Sinaloa Searoll

1162 W Tennyson Rd, Hayward
(510) 780-0818

Recent Reviews

Esperanza Hernandez

vengan a probar las tostadas desebradas con un consome muy rico

Timmi Starr

Don't come here for sushi..stick to what's best. Ceviche.

Samuel Abundis

The best sea food a had so far ?

Tanishito delacruz


Ibrahim Cook

I tried this place before with a friend and I am addicted ever since. I love the awesome character and yummy dishes and drinks. Keep it up.

isabel vazquez

Hair in my sushi I had ordered not good at all.

Luis Wong

Good food and outstanding service

Emmat Teresita PEREZ

Good food

George Hernandez

Went earlier today got food poisoning - and I'm still throwing up right now. Got that tostada mixta.

Ernesto B.

. Sofia's sushi is smackin and I even get a club sandwich for lunch pretty often. Cool spot nearby. Not many places near south hayward with good food and good service

Lou M.

This is the best Mexican sushi and seafood place I've ever been to the sushi's are a lot bigger and seafood taste way better and their burgers are also good you have to try their micheladas I eat here almost everyday they have some things that aren't in the menu like deep fried fish and some sushi that you might have to ask for. It's a great place

Eddy R.

We ordered seafood and the food is very tasty and fresh. and they treated us very well I just wish the menu was bigger

Nigel T Weatherspoon

OMG I love this place! The burgers are AMAZING! I've bewn served by two different waitresses during my trips there and both were extremely nice, inviting and attentive. They also serve pancakes and bacon and eggs OH MY! I recommend this place to everyone! Bring your family or just come with friends or alone. They do fast take out orders. The fries are to live for and the cost is affordable. Why are you still reading this? GO TO SOFIA'S!

Tristan Nguyen

For a place that prides themselves on small portions you definitely get that. Its overpriced for a place that looks like a burger joint that cant decide if its Italian or Mexican.

Huy D.

The Mexican sushi is the bomb. You have to ask for the special menu but the ceviche on California roll is well worth. Service might be a but slow but just relax and enjoy the food

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