendly and attentive. My boyfriend loves spicy food and always asks for extra spicy,they always get it right. Definitely a must try if you love boiling crab but don't want to wait 2-2 1/2 hours for a table.We usually get seated,eat and finish within an hour or so!

Arielle B.

This was my first time having any type of seafood boil and man what an experience. I couldn't quite get with the food on the table thing but it looked really fun for others lol. I'm happy they accommodated me with no problem and brought me a separate bag to put my scraps in. They were very busy and it seemed like there was just one server for the entire place but she did an AMAZING job at being attentive and timely. This particular day it was super windy and the power kept going out but they never let it affect them. All staff were pleasant. This restaurant is super family friendly and can accommodate large parties. It is also very well kept and clean which is great. Now about the food! We ordered 3 pounds of king crab with corn in their mild special sauce and 1 pound of mussels in their mild special sauce. We also got garlic noodles and used the check in offer for cajun fries. They are super generous with their portions and the mussels are large and meaty compared to what I've had before. I am really impressed with this place. I didn't even need the extra seasoning they provided everything was great. I give 5 stars since this was my first experience I don't have much to go off of buy they made me feel really welcome and I'd love to come back here and try more restaurants like this. Word of advice: use the apron and gloves provided. You'll thank me later!!!

Christina M.

Me and my husband always pass by this place and so we decided to give it a try But Let me just tell you this place is BOMB AF we chose combo #1 $40.99 Shrimp with head on Crawfish and Clams with the house special sauce Medium heat includes potatoes , sausage and corn. We definitely will be back !!

Kate N.

We've given shell shock another try and it sure did disappoint. Our server, was not kind and was negligent to the fact that we had mentioned someone in our party was allergic to shrimp. (Before you think wow since someone is allergic to shrimp, why a Cajun seafood house? Well, like any other allergy, it shouldn't be treated any differently, like a gluten allergy for example) Anyways, we were ordering and she had mentioned to someone if they wanted their 2lbs or crawfish in separate bags - sure! You get more sauce that way anyways. But anyhow, we did state that he was allergic to shrimp. We also ordered the combo #3. The food came out. It turned out the combos were all in one bag WITH the shrimp.... Then the waitress explained how everything is boiled in one pot of water... wait what?! Didn't we JUST express that someone was allergic to shrimp and you neglected to tell us it's boiled in the same water?! And then she went on saying how she couldn't imagine any restaurant putting a side for an allergy - WAIT WHAT AGAIN?! Mind you, we have been to many establishments where the kitchen has made an exception to cooking in a separate pot or pan due to the shrimp allergy. And yes, if you were thinking, other Cajun seafood places, too. I was seriously wow'd that this was taken so lightly, knowingly it could kill someone?? The waitress didn't care that she failed to mention it was all boiled in one water and just said "well I wouldn't eat it if I were you, I mean it was just boiled together" -- well, that wasn't a very smart remark to make because allergies can be at anyy level, whether it touches or not. There has to be a way to report such negligence in a restaurant. There was no apology, no solution offered.

Alaxis Malone

the house sauce is hella bomb, good portions for the price e and food comes out quick!

Mohammed K.

Bruh I had a bad stomach ache after this This place is whack Dont even waste your money Just go buy some shrimp and crab down the street and make it at home

NinaRima Tautuaa

Food was yummy and service was great!

Nancy L.

Small clams. Big problems. Depending when you eat here, or if you take it to-go, everything varies. Nothing is consistent and I dislike going to restaurants where the quality is constantly changing. Clams were so small there was almost no point in ordering them. Shrimp was mushy and falling apart. Sauce isn't bad but they only have two options for spice level: non-spicy and medium. How about something for the in-betweeners? I've been here a few times and every single time is a different experience. Some days I like it and other days I don't. Sad :(

Laura Vazquez Perez

I always get the house special sauce either medium or spicy & it's pretty good. I usually get 2lbs of shrimp, 2lbs of mussels, 1 order of potatoes & 2 orders of sausage to share between 2-3 people. I docked 1 star because both times, the mussels were not good. Not sure if they over cooked them or they're not fresh but they gave me a stomach ache so I just stopped ordering mussels & stuck with just shrimp. Other than that, the shrimp & sauce is really good.

