Tacos Uruapan

29950 Huntwood Ave, Hayward
(510) 581-1915

Recent Reviews

Reed Turner

Great street Mexican food!! The best burritos!! Always friendly staff.

Laura Hernandez

Staff has great customer service, the food is very good. Every time I go in it’s really clean but I went in a few days ago and I saw a cockroach I was very very disappointed because I love this place it was my go too. I usually don’t come on here and criticize but come on that’s unacceptable! The lady who works there tried to seem like there wasn’t anything but I saw it.

Deborah Kelley

Love this place, friendly fast & great food worth your money, had leftovers

jose maciel

Excellent service and food. Had a regular grilled chicken burrito

Courtney Nettles

Customer service was great,food was good. This is my new Taco Tuesday spot for sho

Alfonso Avila

Great place, they always made my food with care. I remember once they accidently gave me the wrong order and the guy ran across a street to stop my car and apologize and get me the correct one. Says alot about how much they care

Mike L.

This place used to have the best Mexican food around. I'm not exactly sure what happened. The staff in the front are all rude, unaccomadating and the food is old and below average.


Their online ordering is so easy and really nice.My order was ready within 7 minutes.Really nice and clean, they have clear plastic up to keep workers and customers separate.I got the shrimp cocktail and the one downfall was that the shrimp had the tail on which makes it hard to eat.

Jeff P.

DONT GO HERE - they are not wearing their masks while making your foodDONT GO HERE - they are rudeJust because you have that plastic barrier between you and the customers, doesn't mean you are protecting us from you while you are preparing our food. PUT YOUR MASK ON before touching our food.Also - what's up with the low-key attitude. You all need to do something about your customer service skills. That young guy you have at the front has no tact for greeting when coming in, and thank you when customer is leaving.He talks to you like he's your old buddy or maybe has a problem with profiling.you need to fix this if he's going to be at the front line with customers.

Oscar Sanchez

Google should have a minus starts feature. I ordered 4 super burritos, a super quesadilla and four tacos, over the phone. I was told order would take 20-25mins. I wanted tripa & pastor tacos and they told me they had no tripa. I asked for the meats and they said they had lengua, cabeza, chicken, among other meats. I ordered lengua instead for the tacos. When o show up 25min later, order wasn’t ready because I was informed they had no lengua. But I said I was told over the phone they did have lengua. Cashier said they ran out. Ok, no big deal. I said substitute it for cabeza. I waited around another 20 mins for the order and saw that I had been taken out of the warmer and placed on the counter. I complained the food was cold and the time it took for the order and the cashier said in a sarcastic and nasty way, “ if you don’t like it I can give you your money back...the customer is always right anyway.” Guess what? I got my money back and after around 10 years will not be going back. We usually order for our household as well as employees. I hope someone who cares reads the review and handles it accordingly because apparently your employees don’t care about your clients. They don’t realize they get their paychecks from patrons. It took you guys 45 minutes for my small order and then you top it off with an attitude? Hell no...screw you guys, I’m taking my business elsewhere since you obviously don’t careUpdate- 08/03/2020It's funny how I got a response back for my bad review but never got the money refunded to my card. I didn't know it could take so long to get a refund. Maybe the only reason they responded in the first place is because of the bad review and not because they genuinely care about clients experience. This happened back on 06/27 and its been over a month now and STILL no refund, hmmm

Bri M

The food is very good. But they're not great at answering the phone. And I don't always have the ability while I'm driving in my car to just go on the website and order food for pick up. Because of this, there has been many days I've called several times only to receive no answer, and either go to another taco place that will answer my phone call or make tacos at home.

Maria V.

Love love love the carne asada fries and the tacos and super burritos! The carne asada fries are always my go-to for lunch. The fries are a nice crispy texture smothered in a large amount of carne asada along with sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo. I've tried carne asada fries at a few other restaurants in east bay and still find myself coming back here because it's still my preference by far!

Jimmy C.

Ordered Carne Asada fries. In terms of taste they are pretty good. However portion was too small for $12. Other places probably give double the portion size.

Alan K.

I came into this place to grab burrito last week.Their new digital signs don't list the price for some reason, the food is overpriced (almost 15 dollar burrito), and the owners/ staff either don't wear a mask or have their nose out of their mask while prepping food.Hard pass. I should've just went to the taco truck next to chp where I can get a burrito for almost half the price and the staff knows how to follow covid precautions.

Victoria M.

Good place for quick and delicious Mexican food. They also have outdoor seating! This is my second time coming here and food was wonderful

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