Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2901 W Florida Ave, Hemet
(951) 652-7513

Recent Reviews

Stacey Diaz

Great chicken and mashed potatoes. I love spicy. They need to put a little more gravy on the potatoes. The Cajun fries and dirty rice are good also. My husband likes the red beans and rice. A little pricy, but every once in a while that's ok.

Yolanda Rodriguez

Would give zero if I could. Waited 35 minutes. Place wasnt busy. Workers cooking spent most of their time talking to each other, and not working. Will never go there again.

Cynthia Aguilar LaMora

the service was excellent.

Gilda Gonzalez

This is a great place to eat. It?s just way to slow and unorganized. They need new management to motivate and have a faster process to move people out

Linda J.

So I finally gave up and brought the hubs here to get the elusive chicken sandwich. I personally hate Popeye's. I hate their seasoning, I don't even like their fries, but... we are not here for me. We got into line at 2:59pm and made it to the window by 3:18 with approximately 18 cars in front of us, so the timing was not terrible considering the back up. The service was just okay. He ordered the chicken sandwich combo and an extra chicken sandwich ala cart. The lady gave us the total of $12. Something and told us to pull forward. Lol. Umm there are still cars in front of us? And she never asked what he wanted as his side item. I am not ragging on her, I know they were busy, but she should have asked. Make sure you ask for the condiments and napkins or you won't get any. The sandwich has potential but.. he said the bread was too thin. The sandwich wasn't dry at all. The fries were cold and dry and seemed like it was off of the kid menu. They did not offer a sauce to put on the sandwich so he used some ranch dressing when we got home. He says he probably would order the sandwich again however it is not on his priority list. He would rather have taco shop. Lol

Kathleen Moritz

I'm not a chicken sandwich kind of girl but I had to go to Popeyes to see what all the fuss was about. And believe me when I tell you it was so worth it!! My advice... Get this sandwich with the spicey mayonnaise and extra pickles. Because you'll want to have a pickle in every bite. Happy Sandwich Day everyone!! (Except for chick fila... Because they're closed today which is Sunday!!!) Maybe they all went to Popeyes too for the perfectly simple, perfectly juicy, perfectly spiced chicken sandwich.

Adrian L.

Popeyes is great, always loved this chain BUT I just now tried the CHICKEN SANDWICH...little backstory. I was deployed when they announced it, ran off the shelf so then it got interesting..I wanted it bad. Now back to right now ...this sandwich is LEGIT. Simple , great tasting and boy the meat was big and JUICY!! The pickles gave it that tang and of course I got it spicy! I don't know if the hype is part of this but in my opinion it's the best chicken sandwich! My wife says the same.

Rebecca B.

This place has never done me wrong but there staff are idiots they have a huge launch for this chicken sandwich. None of the employees were properly trained to handle this kind of volume. set up cones to direct your drive thru and front door traffic.The customers are blocking traffic coming in from the street like idiots and refusing to move. Come on Popeyes step up your situation management skills think ahead plan and be respectful of the businesses and customers of the area. If you all need help with that. I will gladly come put your ship on the right path. Customer service and management seems to be going out the window. Come on Popeyes be better then that

Jason & Marty Whitman

Staff was good.. Long wait but understandable since it's Friday night.

Chuck F.

I hardly go here but the line was about 5-6 cars long. It was insanely slow!! Trust me the full line of in and out probably could cycle by the time these guys get 2-3 cars if not less cars.... For sure farmer boys is faster.... and they are the second slowest in town. Third slowest after this place... here the worst, then Gus jr, then farmer boys.

Amanda M.

This place is the worst. They're always out of something and they're rude. The food is often tines cold. And you'd think they'd tell you before you order, but nope. They wait. This place is a joke.

Ryder C.

Always gets my order wrong, completely rude ordered 2popcorn shrimp and only got one asked about it they told me they "combined the two orders" asked for a manager and told her about it and she just split it into another box. Always gets my drink order wrong, would not recommend you to go here. Trust me got to staters down the road and get there's it's always fresh sides are better and you can get your own drink and make sure it right

Carolyn Ratcliff

Excellent service the rep at the window tonight (9/21/19), was respectful, timely, and knowledgeable. Thank you, Popeyes.

Sarah D.

If I could give 0 stars I would they didn't have anything I wanted like the new chicken sandwich nor did they have the peanut butter banana pie I was very disappointed cause I really wanted to try both of those that's the second time I went there and they didn't have the chicken sandwich

Elizabeth Houston

We got there b4 they opened and were 2nd to order 45 minutes later order still not done and was offered something diff after being told repeatedly our food would only be a couple of minutes never got offered anything for inconvenience and didnt even get what we ordered

Laura G.

