Taqueria El Jarocho 2

157 Harder Rd, Hayward
(510) 940-0103

Recent Reviews

Jesus Abalos

Sometimes the food is good. Other times the food taste bad and old

Handyman John

Food is ok, clean place, service is great.

Eric Nguyen

Best Taco teusday $1

Trong Luong

Good food (I am non Mexican so take it into account), and really friendly service. The girl at the counter was very careful in explain to me what each item on the menu was, since I know 0 Spanish. 5 stars for the service alone.

Esmeralda Garcia

I dedicate this good rating to the individual who attended my order. She a cutie and would like to know her number :)

Pahola R. Vergara

I was ashamed ? that name of the restaurant because I am Mexican by birth and 100% jarocha and they do not sell any of the food from Veracruzan. I bought a burrito and nachos ?. The flavor of the nachos was disgusting because it was very greasy, the tortillas were fried with the Cold oil is why that shame looks and tastes greasy because Veracruz has a variety of foods. PESCADO A LA VERACRUZANA, GUACHINANGO A LA VERACRUZANA, ANTOJITOS (PICADAS, TOSTADAS, GARNACHAS, TOSTADAS, PLÁTANOS RELLENOS, PLÁTANOS FRITOS, EMPANADAS RELLENAS), PAELLA, PILTE, TAPISTE, CHILPACHOLE DE JAIBA, ETCÉTERA ETCÉTERA Etcétera

Cristal F.

Taco Tuesday- Employees are friendly and polite. Quick service. Only reason for 4 stars is that I can't call in advance to order because no one ever picks up the phone however if you drop in the wait is reasonable

Cesar S.

Ordered 3 fish tacos very disappointed I couldn't find any fish but a few crumbs never again

Joel Fierros

Love there tacos here!! I would highly recommend going here

Ramón Ochoa

Good menudo and made hands tortillas

Isidro R.

It doesn't look like much when you walk by, but that's because it's a big place and that doesn't help it to look busy. I didn't have great expectations on this place, but I was surprised when I tried their red chilaquiles; so far one of the best chilaquiles in Hayward. The birria is good too, but what I like the most is their homemade tortillas when I eat their chile relleno dish. I haven tried the whole menu, but these three dishes made it for me. Also, try the pupusas, they do them once in a while, but they are good.

Cecilia Apley

My husband has been obsessed with their carne asada plate it comes with delicious refried beans and rice and salad. Apperantly the meat is well seasoned and the beans are amazing. I personally do the tacos. Asada is my favorite. Also their avena atole Is delicious and soothing specially these chilly days. Taco Tuesday is 1 dollar street tacos. Worth it.

Stewart Hanson

Taco TUESDAYS!!!! This is the work crew's go to on tuesday for $1 tacos. I always opt to include a fish taco in the mix because it is so delicious. They also have some of the best salsa ever and you get a free serving when dining in. My mouth is watering right now thinking about our next trip for lunch. Service is good and they have TV's. We always enjoy ourselves here.

James R.

I wanted a burrito with my wife and son while we were out Christmas tree shopping. There were some Christmas Trees we always drive past on Harding Rd. everytime we head towards Palo Alto to visit the family and we decided to stop there and check the trees out. As soon as we pulled over into the parking lot to check out the trees we saw this burrito restaurant and decided it was time to eat. As soon as we get inside we decide to check out the Yelp reviews of this place since we have never been here. It currently had 3.5 stars so we thought we would leave a review ourselves. Our food hasn't gotten here yet and I have been writing for about 5 min. now. There was one guy ahead of us and one family sitting down with no food, they may have been family members of the owner. Since we have walked in 3 more people have walked in. Currently it is 330pm on a Thursday so I wouldn't imagine much traffic through a restaurant at this time. The restaurant is very clean on the inside and the bathroom has a blow dryer for cleaning your hands which I appreciate. I'm running put of things to say about this place while I wait for my food. 8 min have past how and the group ahead of me has received there food. I cam see the guys cooking the food in the kitchen in the back now and it looks pretty sanitary. The longer I wait, the more hungry I get so my review may be biased. Food just got here! The super burrito is the size of a regular burrito but it tastes good. There's a little bit to much rice in it and not enough meat. 3.5 stars

Jose Enrique Funes

Can't beat taco Tuesday!

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