27088 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 782-6955

Recent Reviews

kedar patil

Just another subway.

Kajol Patel

Service was great and it was very cheap than usual. Loved thie subway.

Denise Boegel

Customer Service was great. The gal was very patient and helpful. Store was very clean. The only complaint I had was they didn't have a few items. No Italian herb and cheese bread and no American cheese.

Esther Roberts

Very fresh, crisp veggies. One of my son's likes a sandwich with three different types of meat on it. It is a very unusual combination of flavors. The staff did not blink an eye and served it promptly and courteously. My sandwich was delicious!

Sell T.

Please avoid this subway at all cost. They are extremely dirty they have old veggies and meat in their basket. They are very stingy on their toppings as well. The owner Param was extremely disrespectful along with the manager lady working there. Didn't want to give me my refund at all. These people are crazy.

Ivan Zarate

This subway is pretty good. The staff are nice and were fast with my order.

Lina Pillay

My best go to place if i want something vegetarian if I don't want to cook.

Tyler F.

No they're not doing their best during Covid. We're not all in this together. Their bathroom is not out of order they're lying. The toilet works just fine and they use it. They just turned off the water valve so that it wouldn't work, and they Deliberately leave it that way for the entire year of 2020 so that you won't be allowed to use the bathroom. Just like every other restroom and every other business Gas station restaurant or establishment, Every toilet in the state of California has mysteriously broken for Covid and they're not gonna fix it anytime this year. We're gonna have broken toilets for two years in a row because us peasants are supposed to stay home, this is a humanitarian crisis and it's being done deliberately. These people have no Customer Service I don't care about your ffin Covid delusion. People need to use the toilet unless you want them to pee behind a bush. This is a man-made and natural disaster. They're lying to us because when they say can I use the toilet they'll say oh don't do that it's broken. But it's not ffin broken. They just don't want to do the extra work and they decided that we i'll take the shaft. F us. And now they have an excuse to treat is customers less good. Where are the door Dashers supposed to pee? This subway deserve one star reviews. A restaurant or establishment needs to provide the service that it offers, needs to be able to give you a glass of water, and it needs to be able to give you a bathroom otherwise it deserves a one star review.

anna g.

If i could this location a negative, I WOULD!!! I wasted $8.69 on a foot long for this!! This location should not even be allowed to operate under the franchise of Subway!

Ruben Guzman

I get sorprise by a couple of latinas clean & professional attention highly recommended ???????

Briggs Hughes

The place offers a vast range of fresh food. I loved dining here. Staff members are always friendly, rates are fair and the place is always kept clean.

Axel Valencia

Staff are very friendly, nice, and fast-paced. Customer service was great. Finally, the food was good and satisfying.

Wheel Gunner

Great people. Great service. Always has cookies ready for pick-up. :-)

Rodney Juarez

The service was excellent and the food was great.

FoxyG ..

No wonder Subways going out of business.. they cheap out on the toppings sand sauces. I ordered the new bbq rib and she didnt even put enough bbq sauce and she put two slides of cheese and it wasnt even on the rib. As for the Italian, they usually know what to put but she was asking me what mest to put in it. She also looked dead.. bad service and overall bad experience.

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