The Sister House

21851 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 538-0500

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Jasmine I.

Sooooo good. I think this is the best Korean food in the area, granted there aren't many, but if you don't want to drive too far, this is pretty darn good. I usually get short ribs, spicy pork (which isn't really spicy but super good), and japchae. And yes, they give all the sides (banchan) for to-go orders. Shady location, but so worth it lol.

Tyla N.

I've been here prior covid and the rating for that meal was more like a 2.5 or 3, but I've done take out here during covid and they definitely improved. There is plenty of parking here, and the price is not too bad for lunch or dinner. Korean food in general is on the pricey side so the prices here are average prices for Korean food. My go tos are the Kalbi, the short rib soup (Kalbi tang), and the Banchan (side dishes) are plentiful and pretty fresh. The packaging is good also, because they seal all the side dishes well so it doesn't spill all over your car. Technically, you could parking lot pimp it and just eat in your car LOL. Probably one of the Hayward gems I would recommend when you're in this area.

Adrienne R.

The Sister House is my go-to spot for Korean food.  The food and service is the bomb  We typically order the seafood pancake, tofu spicy beef soup, BBQ combo:  Korean beef, Spicy pork and squid....then all the side appetizers is usually enough for our family of 6.  mmmmm..... I'm craving this just thinking about it

Sophie W.

This place serves up good portions of hearty Korean food! Ordered the:  

Seafood Pancake ($15) - 5/5. So thick and so much seafood.
Mushroom Soondubu ($13) - 3/5. Pretty oily but tastes good when you let it soak into the rice.
Beef Short Rib Soup ($16)

The order came with two takeout containers of rice and a container of banchan. I really liked the generous portions of banchan, and the kimchi pancake was huge. It was really thick and bursting with kimchi and seafood.

I was a bit disappointed that the rice was white rice and not purple rice. The soondubu was too oily for me, but the flavor was good and it tasted fine with rice. My friend said that the short rib soup came pre-salted and pre-peppered (?) and tasted a bit too salty.

The order came to around $50, and I had plenty of leftover banchan and soup for the next day.

Fun T.

Food was good.   Kalbi was tender and delicious.  Seafood Pancake was huge!    Good Banchan.  
Service and owners are so awesome!!

Aron Beck

The place serves large dishes and for affordable rates. very kind employees. Highly recommended.

Angus H.

The bibimbap was so good, especially the sauce made in-house.

Cheap and tasty food!

Taylor S.

I had such a strong craving for Korean cold noodles! Luckily The Sister House offers bibim naengmyun in non-summer months.

Galbi and Bibim Naengmyun Combo: Spicy cold noodle, galbi (short ribs), banchan (sides), rice. Price is $24 if I recall correctly. The pic doesn't give justice to how big the portion size for the naengmyun was. The noodles were nice and chewy. Due to the takeout packaging, it was hard to mix all the sauce in. The sauce was slightly too sweet for my taste, but I enjoyed the dish! 3.5/5 stars. I loved the sides it came with too. The galbi was pretty tender and tasty.

derrick thai

Taste ok nothing special. They jack up the price

Ruby Lam

My go to for Korean food. Legit and price is reasonable.Ordered BBQ combo and seafood pancake. It’s very comforting weekend meal

Lily W.

I am so happy we went here! We are visiting my brother in Hayward and I was craving Korean food. The people were nice. It is one of the best Korean restaurants I've been to. We got the smoky and savory bulgogi and ojingo samgyupsal bokkeum. We loved them both. I love the variety of banchan they provide and the rice was well cooked. Turns out we have to visit more!

June Z.

I really really wanted some korean food after my long hike at lake chabot so i end up finding this place on yelp. placed an order for yuk gae jang, and let me tell u, this completely blow my expectations. I had some bad yuk gae jang at other korean restaurant so my hopes weren't so high for this one as well, but boy did they prove me wrong.
The soup was full of beef flavor and it tasted exactly like the way korean restaurants in korea would make them.

Joel Kim

Got takeout during coronavirus pandemic. Called ahead and food was ready shortly after I arrived. Friendly service and tasty food!

Diana L.

They are open and available for take out. I ordered through their website. Very safe set up outside of their store for pick up.The food was great. They are generous with the ban chan.

Grace L.

I really don't like paying for Bay Area Korean food because I find it overpriced and mediocre. However, I've been really enjoying this place recently in the midst of the pandemic. The taste is authentic (this is coming from a Korean), the price is pretty good for the Bay Area, and they give you really good portions. For example, some Korean restaurants charge $20 for a seafood pancake, but this place only charges $14 and they give you a decent amount.

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