Why Not

469 W A St, Hayward
(510) 780-0570

Recent Reviews

Alvaro Torres


anime lord

Love this place


Love it...

james price

Good bar experience happy polite bartender very attentive and and fast service

Monique Salazar

Welcoming people and Comfortable!


Love it...

Mariano Montejano

Nice place friendly r

Patrick S.

I'd been going by this place forever and finally went in. The bartender was very friendly. Played pool for free. Good time.

Jack Black

Great bartenders. Nice clientele. Awesome pool table. Decent parking. Good security.

Matt Cousins

This dive bar is exactly what I was looking for. It's safe ... but seedy.... my kinda people...

Dawn C.

The pretty black bartender is a thief! There is no way a single Corona and a single shotnof Patron Silver should cost me $18. After ordering I put my cash on the bar next to my drinks waiting for her to come collect payment. I used to bartender myself, andbi have been a customer and many, many bars. She took all of my cash, 2 fives and 8 ones, while ignoring me asking how much owed her. I saw her count the bills a few times by the register, and drop some of it in her tip jar before putting the rest in the cash drawer. And she ignored my additional attempts at asking her how much my drinks were. Now to a point I understand why she did what she did. I remember when I bartender at a Mexican bar ages ago that the customers didn't tip well. I figured it was a cultural thing. I noticed the better the English the better the tip. My theory was that those that had learned english had also learned the customs, like tipping. And since this Why Not seems to have primarily Spanish speaking customers so she probably isn't used to getting much in tips. But they does not excuse her flat out stealing my money like she did.

Tony Quarry

Not a good place for gringo's

Ron Linares

It's fun great people

jam pri

Good bar experience happy polite bartender very attentive and and fast service

Gilford S.

Hmmmm, I'm goin four stars. We were specifically looking for a dive bar on the way to OAK and from the outside this place looked super divey. Inside it was only medium divey. Very hispanic flavor. Five dollar Mexican beers, loads of tequila brands. The best part was that the owner fires up the grill on Sunday and you get free tacos carne! So my buddy gets on his plane after two tequilas, two pacificos, and three loaded steak tacos (nice guac) for less than $20. That's decent value... yes a few patrons looked out of it but no biggie IMO.

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