Del Taco

3100 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 925-0318

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I've been to this location many times and the food is always inconsistent. Most of the time they get my order wrong in the drive thru and the ice In my ice tee is always melted away before i get home. I guess its because its fresh brewed and it's always hot. Guess they missed the point of iced tee. Ohh and the wait times are usually really long too. If I were you I'd skip this location unless you like to gamble lol.

Venesha Gonzales

These guys and dolls are the best del taco crew in existence. You can count on their accuracy and consistency. They are courteous and helpful.

Julio Rojas

Food is always good. Order was correct. Long time in drive thru

Joseph Plumb

Unlike some Del Tacos, this location is quite nice. It's fast, and it's clean.

Joseph Daly

Great way to burn time. Been in the drive thru for 30 minutes and still haven’t even had a chance to order food yet. Happens all the time. It’s my fault for thinking Management would have figured out by now how to schedule enough employees to cover a Friday night.

Shawnasi Spatola

If you are looking for healthier, fresher fast food options Del Taco is a great option. The whole family loves it. From the tacos, to burritos, shakes are amazing and oh I love the fries!!! This is by far one of the best places to go for a refreshing fast meal. It does get busy at regular lunch and dinner times so if your flexible or don't mind a wait that's good. My advice though don't use the restrooms, they are unisex and can get well grungy.

April Valencia

I love this Del Taco on Florida n Sanderson. My food is fresh. Not skippy in any of the products! Yet many Taco Bell items that I pay double for I can get for $.79 n be more filling than matching items. The Sam with the value menu's. Go Del Taco n the Management great job.

John Porter

I used to live in Alabama, and there all we had were taco bells. When i moved here back in September of 2018 i tried Del taco.for the first time and was amazed. Ive not eaten at taco bell since i discovered Del taco. The food is so much better than taco bell, even the cheese burger is great! Not unreasonably priced and the food served is good portion sizes. Needless to say i will not eat at a taco bell again as long as there is a Del taco around!

Craig Pogas

I drove the vehicle through. Stopped at the speaker. Told the voice items I wanted.toconsume. drove to the window. Exchaged currency for consumables. Drove into parking area. At which time. I proceeded to.ingest those prior mentioned consumables. After which. I proceeded to tell you about this joyous event... Interesting. RIGHT??? What do I do to relinquish the answer to your question over to you ( how do I send)????

Colene Pefley

I love Del Taco, but the service can be slow here (in drive thru). Could be because it is so busy. They have a really great manager that works nights, can't remember her name, but she works fast, is very polite, and make sure everything is correct.

Jeffrey Lee

My burger tasted like a dirty grill kind of like metal and I always love del taco


It was good as always I ordered the number 9 and a combo burrito and tacos they were all delicious

Tangerine Duncan

They advertise we take EBT but don't tell you there is machine is broken until after you order . And they don't know how to make a 1/2 pound burrito!,

david ugarte

Del Taco always has good food and prompt service and the people there are very courteous would like to be in tons of shows and movies

Sondra Gage

Del Taco. On San jacinto Ave, has great service in the morning. This lady, By the name of Lisa, is very pleasant and professional.their isn't a time I have visited this site. She was unpleasant. Myself and many others has spoke of this woman. Her energy is amazing. The Evening shift. Their are sisters whom look as if they're twins. Very pleasant never unpleasant.

Bren Penn

Horrible.... 1 green burrito and 2 meat Quesadillas. Took 1 bite of the burrito (all flour --and that is because the manager forgot to fold the bottom of the burrito, when she made it) everything came out of the bottom all over --ruined my clothes, biggest burning hot mess ever. Had to take my clothes completely off in the bathroom to clean them and then people looked at me like

Keith Casey

Food was good. Service was excellent. But at the time we were in there, a group of homeless came in. Nothing against homeless, but personal hygiene was not their strong suit. When it changes the flavor of the food your eating, that's when I draw the line.

Heart Hahn

I had one of the best Chicken Salads I've ever had. It advertised bacon and avocado but I changed it. They held the bacon and put a scoop of taco meat on. I also love the avocados they serve so I asked them to double it. The servers are so helpful!

Anthony Gonzalez

Always freshly prepared, just like it says on the sign. Although there is a couple of things that don't really make sense : 1. The sign that says when a product was made or prepared, is often out of date ( these tomatoes were freshly prepared by Diana on 10/01/18 ) and today's date is 11/23/18.


Who knew this place had such a delicious burrito with beans and rice sides.The beans are not so good, but the rice with fresh salsa is tasty. The chicken stuffed tortilla is very large and tender. The chile verde sauce is so delightful and abundant. We really enjoy this upgraded offering at a reasonable price. Two for one coupons come up - you really should try this one.

Del Taco

3100 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545