Jack In The Box

3111 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 766-8890

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Phillip Evans

There was something different with the texture of the milkshakes and they tried to deny it. The tables were dirty. One customer took 90 years to order one sandwich.

Frank Jones

Not the cleanest restaurant in town but they do serve you fresh cooked meal quickly.

Yolanda Bowers

Nice and clean & you pay first sit down and they bring your food to you!

Patty Pennison

Love #24 meat lovers burrito combo💕😁

Roxanne Miller

Did not like having to park to wait for our order. It was not very busy today we had no one behind us and yet they still made us park to wait for 2 measly jumbo Jack's and frys it cant take that long to cook them. On top of that we specifically asked for no pickles and tomatoes and still got them.

Charly Mendez

When I am at work, this is my local Jack. Good service and the dining room is always clean. I haven't used the restroom, but I am gonna guess that they are well kept since the dining room looks very clean. The A/C inside feels great too especially with summer being just around the bend. Of course, what is there to say about the food, EXCELLENT! Jack in the Box is great for any foodie call at any time of the day or night.

Rebecca Rogers

Jack in the box is one of my favorite fast food places, sadly, I won’t be returning to this location. My husband picked up my usual order from this location & my chicken sandwhich was undercooked as well as my spicy chicken strips. I took a bite into a raw chicken strip & almost vomited.

Danny Moore

Man crazy stuff here I drove all around to look for a place to eat this morning before the gym there was really nothing open because it was like 930 so I saw the Jack-in-the-Box and I figured I could still eat healthy if I go there get some fries and a triple burger and just eat the meat in the middle without the bun but when I went in there and sat down and was waiting for my food I got swarmed by like five flies and I’m not really worried about a little fly but when they just keep swarming you and swarming you and you’re going to eat your food not cool so just some constructive criticism in do something about your guises fly problem you guys are a very good business in a good location step up your game come on ✅💯☝️

RedBlaze Rametes

What can I say it's Jack in the box. It's always pretty good! They always cook their food when you order it, so I definitely gotta give it a solid 3.

Mack T

Decent food. Fair prices. Plus they have the multi flavor coke machine.

Destane Chess

Great staff and the food was pretty great. I ate inside and the tables were nice and clean, thankfully. Overall this was a nice experience.

Carla Cogswell

I eat here very rarely and today when I ordered the fish sandwich, I forgot to ask for extra tartar, so when they gave me the food at the window, I asked for extra tartar on the side and they refuse to give it to me.

Francisco Limon

Good place dont mess up my food but for some reason they always rush me off with orders and forgot one drink so far it's been 3/5 times where I've haven't gotten one drink with my order

Catherine Love

Typical jack in the box fare. Word of warning tho, it's not well placed for easy access and when exiting be careful of through traffic in the parking lot.. It's dangerous.

Don Moser

We always go there and the service is great. Would Recommend the jack-in-a-box on Sanderson and Florida to everyone

Joe Pedroza

Love the Jumbo Jack's. The sourdough Jacks are good too. Jack in the box seems like a more calmer environment. McDonald's tends to get a little rowdy and LOUD. Oh watch out you don't step on anyone when your leaving Mickey D's if you know what I mean.

Michael Kellner

Pictures of food look better than the food they serve. Typical Fast food joint. X

Tanisha Khan

First time at this Jack in the Box went to the drive-thru lady at the window was rue I ask for extra hot sauce she threw it in my hand manager came to the window got smart with me then they gave me curly fries with about five in them and didn't want to give me no more luckily my daughter got everything recorded I'm calling corporate cuz I believe they did that because I'm black I will never go here again

Eric H

Good Jack in the box. They have been getting my order right lately. Nice Jacks to have a quick bite to eat and the drive through moves pretty fast ,usually. Not so packed you go somewhere else. And the bathroom was clean last time I was there. They received 4 stars but to their defence, I don't think I've been to a five star Jack's.


A review of Jack's? This one is, in my experience of many, a franchise location that you will expect. I like 'em.

Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

3111 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545