Jennie's Donuts

3228 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 658-7600

Recent Reviews

Tabatha Bond

If your going to wear gloves you should probably change them in between clients and after dealing with money!!!! I dont get why that is soo hard to understand. It blows my mind what they did in front of people. I can only imagine what they do in the back.


Great freakin donuts! My dad's favorite donut shop in the world! They have excellent cinnamon rolls!

Diana Maldonado

Jennie's donuts are delicious an I will always go back to buy some.

James Roth

Great doughnuts! And a good selection too!

Patti Ury

Great donuts, everytime!

Linda Barfoot

When my sugar cravings are uncontrollable l go to Jennie's for my donut fix. I usually buy 2 glazed twists, a bear claw, 2 chocolate bars & 2 glaze donuts...ALL for me. SO GOOD!!

Mia Green

Love the donuts here?

Derrick K.

Showed up around 5am and the doors were locked. No one behind the counter cared to acknowledge us until we were leaving. They were keeping the doors locked because of the homeless man siting outside. I get it, but come on it's cold and you don't need to lock the door in fear of him. Def won't go here for my cravings.

Marla Terrell

Great donuts, owners very nice and helpful


Had a few rude older customers who complained whenever new customers would open the door...

Annette Medina

Love it, The donuts, coffee, boboa's taste great,

Rodney D.

I love this place. Donuts are my favorite and they know exactly how to make the freshest tasting donuts I ever had. In addition, their specialty items are bomb too.

Claudia J Williams

This place is the best!!!! Fresh bake donuts. The owners are super nice and helpful. So good

Jesse M Bowman

Fantastic people who are Vietnamese.

Brena Evans Lathan

Fresh donuts! This feels like a hidden secret because it’s hard to find with the construction going on for another 6 months but worth the venture!

Rev. Derek Payne

Love this place. Try the apple fritter

Cassie Maymon

I love this place so much only thing I honestly wish... That the ppl there spoke better english

Reverend Derek Payne

Love this place. Try the apple fritter

Cynthia Smith


Raymond A.

I have been to all the donut shops in hemet and this one is by far the best & the freshest made donuts.

Jacob Collin

Very good donuts, melt in your mouth!

Liam Morgan

So fresh and delicious!

David Morales

Delicious Donuts,friendly service .My personal favorite is Ham and Cheese Crosaint with White Chocolate Cappuccino.Great selection Donuts and Beverages.

Joseph Wilson

Love this place ! Will come again.

Jennifer Anderson

Great donuts and coffee!

Mateo Martinez

First place I can get hot donuts, very good!

Sofia Gonzalez

Nice place and best donuts in town!

Jake Smith

So delicious donuts !!

jrox 420

Best doughnuts in town! Best price also!

Martina Gomez

Fresh donuts , excellent service

Rachelle A.

These donuts are best I have tasted in town. The owners are very nice and customer friendly. Most importantly the donuts are very fresh and great tasting. Hours of operation are nice as well .

Michael B.

I know it's hard to mess up donuts BUT these are some pretty amazing donuts! Love this place!

Jesus E.

The donuts were amazing! Do not go based off of the reviews as they only state their inability to speak proper English. That had nothing to do with how delicious the chocolate donuts with chocolate chips were

Evelynn A.

The donuts were great, and the employees were very kind. I was going to go based off the reviews, but as I was reading more and more of them, all the bad reviews seemed to be about the language barrier and not the donuts themselves. However, this was not an issue as they were all polite. I would definitely recommend.

David B.

I've never had a problem with them at all. Before 11 am the donuts melt in your mouth. It's clean and I've never noticed any rudeness. All good.

Bernadette C.

Great donuts and boba drinks. Recommend the Honeydew and Watermelon Boba. The service was friendly.

Francesca D.

Old school croissants with the melty cheese for the ham and cheese. However, there is a language barrier with the older lady. Place could be more organized, cleaner. Definitely has a regular following though

Amy M.

Worst place ever I'm never coming to this dounut shop ever again The old lady doesn't understand a word you say and the old man is in his own world laughing at I don't know what And they forgot my drink that I asked for

Jacqueline Romero

I was excited to find a donut shop w coffee open that early with reviews that reputed great coffee. Well different story when i showed up.It Wasnt open on time & the coffee was not very good( watered down)...& good Lord it was Expensive... $1 for Refills, for crappy coffee. Never Again... I will wait for decent coffee thanx...

jeremy lemont

By far the best donut's in Hemet. I love me some donuts and when I bit into the donut it was like biting a cloud so fluffy. Very fresh.