Jack In The Box

3111 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 766-8890

Recent Reviews

Kurtis L.

Went here for dinner around midnight and we tried to use a coupon and they said "we do not except coupons". Then she said this Jack in the Box is privately owned and the coupons are a corporate thing. So just a FYI, go to the other Jack in the crack on the other side of town. They do except coupons..

William S.

Had lunch my burger was very dry and over cooked. A lot of the tables were dirty and needed cleaning. Will not be going back.

Petrina Jaye

The service is good & staff is friendly but the homeless take the bathrooms over

Dru R.

Absolutely the slowest service I ever had. There's nobody in line and I've been waiting here for 20 minutes. Add 2 cups of coffee

Gary Greenleaf

I've walked in and driven through a few time, don't live in area but friend does. Service has always been good, all shifts. It's always been clean and looking good inside. Food is done well and seems faster than other fast food places. I like them almost as much as the one down the street from my home at Bundy and I15.

Milly Paulson

The fish sandwich is always welcome. Hard to find a good fast food fish sandwich.

Jimmy Warner

Really good Double Fish sandwich.. It's a new item.. First time ever eating here.. Came to California to visit my son that got special liberty to leave Marine base so hitting some food places in our journey.

April Kay

I like J n the box. The best meal is the teriyaki bowl!

Alex Aguado

Cool staff had my food nice and hot. What else could you ask for at a fast food place

Sharron Miller

They make my breakfast burrito at any time and it was delicious and all the staff is professional

Snow Bunny

Very nice . Brought food to our table but forgot sauce for egg rolls plus no salt on fries .

Maria Lemus

I ordered through door dash. I was missing an item. No straws were included,no ketchup, no bbq,no receipt. I also ordered no ice on my drinks and they had plenty of ice. I called and they told me they didn't have that order. They blamed it on the person from door dash. If possible I would have given them no stars.

Trevor Davies

This place has us pull forward and park no matter if they are busy or slow. I'm convinced they do this to reset the timer in the drive thru.. well tonight they gave us our food and not everything was in the bag. It's frustrating having to go back for your food. Management should have given us something for the inconvenience.

Alyssa H.

Food was good; com here often. I think the lady who took my order was Sarah When got to window food came out fast. Great service; will be back for sure. Thank you guys

Carin Duncan

They have new tacos that are $1 any very flavorful

Lynwood Richardson

Lady took my order right most fast foods I eat there my orders are always wrong. Now I only grub at jack in the box at Florida closet to Sanderson...?

Rebecca Harris

The Best food and prices. My favorite fast foods for many year's .

TeeCee N.

Jesse made our experience awesome , best jack in the box ever. HE NEEDS A PROMOTION OR A RAISE ASAP !!!

Michael Luther

Today was a good experience at Jack in the box. The restaurant team was on their A-Game. Best day yet.

russell hughes

Good late night place to eat at. Always fast and courteous

Gloria Magana

They really do have a great staff at this location I definitely recommended

Robert Mattorano

Jack in the Box in Hemet, CA located on W Florida Avenue their customer service and food is always great!

Rosemary Welch

This is a very clean and pleasant Jack in the Box. Service is good, food was hot and tasty, bathrooms were clean and wheelchair accessible, and the employees were very nice. They actually brought the food to us!

Janean Benner

Don't know why, but sometimes I just crave the 2 tacos for $1. Really wish Jack would make its way to Raleigh, NC!

David Costar

This place was great food was hot the service was really great. Staff is very good at what they do. You have really good people working for you KEEP UP the good work will be back soon.

tom toste

It was clean, the workers were courteous and efficient. They brought our order to our table and asked if we needed anything else. The workers greeted us in at our arrival and thanked us on our departure. The crew worked well together and were upbeat and attentive to their customers. This atmosphere will make me a return customer to this franchise. I was thoroughly impressed, which is not easily done.

Stephen Hacker

The chicken sandwich was good!! Plus nobody was shot or beaten up over it.😂😜😉

Marc Richard

Didn't get everything that I ordered. But that's okay. Still a good deal for the food that you get. Staff is friendly.

Jorge Lopez

Food is always fresh. Just kinda frustrated how long the drive thru takes. But in the plus side the food is fresh👌

Dave D.

Staff was great. Food was very good. Love the assortment of drinks from the self serve machine.


The food can use a great turn around however, the customer service we recieved by the young lady was outstanding

Karen Raquel Seipp

very unprofessional worst fast food chain I have ever been to. the people are so rude and disgusting I was called vulgar names by the store manager sonia (which I have on video btw). I called the headquarters they replied they would be calling me tomorrow to take down a report. very slow service, people are trashy, and really speaks bad about management. the corporation, and the district manager for hiring such trash.

Sherry S.

9 times out of 10, I am asked to pull foward, park, and wait for someone to bring my food out. I'm not ordering large amounts of food, or difficult food. It's really irritating.

Phillip Evans

There was something different with the texture of the milkshakes and they tried to deny it. The tables were dirty. One customer took 90 years to order one sandwich.

Frank Jones

Not the cleanest restaurant in town but they do serve you fresh cooked meal quickly.

Yolanda Bowers

Nice and clean & you pay first sit down and they bring your food to you!

Patty Pennison

Love #24 meat lovers burrito combo💕😁

Roxanne Miller

Did not like having to park to wait for our order. It was not very busy today we had no one behind us and yet they still made us park to wait for 2 measly jumbo Jack's and frys it cant take that long to cook them. On top of that we specifically asked for no pickles and tomatoes and still got them.

Charly Mendez

When I am at work, this is my local Jack. Good service and the dining room is always clean. I haven't used the restroom, but I am gonna guess that they are well kept since the dining room looks very clean. The A/C inside feels great too especially with summer being just around the bend. Of course, what is there to say about the food, EXCELLENT! Jack in the Box is great for any foodie call at any time of the day or night.

Rebecca Rogers

Jack in the box is one of my favorite fast food places, sadly, I won’t be returning to this location. My husband picked up my usual order from this location & my chicken sandwhich was undercooked as well as my spicy chicken strips. I took a bite into a raw chicken strip & almost vomited.