Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2901 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 652-7513

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Jerry Martin

The next time they get my order right will be the first time. Ordered two meals with a breast and a thigh and got one with a breast and a drumstick and the other with a thighs and a drumstick. Stuff like this happens a lot. The manager at the Hemet store needs retraining.

Rick Patterson

Fast service, excellent spicy chicken sandwich. Try one!

Z Q.

I find the food here to be pretty good. My usual order is the tenders combo with fries and a biscuit, and while the chicken is a bit greasy, it's still tasty. The fries aren't the best you'll have in the world, but they're alright. The biscuit with honey sauce is phenomenal and honestly my favorite part of the combo. I also love how many sauces Popeyes has, and I particularly love the ranch and tartar sauce. The chicken sandwich is good too, but it is really heavy. Even the tenders are heavy, and the 3 piece combo is more than enough for me. The service here isn't bad. The staff are efficient and I've had mostly friendly encounters with them. They've never forgotten any part of my order, so it's obvious that they're paying close attention. I mostly go through the drive-thru, and I sometimes do have to wait quite awhile to order and get my food. This isn't surprising though given how long the line usually is. Overall, Popeyes has tasty chicken and this location always gets my order right.

Cindy B.

Never again !! 25 minute wait for a $24 lunch that was horrible! Salty, very dry and the taste was awful. I threw mine out. Couldn't eat it. Everyone had to stand outside for 25-30 and no one could hear their names called. Heaven forbid an employee walk to the door to announce an order ready.

Loch M.

We preordered our food online before going to get it. They made us stay outside for OVER AN HOUR while they got our food and then they lost the order. This was after the hour between the time we waited after ordering and going to get it and the time we spent in drive through. No one is answering calls now. They have good food. Too bad it is ruined by poor customer service. With two other chicken options in the immediate vicinity they had better step up their game and quick!

Robin F.

three words- spicy chicken sandwich!! yum yummy yum yummy! three words- spicy chicken sandwich!! yum yummy yum yummy!

Cali Shade

Its good... not killing people good but good

Ana S.

Very disappointed. Got home and noticed 2 side orders were missing. I tried calling the restaurant to let them know and they dont answer the phone.

Lydia Allen

Took my granddaughter's for dinner, I was disappointed I had eaten in one Popeyes in Louisiana sooo good you'd think it would be the same, nope. The chicken tenders tasted as if they sat there all day, dry and cold didn't even ask if we wanted sauce for the shrimp so are it dry, then on top of that dirty looks, no personality at all that's what my money gave me never again should of gone to in n out next door to them. ?

CYera W.

Every time i come here they are missing something and get my entire order wrong. I went recently and ordered 3 chicken sandwiches and o my received one. The lady who gave me my food seemed as if she didn't want to give me the sauces that I asked for either. The food is decent but I'm tired of spending so much money and not receiving everything that I paid for.

Christie C.

Horrible. Very disappointed. First was looking forward to the biscuits, & red beans & rice. I was told they have discontinued the red beans & rice, as of that second. So I said ok coleslaw. Sorry we are out of coleslaw. I ordered a 5 piece tender. Got 3 plus 2 accidental scraps The biscuits were old & dry. No utensils napkins or butter was given to us. The chicken. In the 3 piece dinner I ordered barely had enough meat to fill half a hand. 24 bucks for a bunch of disappoimtment Dont waste your time.

William Chandler

Last week was our first time we went to this magnificent restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the good service, with the exceptional cuisine and booze and with the modest payment. We will definitely go back there soon.

Britt M.

Horrible! If I could give this Popeyes a negative star I would. Every time I go to this Popeyes they're either out of stock of products/supplies(which they fail to mention at the order intercom and wait till you get to the pay window), have a problem or missing items from my order, or even worse sometimes have both issues at once. Very unapologetic and rude customer service. Awful management and employees. This location needs some serious improvement.

Carra Shimek

I already dislike this place for many reasons and tried to give it another try, so I order through ubereats and only half my order is there. very mad, very upset and they have no working phone. tried to call them to get it fixed and all you get is a busy tone.

Angel G.

Will never set foot in this place again, and you better believe I will let all my colleagues know worst customer service ever the manager was the rudest. I just ask a question about chicken sandwich! This was my 1st time ever in Popeyes and my last no thank you and by the way you can keep my 11 dollars hope keeps you open. You need new managers your current ones forgot why they're there.

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