Tandoor Indian Restaurant

27167 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 885-1212

Recent Reviews

Harjinder singh

Great taste, specially fried fish .

Lakeisha L.

Order food for take out, had the Dal, okra, rice and garlic Nanna bread. When I got my order the Dal had no lentils in it the naan was plain not garlic the okra seemed old. I was so disappointed because that's what I had a taste for.

Daniel Avila

AMAZING!! So much flavor!! I can't wait to go again!!!! #Authentic

Sunny Takhar

Love the food here. Picked up the fish pakoray this time. Excellent. Service was good. Food was fresh and ?

Harleen K.

Unsanitary and senless owners. Beware, don't eat hear. Has been closed previously by health department more than once.

Donica W.

Best fish dishes! We tried all of them! The serving sizes are so generous and plus it comes with rice. The owner was so nice and gave us fish pakora samples and it also so tasty! Definitely our go-to place for a light and buttery fish lunch ~ You gotta try it. Plus the samosas are HUGE

Raina T.

Fantastic curry! I had the lamb curry on hot spicy level while my significant other had the goat curry. Both were fantastic.

Elliot Silverman

Love this place. Their food is always consistent and they give a good portion. The family is really nice and I hope to see them open up soon after covid.

Sapana Vijapura

I ordered my food with Uber, I ordered chicken Pakora goat curry and lamb biryani all three were very bad I will never ordered food from them any more. Chicken pakora were burnt goat curry had just water and some meat no test at all biryani was just masala rice sorry this place is not for me

Mun K.

Their chole are bland, and bhatura was very oily. And their Shahi Paneer had hair in it, I lost my appetite. And the Shahi Paneer was weird looking.  Dal makhni was not restaurant style. Sheesh kabab was dry. If Chef Gordon Ramsey was to check out this place I am sure he would not be pleased. This is coming from a true foodie. The only item that is a hit is their fish pakora, their imli sauce is not tasty nor their mint chutney.

Fireball F.

I saw people not wearing mask in the restaurant near the food.

M Torres

Everything about this place is fabulous. Don't let the outside deceive you! The cuisine coming out of the kitchen is fabulous! You can always tell a good restaurant when it attracts ethnically diverse customers. They are able to cater spice level to taste and the owners are VERY kind. A very welcoming restaurant!

Harjot Gill

excellent customer service very tasty food Fish pakoras are absolutely delicious.had ordered couple other items that were well prepared and well packed.

Ace Hartman

We enjoy hanging out. Yesterday we found this excellent place which we didn’t know before. We spent a delightful experience there with excellent cooking and a nice crew and a professional chef. We added this fine restaurant in our phone list and we will no doubt visit again very soon. We warmly recommend.

Ravneet D.

The food was terrible. I order chili chicken, shahi paneer and garlic naan. The chili chicken didn't look like it was freshly made and the naan were so hard to eat it was like eating rubber. I will not eat from here ever again.

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