22549 2nd St, Hayward
(510) 537-4488

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Brad Huntington

Awful service they are late opening and the lady who was at the counter acted like it was a problem to prepare my sandwich.i am quite frankly appalled at the service at this Subway

Amanuella P.

I left a review previously but it was associated with my work email, and I dont see it so here's the jist. I've gon in the mornings a few times and it's always the same lady.. she SUCCCKKKS. 1st 2 times I went she tried to charge full price for the little 6 inch 3 dollar deal and the 2nd time told me it would be cheaper to get the combo until I pointed out it wasnt the right price and she fixed it. 3rd time I just wanted a soup and she went to the back and brought out a cup of soup and asked if I wanted it hot?? What the fuck? Ummm yeah, she microwaved it until it was Luke warm. I paid with a 5 and she tried to short me a dollar segueing with me until I pointed out the register said I was owed 2 something.. I get to my job and proceed to microwave the soup and noticed it was dated the day before.. ewwww.. The produce is always old. I went 2 days ago and there was nobody at the front. I started to walk out and noticed she was sitting on the phone in the back with her air pods in. She rolled her eyes and rang the bell and said oh it works, next time use it. I'm pregnant and I work next door and sometimes if I dont eat breakfast I'm forced to go there, because it's the only thing open that's close by. Unrelated to her job at subway, but she hit my coworkers parked car in the lot and started to drive off until my coworker confronted her. She acted like she didnt even want to get out of her car.. They exchanged insurance information, and my coworker proceeded to go into work and meet with her client. 5 minutes later here comes subway girl banging on our door demanding my coworkers number so she could supposedly pay her cash and not go through insurance. You work next door lady, dont bang on the doors to our private clinic, and scare our kids because you cant drive. Its unprofessional.

Bay Walker

Great prices for reasonable sandwiches. Can be slow when busy.

A M.

This is a severely understaffed Subway. If you are looking for a quick sandwich forget it!!!! Only 1 server and a long queue..... badly managed.... franchisee should take better care of his/her franchise !!!

Victor Martinez

Man they have the service and subs in town -- dammn best subs i had so far ..

Chris Higgins

Don't try to use subway coupons at this outlet. They don't honor them

Mariel F.

The staff is really friendly, and the service is quick. It's a good place to bring your family for a meal; their sandwiches are consistently delicious and fresh. The inside is really clean as well. I judge places by the cleanliness of their high chair -- it shows their attention to detail. This Subway location definitely surprised me. It's a great place to enjoy some delicious sandwiches with your family!

Aubree H.

I work nearby and typically resort to grabbing lunch at this location. My experience directly relates to the employee scheduled during my visits. Lately, the overall lack of work ethics is the rooted problem. I've waited over 10 minutes before this employee noticed me, due to wearing headphones and being distracted by what he was watching on his iPad in the back of the store. He found it appropriate to place the iPad so he can continue with his screen time while putting together my order. Meanwhile he overlooked washing his hands... I've had previous experiences where he entertains his time by having a conversation on the phone, which again, he continues while helping customers. On multiple occasions, the employees are "supervising" their children during their shift. I could go into detail about additional areas the employees choices have highlighted their lack of professional maturity but I've accepted these petty issues rather than packing a lunch. In summation to my 1st world complaint, because there is little to no management the employees operate the business on their terms and the customer service suffers for this very reason.

The Truth K.

Loves the service, speed and food. They were lovely people and got me my food quickly. I was pleased with food. They are generous on salad toppings and give great suggestions as well.

Nikki W.

The super short guy working at 4pm on December 14th was facetiming his ugly girlfriend who was in her bed while this super short guy was trying to take our order. Luckily I wanted my sandwich toasted because he didn't ask and put it in without asking. You suck. You're working at subway. Act like it, you cocky piece of shit

Kathy N.

My kids and I go to subway when I dont have time to make dinner..a healthier choice for us.

Erik B

Good food at a good price, but with really slow service.

Michael Vonnegut

Customer service is nonexistent, as we are making the sandwich they kept running out of key ingredients, such as spinach, such as avocado, meatballs, it’s seem like all of the special deals they were out of and it was right in the middle the day.

Pablo R.

They have roaches!!!!! One was crawling on the cash register!!! The manager brings her kids and they run around the store like it's a play ground. No one in that store speaks english and they cross contaminate everything! Do not go to this subway.

Miguel Zepeda

Just bought a sandwich there, the bread was so dry and crumbly that i couldn't finish it. I am very sure it was baked a few days ago. Won't be going back.

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