Del Taco

3100 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 925-0318

Recent Reviews

Sandra Miller

Always fresh and tasty for a fast food restaurant. Polite staff and fast service.

David Smith

It was alright. The bacon double del was on point, very good. The fries weren't great and they should do a better job keeping the taco meat hot.

greg webb

Went there in the middle of the night for munchies. Recieved great service. And my order was correct.(rare)

Sierrah Halley

For a Del Taco, it was a good visit. Place was rather clean, food was fresh, and Rigo's customer service was on point. Thank u sir, for making Del taco better!

DiaJea W

The food was yummy. However they left out a huge part of our order. By the time we got home, it was too cold and late to go back out. Hopefilly they will resolve this issue today, since we did call last night and told them.

Toni L.

Today I ordered an EPIC CALI STEAK AND GUAC Burrito. It sounds good, but I opened it up and it had a large handful of FRIES inside. If I wanted Fries, I would have ordered them. So, who's idea is this? Is this how you get rid of your old fries? GROSS! You can do better than that, Del Taco! Is it time for me to switch back to TACO BELL?

joey padilla

Food was dry and burnt. And spent over $20 and ask for hot sauce and they were so kind to give me 4 packets. Saving pennies I guess.

Matthew Brown

Use the del app on my visit. Love the 2 for $3.00 del tacos. Spent $3.13 after coupons it was nice to save money and have a meal from it.

Serena Landin

Great quality of ingredients. Kind staff, food was delicious hot and made to order, With haste.

Alaina Freeman

The drive thru took longer than expected. But they were nice and it was overall a good experience.

Stacey Vincent

I can honestly say that I was truly impressed with not only the speed of service, the engagement of the cashier, as well as my overall experience in my very few minutes at this restaurant, which was nothing short of Amazing.

Cynthia Wright

Went through drive-thru e/t was right and quick.. Food was great...

Kd Thomas

Great services Christmas night. Everyone was polite and helpful the food was perfect.

Rosa Jensen

I ordered food & when I got to the window to pick up the food I asked for a cup of hot water with a lemon because I had just left Urgent Care in Hemet & I was coughing so hard the lady could hardly understand & kept repeating herself asking what I was saying I was diagnosed with bronchitis so warm water & lemon would help a lot some guy in the back told her to charge me $1.09 I ordered food for goodness sake why should I have to pay for water just because it's hot ???? That was so rude & unkiny

Annette M.

Bj is great always takes care of me an my family an always makes sure the food is fresh!!!! I know when I come to this place I always get my food fresh an always great customer service from everyone who works here!!!

Jasmin H.

This place a freaken disgusting . We go in so dirty ! There's someone standing in front that is not an employee standing in front talking to the works and handing me my food ! Wtf ! Ewww ! The food did not taste FRESH AT ALL ! I feel sick to my stomach right ! I wish I could put 0 starts!

Mary S.

They don't seem to care what they throw together and hand to you. Even the french fries lately have always been old, hard and very cold. I will use the Dell taco on the other side of town from now on I won't go here again

Kordell Jackson

Pretty up to part an I don't really like the one on Florida and Sanderson but this time they made it right I like the snackers bold an they usually f*** it up but this time was great

C Lowe

Always a favorite when I get hungry! Ordered a wide range of food (tacos, burritos, and desserts) and it was delicious! There are other restaurants that would have satiated my hunger, but this was the least expensive.

Sarah Hill

Order 3 items, only received 2 out of the 3. Didn't receive a receipt of my order & just disappointed for the simple fact that I waited awhile in line and at window. Would have gone back to get the last item but was running late for something.

Vicky Doran

Our Fav! fast food! Love their $1 half-pound bean and cheese Burritos! We have them add cilantro and onions a extra green sauce! So yummy! And the Del Taco dollar mini- shakes are sooo good! Yep, we're cheap!

freedom rv.

Tacos were made so sloppy and broken and wrap like it was the last day to open my lunch was bad.They need to pay more attention in how they make this tacos is not that hard when u know what ur doing.If we don't complain is never corrected it takes one time to make it right. PAY ATTENTION MANAGEMENT.

Christopher Ybarra

I like to use the survey coupons with the by one get one free if you do use the coupon at the point of sale before they give you the other for free,they have to charge you first for two tacos anything over three dollars I use the survey coupon and get a dollar off then they take off the other by minusing it from the register,fo4 by one get one huh

Marie H.

It really should not take 30 minutes Anna drive through to get a taco from Del Taco. Who works here is over 60 years old and that may be why it takes so long.

Gabriel Trevino

Man. It was good, too good, making me suspicious now... hmmm what was in that sauce

Diana R.

What kind of fast food crummy joint locks alll the bathrooms?!!!!will I spend my money here ever? No bathrooms equals no business.Its 8 P.M. here so please lock the bathroom!

Victoria Joncas

I do not care for Del Taco. However my husband likes Del Taco food. This is the first time we have been to this particular Del Taco. I do have to say the older lady at the drive thru was very nice and super friendly. The food was just okay. My husband had a burrito and I had a hard taco. My husband only eat half the burrito and through the other half away. My taco completely broke apart at the bottom. I had to eat my taco like nachos.

Nicole Rae Valencia

My gluten-free husband and I, vegetarian foodies always looking for something new to eat, tried the Beyond tacos meal for dinner

T. Westley

What can you say taco Tuesdays and Thursdays cheap food tasty when you're hungry and the drive-thru is relatively fast. Half pound green burritos Rock at all locations

Valencia Game Den

The Beyond Tacos and fries are gluten free and were great. Good service and clean overall.

traci schwyzer

It's del taco. You've been there. It's fine.

Alba Corral

They have really good food but the avocado they give for almost a dollar is so dumb just 2 little slices come on del taco your better an that but just try the beef burrito it's really good in some restaurants.


Ok I’m not spending my hard earned money at the del tabo that locks their bathrooms at 9 pm!Who foes that?

Ronald M.

I live in Redlands California and I'm a market manager checking out the Hemet area I decided to go to Del Taco to have lunch and at the cash register I met this nice lady her name was Chanice she was very polite she had a big smile and she was very professional for now on when I do come to him and I will come to this location because of her I recommend she receives a raise.

Kim James

Great service, good food, heathly choices, variety of drinks. Friendly employees. Awesome managers that give refunds if not satisfied. Nice and cool inside during summer.

Randy Howie

Good food. Low price. Best strawberry shakes of all the fast-food restaurants.

Ruel Ruchi

Its del taco. What more do you need to know. The service is ok. Place is mostly clean. Service is friendly. Tried the meatless option and wasn't really impressed by the flavor.

Chris W.

I have been going to this Del Taco for the last 8 years and have always had great service and food. However, this review is for yesterday. I ordered two regular hard shelled tacos and a drink to go. When I got home and opened my meal, I was upset and disappointed. The tacos had less then a half inch of meat in each, a few shreds of lettuce and a very small amount of cheese. Fully 3/4 of the taco was bare and what I wound up with was mostly shell. This has never happened to me before. I will not get tacos from your drive through again.

Chuck F.

I'm rating this as a del taco. I expect everyone knows what a del taco is, a fast food place. I went here two times recently. No complaints. The first time the girl was pressured to make her time and reflected that. The second time the lady didn't talk much but worked really fast. I assume management is hounding down on them. Since it's Hemet I imagine at night you might get a variety of people.. but I usually don't hangout at fast food place at night to know.

Angela H.

Been there two times and both times my dads burger was pink in the middle! We've called the both times but this time the cashier had said that it was supposed to be pink in the middle... since when!? So disappointing