Yummy Chinese Restaurant

1160 W Tennyson Rd, Hayward
(510) 783-1886

Recent Reviews

Wendy G.

What an amazing place! Highly, highly recommended. This was my first time eating here. Placed my order online and it was ready very quick. When i got home, O M G !! I was in disbelief in how delicious the food looked. The smell was amazing. I took the food out of the bags and amazing packaging! Amazing! Brilliant idea of placing cardboard in between each plate. Amazing. The portion size, my blowing. Just amazing how they serve each order. We were all very much pleased with the taste. Very well seasoned food. Im picky when it comes to my Chinese food as i worked for many years for a Chinese restaurant and nothing i would eat, would comes close to them. I finally found a place that did. Bravo!!! Do not ever change anything of what i saw and tasted today. I will be coming back. Just delicious overall and they staff was all so friendly when i got there and when i order was ready. Bravo!!!!!Thank you all.

Emerald M.

This is the best Chinese food I had in the east bay. You will not be disappointed!! Always on time and the Togo orders are very organized! Thank you

Alysa Stanford

First time here. The amount of meat they give is generous. Reasonably priced. Food was ready quickly. Seemed clean. Food was cooked thoroughly. Portion sizes made 3 meals for me. Very happy!!!!

Pedro T.

Do not come to yummy restaurant, they serve you dead flies and blame it on the weather being " to hot" as to why there is a DEAD fly in your food . Called back for money back and they said the most they could do is exchange it? Smh

Dawood K.

My parents have been business owners in the same place for over 30 years. Every single one of those years it's been yummy and the warm hearted people who work there that's kept us fed during those busy hours. It's been yummy that just kinda knows to walk over our order when we needed it. We love these people and this restaurant. Here's why you should;- thick noodled chowmein. All of them. Amazing.- broccoli and beef!? Cmon cuhhh.. it's the freaking best- and all those other American style Chinese food stuff that we love. - yes they do have authentic type flavors but we go there for the classics. Never lets us down.

Bill N.

This place has been my favorite Chinese shop in all of Hayward for the last 20 years. If you want a good cheap lunch that will fill you up all the way with leftovers, then look no further. They have amazing Beef and Broccoli with fried rice! There monogloian beef is great as well as kung pao chicken. Try all their different lunch options! Worth every penny.

Nuncio P.

They were closed for a while, I know since I called so many times hoping to order their pork fried rice, or chicken and broccoli with an order of white rice, or even their amazing pot stickers but when they finally opened again all that plus more were on my first delivery from them. They pack their food so well and the owners are beyond friendly I always get a greeting when I call and they recognize my address! Wonderful people amazing workers and the food is astounding

Anna N.

I miss Yummy; fortunately you can still order Yummy to go and catering. Yummy's catering does not disappoint--the servings are huge, well priced and the food is absolutely delicious. Yummy's food is delicious, authentic and great value.

John W.

Standard fare here. The food was pretty good. We ordered the usual line-up, pork fried rice,chicken chow mein,salt and pepper fried pork,fish nuggets with veggies,crispy fried chicken however the crispy fried chicken was a little dry and mongoloian beef. The location is not the greatest, but the food is good. So you may want to opt for home delivery.

Lanmi M.

This place is amazing in all aspects! First off food is delicious! They have large portions and great deals and everything is super fresh. What makes this place the best though is SUE!!! She gives the absolutely best service! She remembers EVERYONE and even remembers everyone's order. I totally thought it was just me and I was special but came to realize, she gives everyone that extra special attention! Such a rare find these days. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to show Yummy some love! Sue and her crew definitely got that yummy, yum, That yummy, yum, yeah, That yummy, yummy!!!

Davis J.

This is the best Chinese food spot place in Hayward!! There customer service is the best and they are very quick to greet you upon arrival!! They are fast and efficient in delivering the food!!


Went there three times to eat, I will say Yummy Chinese Restaurant is the best place I have ever been to. We need a sister location in Los Angeles. I highly recomend this restaurant to all. Good customer service, great atmosphere and the food is even better.

Janice C.

Great food, good service and you really get your money's worth as far as portion size. My go to for Chinese food in Hayward for sure. Tried a lot of different spots and the others are not as flavorful and customer service here is the best!

Sandra C.

I love their sizzling chicken rice soup. The food is really good. I at least go 2 a month. The employees are friendly and nice. I been going there for years and I will definitely reccomend it.

Joel A.

This joint is hiding something delicious and I just found out what their No.11 selling dish over every dish they sell here and the owners told me: it's their Beef Stew! Me my sister & brother in law came here tonight because one of my other sister's dish recommendations of their Beef Stew. We got in and my B.I.L. proceeded to order. We got the combination chow mein combination wonton soup a bowl of steam rice and their specialty...the Beef Stew. It's been 4 years since all of us ate here and we never knew about their beef stew until my other sister mentioned it. Good thing because I made a decision to eat here from now on if I'm craving beef stew because it's really delicious & plenty::one order can feed 4 HUNGRY people sans the steam rice! We didn't finished the meal for we're all seniors and we can't eat the same volume when we're in our 20's so we got doggy bags. The bill was somewhere around $50.00 including tax & tip...No Bad and the food Phenomenal!!!. I think that there are Chinese restaurants that are EXCEPTIONAL and this is one of them! A hidden gem in the middle of downtown South Hayward in the border of Union City. I'll come back here solely for their Beef Stew....And Yeah, it's THAT GOOD!

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