1695 Industrial Pkwy W, Hayward
(510) 887-8587

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Jessica Rodgers

This Starbucks is hit or miss. For the longest time this was my go to Starbucks, then all of the sudden they couldn’t get my dink right for the life of them. It was so annoying I completely stopped going there and started go to another Starbucks further away. Then they started messing up my drink so I tried this spot again and they were back to perfect again??‍♀️. So far so good hopefully they can keep it up.

Andrea McFarland

Parking is tight, so I'd park on the side of Starbucks on the street or closer to the Chinese place facing Industrial.

Diana A.

This location is very unorganized. I've mobile ordered several times . The last 3 times my order was never made and and upon walking in and waiting in the mobile order area they do not acknowledge you when going up. I'm very disappointed in the service. I know it's a busy location but please don't ignore the customer. Unfortunately I walked out the last two times after waiting almost 20 minutes.

Linda B

Sometimes line to drive through can interfere with people trying to leave other businessesMarques outside and pickup window and counter at drive through could be a bit cleaner. But they have only messed up my drink once and promptly gave me correct drink. Clerks always polite but incredibly busy but fast. They deserve tips people! I go here about 4 to 5 times a week.


Allows in store orders. Clean store and friendly professional staff. Service is organized and drimks completed in reasonable time considering the multitude of online orders.


Great coffee and customer service!

Lance Johnson

Friendly people and hot coffee. Thank you.

Gorge Sjpromo

Good starbuck my favorite coffeee

Victor Chub

Got myself seasonal drink, no sitting inside, floor has markings for social distancing, coffee was good and service friendly

Jessica X.

I went to get a drink with my little brother from there and when I saw the display, there were ants all over the display food. That was so nasty. They didn't even bother doing anything about it. I told her since when was it there and she said since the morning and since when I came It was around 3pm I told her shouldn't that be fixed already? She got mad and just told me to order what I want and wait after. I mean why get mad if what y'all displaying has something gross. They didn't even bother fixing it when I was there. They left it like that as if the customers going to like what they see. Don't waste your time coming here. Bad customer service!!!!!!

David Watson

Starbucks...what's to say? Consistent quality and friendly baristas.

Queen Katherine#3

Awesome customer service with a smile

Cindy Nieberding-Gundy

Great service!

Sara J.

The barista behind the register is always super friendly. However, the baristas behind the counter making the drinks are TERRIBLE! There is always a line at this location because half of the time, the baristas are chatting up a storm instead of making drinks.

Vinnie Guzzetta

Even Starbucks refuses to let customers wash hands now and only 1 year ago they said to the world they are allowinging all homeless to loiter for use of bathroom facilities. Well covid 19 can be slowed if people would wash their hands. So why shut down the only place some people can do it? And the customers like to wash before eating and putting their hands to their face. What a joke

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