Ferdinand Turner

Was craving for seafood and decided to stop by. Good location and their staffs were attentive. Good service too. The mussels, shrimp and craw fish were cooked the way I was expecting it and it was well seasoned. It would blend perfectly with the dip.

Regine Broo

The employees here are friendly, even an hour or less from closing. We ended up ordering the #2 Dungeness crab and two lbs of shrimp. We also got extra 1/2 lbs of sausage with a basket of fries. I really enjoyed their cajun fries because they remained crispy as we ate them. Most places I've noticed even after they get cold, they get soft; not here!! I recommend checking this place out if you want your creole fix!!

Jenny B.

I have been here three times and honestly all three times have been pleasant. From the first time (when they first opened) to my most recent I have seen the changes within their staff and how they handle their customers (from being chaotic & unsure to being calm & cool). The food itself gives it the 5 stars from me. I love Boiling Crab but there is not much around the East Bay and Shellshock is a very great competitor. I would definitely recommend it if you're not in the mood to drive too far for some seafood, and I would recommend it if you're still willing to drive far. The only thing I would suggest is coming at a time they're not busy. Thankfully, the 3 times I've gone j haven't had to wait but when I'm finished I see a lot of people having to wait, so I would suggest just to go at a random time instead of the busier times!

Ella C.

This place is amazing! It is not busy yet but im sure once people discover it its going to be popular. The seafood is good and the sauce is spicy and has a delicious delicate flavor with a power kick of lemon pepper, cajun spices and garlic chunks

Latecia G.

The first sea food spot that I've ever been to that was actually good, you can taste their seasons with every bite. My waiter Joker was very nice consistent and overall just a great guy. I had the Dungeness crab and my husband had the #2 deff worth it the food was so good. The boiling crab, Joe's Crab Shack, bubbagump has NOTHING and I mean just that NOTHING on shell shock 11/22/19 - UPDATE Tonight I returned for a second time .... yes I drove 45miles just to have dinner here and yes the food was still BOMB I UPLOADED pictures tonight JOKER was our server AGAIN and Again his services was phenomenal the greeter was nice people spoke to you as you came and left just overall great food great customer service they deserve 5 stars bomb bomb bomb

Jennifer Franklin

Our go to spot for seafood. I haven't found another spot that can compare. A little pricey but it's worth the good food and good service. Say hi to Joker! He's the man!

Nina Z.

I thought the food was pretty good, but, oh my goodness, I didn't expect everything to be served in disposable dishware and utensils from the styrofoam bowl of chili to the plastic utensils. The environmentalist in me was screaming. I mean, I get it makes for easy clean up, but seems more wasteful than necessary. Anyways, that was my only gripe about the place; that and the dozen oysters we ordered, which didn't have much flavor. We split a combo #3 (~$76) which includes your choice of one to two pounds of Dungeness crab, snow crab, King crab legs, or lobster. From there, you get to pick three items out of the shrimp, crawfish, mussels, or clams. All combinations come with two corn, two potato, and four sausages. Our waitress was very helpful in making recommendations and answering our questions. Since we couldn't decide on a sauce, we decided to get all of them a.k.a the house special sauce - a combination of lemon pepper, garlic butter, and New Orleans style. Plastic bibs and gloves provided as needed and highly recommended. Overall, the sauce was very tasty, and the seafood was cooked well. I'd recommend adding on a side dish - like the garlic noodles - to complete the meal. Glad to have a seafood Cajun/Creole seafood place in the East Bay.

Jessica Matthews

Their house sauce is fire! The ambiance is nice. Great service, good music and yummy food!

Edna G.

I really like this location for Cajun food! They cook it right and not over cooked! This is located at the plaza on Hesperian and A street so it's not hard to miss it! The inside and space is very pier modern looking and roomy for big crowds. There is even a back section for a large reserved group area! Must use this next time for my big family!! For a weekday, it was moderately busy and the server was on top of it and was very helpful. I forgot his name. We celebrated my Pops 71st bday here and he was happy! We only ordered shrimp but like 5lbs!! All of it was cooked just right where the shell doesn't stick to the shrimp and it was tasty and soft! That's how it's cooked people!! ;-) We got the everything medium spicy sauce! Medium definitely will kick some fumes in yah! We also ordered garlic noodles, Cajun fries, corn, fried oysters and Calamari, and they were all good and as well as their servings. We were happy customers so we will definitely come back here when we have our Cajun cravings!! [74/100]