Jack In The Box

3111 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 766-8890

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Gabriela Smith

I usually love this jack but today was just not good... Service was good but the food ??... Not happy at all, they forgot my daughters food and my salad had frozen chicken it wasn't even the grilled fresh chicken I get when I go there and it had so much cheese. Not in the pic cause I took most of it off they also forgot the sides that come with the salad. So unhappy with this place right now ?

Jim Davis

Always great food, fast service and great prices.

Bonnie Jennings

I love Jack in the box. I can always count on them to be open. I love their chicken teriaki bowls.

Eilene Mendez

Because I am partial to Jack'n'Box my first job in life and Yes he did pop out of the box just like toy I had when I was a child - PEACE TO ALL & JACK

Dj Kautiouz

Customer service was great. The gentleman that helped us was friendly and kind.

sandra estrada

They do not know how to take the order ride we ask for two number seven and we got one then they have a chargers for the other one then it took a whole long time just to give us the second order sorry about this complaint

Ronald Leighton

Just had the patty melt combo...not bad...its been a while since I had a patty melt and this hit the craving spot well.

Pamela Carter

We have now gone to this location twice and KQ ranch twice. We love it! Clean bathrooms, staff have been overly down to earth friendly, bathrooms clean. Absolutley love our investment.

Angelina Perez

I just picked up breakfast and it was one of the worst breakfasts I have had there. I don't normally complain but the last time I went into this Jack's it was dirt as well. I'm not sure if there is a new cook but the hashbrowns were inedible and the sandwichs were made sloppy. One sandwich had sausage when that sandwich didn't come with it and one had no cheese and it was suppose to have it. We are disappointed we were in Walmart and passed on McDonald's and drove to Jack in the box to be let down.

Craig C.

Normally this is the best Jack in the box in town, however this time this location was the worst. I know the owner owns the one in East Hemet as well. I was there two days ago and they kept forgetting my napkins and everything else. But this one is usually pretty good until today. I pre-ordered on the app, and went to go pick it up to the drive-thru. I only have the use of one arm I told him that, they handed me my meal and drink. Upon getting my hash brown it was completely covered in grease not only did it go through a little bag would have went to the main bag, and was completely soggy and soft. This tells me that either the grease was old,or they tried cooking it frozen and didn't finish. I want to take a drink the lid popped off and got all over my brand new shirt. Which made me had to go home and change my shirt and my pants which I was already a late for an appointment which is why I pre-ordered. I should suing for being burnt too but well that's not a go for now. Very disappointed in this location today might have to start going to Sonic or elsewhere, this is something I would expect out of the East Florida location they're constantly screwing up.


I asked for Fresh fries with my meal. I said I will wait because u wanted them Fresh. Instead I got old cold fries. I was in line like 15 to 20 minutes to get cold old fries. Disgusted customer.

Ronald kinzanza

Posted hours is in conflict with Managers verbal hours in violations of business and professional code. I got there at 1:12 am placed an order and manager got in the inter-con stated that she is closed. I got boxed in between 5 cars in the front. 5 back of me. I have sugar medical issues and i could not get out . I reported the incident to Corporate Office. issue was over looked. A week later I returned"girl'at the window was RUDE in retaliation because i registered a complaint and i was given a "cold " order No.30. I also wanted to split credit card payment due to lack of funds, Manager refused to accept transaction forcing me to use one credit card. I read all of the negative reviews and it is clear to me that Jack in the Box at 3111 Florida ave. Has a Managerial problem and poor services. I STOP GOING THERE.

Michael Morell

24 hour. Nice and quick. Drive-thru moves fast

Sharon B.

Won't be back hair in fries and side salad. They need to clean up their act. Made me feel sickWhat else is wrong with that place

Teri Martinez

Jumbo platter yummy good ☕??

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