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410 W A St, Hayward


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Use to come here more frequently when they let you order ahead through Yelp, but ever since they took that off I don't really even try. I really enjoyed their food and boba drinks. I would usually swing by to pick up food on my way home from Chabot. So that I'm coming down A street going towards Business Costco, I've tried going into their parking lot but sometimes they're closed, and it's not like their open sign is ever lit up. So that means I can't even have heads up. For...read full review
From my experience, the inside of the restaurant was quite dull. There weren't really any chairs and tables and the outside of the restaurant was kinda sketchy especially in the area where it's located. When I came here the glass window was FREAKING broken! If your restaurant is damaged and it could be a hazard to someone's health you have to close the restaurant in order to fix it! Food: It wasn't really expensive, but the food was kinda boring like I ordered the banh mi and...read full review

Their Bahn Mi is unfortunately the best that I've had in this area - that's not saying much. It's unfortunate because the interior of this place has that familiar rodent infestation smell....Not good. I am ashamed to say that I've gone back regardless.. my love for Bahn Mi is strong... I have yet to find any droppings in my food in the facility so that's good :)

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