Taqueria Eduardo II

1104 W Tennyson Rd # D, Hayward
(510) 732-0254

Recent Reviews

Gerardo santiago

Fast service

Kerrie N.

Everything we ordered was extremely soggy and unappetizing, especially the tacos. They doused the regular tacos with sauce and wrapped it in tin foil, upon opening it, it was just a soggy mess.

A Rod

Good food

Janett Barrera

The food is great!! I tried the one is Campbell and I loved it! It's kinda pricey. The burritos are big and so so are the tacos. They should fill up the little containers of salsa more...


Love the Carnitas here. Kids love the Asada

john Moklliw

The young cashier is very rude and the taqueria across is better anyways thanks to her bad attitude

Goggled Reviews

Good food, prices and salsa!

Abigail A.

First time I order Menudo from here, I have heard great things about the menudo that it was delicious. But I got so disappointed about it IT WAS HORRIBLE THE SMELL AND THE TASTE. Waste of my money $34. Not coming back again for menudo.

C Castle

Tasty al pastor torta but a bit high for the value. I’d come back though and try their weekend menudo. Chips and salsa was complimentary and tasty.

Francisco Hernandez

Good service, food a little pricy

Rodrigo D.

Been coming here since I was little 14 years old. The food always been the same always had the same great taste as I could remember the Menudo is excellent you can order to go and bring your own container.I see a lot of people posting bad service if you could look through that and concentrate on the great food they have do you won't be disappointed.

Alexis M.

Every time my mother and I order a super burrito from here they never put guacamole in it even tho it says it has it on the menu.. I even called them out on it once n they said they were out of guacamole, but if that's the case why don't they ever put it in our burritos before or after that when we've ordered from them..!? So this time I specifically ordered just a regular burrito with carne n added guacamole.. (even paid extra for the guacamole) this is what I got..... once again no guacamole. I keep trying to give them a chance cuz they're more convenient but they disappoint me every time. Another time before this man and I ordered a carnita super burrito from there n once again no guacamole n was extremely greasy.. the paper bag it came in was soaked with grease. I could only take a couple bites n threw it away cuz it was that bad.

inisha S

Preferred veggie burrito and torts, burrito was good. Torta is so bad I couldn’t eat it, the bread is so hard could not bite it. Salsa bar is okay, could be better.

Gabriel Ponce

Menudo it's only what I'd like in this place.

Shirley Sedano

Menudo hit the spot always

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