Tomodachi Sushi Bistro Restaurant

24123 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 940-3800

Recent Reviews

Alfonso Barker

One of my preferred places to grab some food. great location, neat, and excellent service. I highly recommend them!

Justin Dowdy

Food was pretty flavorless, prepared quickly and service was fast.

Jeff T.

Avoid this place on holiday like News Year eve,
1 phone busy non stop cant get through
2, grubhub upcharge $3+ per roll
3 walk in order on NYE 75+ min wait at least, imagine delivery longer, ordered at 5:33pm, bagged at 6:46pm
4 under staffed for known busy take out night

Food is good, but they need to better prepared with staff on hand, not a couple employees especially now with everything to go

Sophia C.

It's good!

Dynamite Roll 10/10
- my fav
- fried perfectly !!

Fire and Ice 8/10
- large chunk of fish which was nice value wise but the whole combo wasn't my fav
- still pretty good tho with all the sauces on top

Rainbow Spider Roll 5/10
- don't know why this one wasn't that good
- there wasn't much filling and it was mostly rice

Lion King 8/10
- pretty good because I LOVE salmon
- creamy and very filling!

Raiders Roll 6/10
- I love scallop but this scallop was tough and definitely was frozen and not that good
- it was creamy so it was decent

Out of all the rolls I think the Dynamite roll was my favorite. It was a pretty expensive take out meal ($120+) but it was pretty good! Didn't get a stomachache so I'm assuming it is clean haha.
Wish they gave more ginger! This meal definitely did not fill my family up though :(

Lisa M.

You need to try the Godzilla roll!! The staff here is super fast with your order and friendly.

Ximena E.

This is place is excellent! We love service and quality of food , always fresh and tasty.

Steven T.

First of many visits to come. The sushi was fresh and the food was delicious. Everytime we tried to eat here it was always packed (pre covid). Finally we got in before they filled up (social distance) and now I know why it was always packed. Everything from the soup to the tempura was cooked to perfection. They offer Horigotatsu type of traditional Japanese seating and also have booth / tables available. Since it was our first visit we played it safe and tried the teriyaki chicken and it was delicious. The plates were loaded and filled us up. Thought I'd try a different sushi the 'white dragon' and it was a good choice. If you have a craving for Japanese you have to check this place out.

Blaine Lloyd

I meet with friends this restaurant quite a bit! This is the best place to to have a good dinner. I go there at least once a month. The food is fantastic, the crew is professional and the payment is reasonable. I like meeting in this spot for a rich meal.

John Barkley

Excellent Japanese cuisine I definitely recommend fyi they also have traditional seating..

Royal Newman

The food is regularly fresh and flavorful, staff members hands over good customer service. I like the cleanliness and atmosphere. I highly recommend this spot.

May B.

Delicious food and A good variety of different types of sushi as well as other entrées.  The staff is super friendly too!

Tucker Ramirez

This place is definitely one of the most pleasant place in the area. Always when I go there I am truly pleased. They always keep their very high level service and the highest level of food they offer. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

B Valenzuela

Great spot for delicious sushi. i can say this place does it for me. the service was very welcoming and observant. prices are decent. menu is similar to a restaurant in el paso i liked.

Linda Oliver

I was disappointed with their spicy tuna roll. The tuna roll is one of my favorites, however; this last visit the tuna was not fresh. Normally, this is not a problem.

Ricardo Sales

Great service. Reasonable prices. Good tasting food.

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Tomodachi Sushi Bistro Restaurant

24123 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 940-3800