Taco Bell

215 W Jackson St, Hayward
(510) 887-7785

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Arthur Trino

Meh. Took my mom and a friend there for lunch. They both had #1s but wanted extra sour cream. The employees said that they didn't have extra sour cream? I ordered the quesalupa combo and they didn't even have the quesalupa in the bag. We ate there and the tables that were open for seating needed to be wiped down and their soda machine had a few things out of syrup.

David R. Muyco

I believe this is one of the best TACO BELLS in this area. People are always curious and quick. Check it out... !!!!

Don Don

Everything Was Fine Besides The Wait Time, I Had Enough Time Sitting In The DriveThru To Turn The Car Off And Make A Five Minute Phone Call After I Paid... I'm Used To Them Being Slow So It Didn't Surprise Me This Time...

Nelson P.

Good and convenient, sometimes it hits the spot perfectly for lunch or after a late night out. Always order the normal tacos, they used to sell them as part of school lunches in elementary school, I used to save quarters just to get them. They are pretty consistent with them as well. I also get the burrito supreme , it's like a combo pizza with good mix of meat, beans, vegetables and fillings, really like the onions in it as well.

Denver Lynn

I admire this restaurant! They prepare sensational meals, their menu is nice, The chef in that spot is an expert, I enjoy a lot tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently tasty, the service towards the clients is agreeable. I frequently visit this place and I not even once was discontended. I recommend this place.

Moh Momo

Very poor service here, March 28 2021 time 2.38am sign says open, drive thru menu is lid up, no one is answering, if they closed they should let us know but the don't even tell you and you waiting at the drive thru line. I also called them and someone picked up then not speak back. Very horrible customer service I wasted almost 20 minutes here.

Harriet Haisty

I love this Taco Bell, I come here way too often. The people are always friendly and helpful, and the food orders are always correct. So stoked that they have potato tacos again!

Jasmyn G.

Worts manners ever! Forget items just a disaster that's what You get for putting kids in charge

Ben Correa

Drive thru person couldn't find my mobile order. Manger explained they cleared it by accident but would get my order for me if I came inside the building. I told them no I don't want to go inside because I don't want to expose myself to possible covid. She said they would not serve me in the drive through because they would back up the line. I even asked if one of them would bring it to my car instead and they said no. They basically forced me to go inside to pick up my food.

Kash Pacheco

The menu and service were ahead of my expectations. We absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. Superb restaurant to take my family out for dinner.

Bella Jimenez

So friendly and made my food how I asked to be done and have never been to a Taco Bell so kind and got my order right and tasted great.

Cedric Mueller

This is surely one of the most attractive place in the area. Whenever I visit this place I am exceedingly glad. They maintain their high level service and the highest level of dishes they provide. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Highly recommended.

David Solomon

Wow! An open-till-3am late night food spot that actually stays open until 3am! After going to two other "open-till-3am" spots which were closed, I arrived here at 2:56am and they happily served me! Food was hot n tasty(Taste: B/B+), and they remembered my request for extra napkins. The lady at the register wore a mask and used fresh latex gloves to handle my order.5/5 stars: would choose as my last ditch attempt for hot food @ 2:50am again!

Ellie Eazzy

This Taco Bell's drive through is always busy. Tonight we decided to eat inside with our little one. Daniel one of the workers greeted us right away and was patient with us taking so long to decide what we wanted. Usually got fast food I don't put reviews because it's a fast food place and it's usually the same service everywhere. Food was decent and the lettuce was actually in the taco not in the wrapper. The chips in the nachos weren't stale and they put plenty of cheese this time.

mary morales

I had a steak quesadilla it was really good. Little disappointed that they took Mexican pizza off the menu. BUT THAT'S LIFE ?ANYWAY as many cars that they had in that drive-thru I think they did a very GOOD job on my food. It was good and hot

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