410 W A St, Hayward
(510) 600-3426

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Leanne W.

I miss this place. It had really solid banh mi's and drinks. The price is REALLY good and the bread is perfect.

Anna D.

I miss this place. It had really solid banh mi's and drinks. The price is REALLY good and the bread is perfect.

Amanda C.

Use to come here more frequently when they let you order ahead through Yelp, but ever since they took that off I don't really even try. I really enjoyed their food and boba drinks. I would usually swing by to pick up food on my way home from Chabot. So that I'm coming down A street going towards Business Costco, I've tried going into their parking lot but sometimes they're closed, and it's not like their open sign is ever lit up. So that means I can't even have heads up. For those of you who know A St traffic flow, you know you gotta get out of traffic flow just to get into this place and then you gotta find a gap in the flow so you can get back into it. It's really a shame when you get out of traffic just for no reason . When I use to come to this place before I would've given them a 4.5 Star review, because the food was always good and it was always ready when I got there for pick up, the only bad thing was the traffic. Now it's just a Sad Sad reminder when I'm on my way home on Wednesdays because I don't want to waste my time getting out of traffic and more time waiting to see if this place is open. I hope they can fix their ways or at the very least turn on their open sign, so that people know they're open instead of closed down for good.

Danijoy and Amos Vlog

I love their orea milktea and the chicken wings. But the thing is sometimes they always closed.

Danijoy Lopez

I love their orea milktea and the chicken wings. But the thing is sometimes they always closed.

Robby T.

It would be great if they followed their Yelp hour. I came and they were closed at least two hours early. Too bad for them because I won't be back.

A J.

4.5 Stars - Good food and reasonable prices. My favorite is the S.H.E. , veggie sandwich, and Spring Rolls.

Ellie J.

From my experience, the inside of the restaurant was quite dull. There weren't really any chairs and tables and the outside of the restaurant was kinda sketchy especially in the area where it's located. When I came here the glass window was FREAKING broken! If your restaurant is damaged and it could be a hazard to someone's health you have to close the restaurant in order to fix it! Food: It wasn't really expensive, but the food was kinda boring like I ordered the banh mi and it was like any ordinary boring sandwich. There's nothing wrong with that but what makes me wanna come back there? It's not special at all, and it tastes more of a salad in bread instead of a mix of veggies and meat. Customer service: They weren't slow, but they weren't fast either. It took them a good 20-25 minutes to make my bubble tea and banh mi but HOW!? 20 minutes for a sandwich and drink? Nobody else was there and I could see a lazy worker just going on the phone from the kitchen!

Erin Mitchell

there tea and food is super good but there almost always closed

Kim T.

Great sandwiches but not a fan of their boba drinks... I also like their fish sauce chicken wings - very tasty! My go-to spot whenever I crave for banh mi... definitely beat Lee's!

Adeline Linsday

The food was good and the price are

Jules W.

Their Bahn Mi is unfortunately the best that I've had in this area - that's not saying much. It's unfortunate because the interior of this place has that familiar rodent infestation smell....Not good. I am ashamed to say that I've gone back regardless.. my love for Bahn Mi is strong... I have yet to find any droppings in my food in the facility so that's good :)

Marlon Z.

Ok here is the thing... I love teaster! But there has been two incidents that have made me a little dubious in supporting them, Saturday's they are supposed to be open, however, there has been TWO saturdays already where the establishment remained closed for business with no excuse or reason whatsoever. I usually order online so both transaction went through both time. I go there to pick up my delicious food and to my surprise the place was closed. I feel they need to figure it out, whether they open for business on the saturdays like the POSTED HOURS reflect or they will be losing clientele unfortunately.

Halee Z.

Ordered take out with UberEats. Food was fresh, delicious and plentiful! Got a cold noodle bowl with bbq pork and egg roll and it was authentic Vietnamese and veggies were fresh. Egg roll was flavorful and crispy, bbq pork wasn't dryed out and overcooked. Also order the combo banh mi, also delicious! Bread was crunchy and tasted fresh baked, pate was yummy too. Washed it all down with a strawberry and lychee fruit tea. Will definitely order from here again and would recommend hands down!

Kyma G

I think my wife and I just found our weekly spot.this place is amazing low prices really good food staff was friendly. It's a great clean place to bring the fam

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