They gave my half of the container in my order when I ordered a family meal, (it's usually not like that, I tried calling them but their phone number it's not working, this is so wrong, I'm thinking to call the franchise number they definitely need to do some serious retraining, I'm so upset because I live so far from where I purchase the food. I will give them 0 stars if possible.

Dina A.

Popeyes is my favorite chicken in the world! The mashed potatoes with gravy is delicious as well as their biscuits, Po Boy Sandwiches, plus a few other items. KFC got nothing on them! I empathize with the employees here as they did not expect their business to boom over this Chicken Sandwich! I will not give them a bad review just because the wait was long and they were out of the Chicken Sandwiches. Yes it was frustrating but not their fault! I try to put myself in their position. If you think FAST FOOD is easy work then go and apply and you'll soon find out it isn't as easy as it seems! Although we didn't get the Chicken Sandwich we still ordered Chicken and mash potatoes w/gravy and biscuits plus a Po Boy Sandwich with Shrimp! Yum! So it was a win win for us! Waiting for the next time they get a new shipment in of those bad boys. We're going to have to camp over night to be first in line this time, lol J/K I wouldn't go that far! But you get the point! See ya soon POPEYES! Love that chicken from Popeyes ~ that's the truth!

Jacob Perez

drive thru girl (i think her name is joss???? idk) was really nice and her customer service was excellent

Dave K.

I'll adjust this rating if I can find a reason to justify going back and find anything has improved. We thought we'd try the new chicken sandwich only to be informed at the order kiosk that there were none available, where we were trapped in a very slow moving line. We thought about choosing a 2-piece meal but it was $3.50 more than the same meal at KFC. The manager, IMO, should place a sign ahead of where the queue forms and you're locked in. We went next door to In N Out and got through just as long a line in half the time.

Jacob P.

you guys are mean to this Popeyes and you insult them and don't appreciate them the chicken sandwich is good.

Krysta Wright

I had an awful experience here. First I walk in and they said they are out of the chicken sandwich. As I start to leave they said we still have the chicken sandwiches but for drive thru only. So I get into my car and wait in the horribly long line. Finally when I order I was greeted with an employee who seemed frustrated and was really short with me. I got 3 sandwiches in total and when I got all

F. Scott Armstrong

Cleanest one I've been in! Excellent, fast and friendly service: food was fresh and delicious.

Rubi Gutierrez

The food was good but the drink we ordered a gallon of was supposed to be sweet tea but ended up tasting like pure water with a ton of sugar it was way to much we ended up throwing it away i couldn't even drink half a cup even my kids thought it was way too sweet.

sidiky niambele

Did anyone try the new popeyes chicken sandwich? I hate to compare because I love Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich but I must admit this new popeyes chicken sandwich is the best - no doubt about it!

toxxic35 .

It was an awful experience.... it was probably do to the realise of the new chicken sandwiches but long story short was the drive thru was a mile long so I went inside to find a long line as well 20 people deep and only one cashier it took me 55 min to order and get my food. I got it home to find out they got my order wrong I orderd a 5 pice chicken strip meal and two of there spicy chicken sandwiches. What I got was a 3 piece wing combo and two original chicken sandwiches and the wings were dried out and nothing but breading. Very disappointed thanks guys ð??? I've ate there before and had a good experience but this time was absolutely terrible .

Michael L.

Bad service very dirty restaurant especially when no one in drive through or in restaurant place was a ghost town now i know why cold food won't be back just close the doors yuck that's my review

Diana M.

I would give them a zero if i could. I got stuck in the drive thru for 45 min. I watched tons of people walk in and get food come right back out but the drive up didnt move. The girl at the window was like a zombie just stood and looked at my money like she didnt know how to make change. My food sat on the counter for a good 5 min before she decided to give it to me. The workers are untrained and unorganized. Worst service ever. Went to eat my food no knife or forks!!!!

Bobbie R.

I usually love Popeyes, but today was just ridiculous. Our cashier, was unhelpful and every time we ordered something, he would tell us they were out of it. He was rude when telling us, and the location was out of french fries, over half of the sauces, chicken legs, sweet and unsweetened tea, and most of the drinks in their Come Freestyle machine. It took over 40 minutes to get our food, and while we were waiting we saw many people come back up to the counter, sometimes multiple times, to have their order corrected when it was messed up. As we left, nearly an hour and a half after we arrived for "fast" food, I saw people asking for their money back because their food was taking so long. The entire restaurant was filthy, and no one came out to clean tables. The trash cans were also overflowing, so you could not even put your trash in there anymore. Overall, the food that they did have tasted good and was hot, but the staff at this location was sadly unprepared for the crowds that would come in for their new chicken sandwiches.

Cynthia C.

Horrible service No Soda dirt ass Tables long ass lines didn't even get my Order right no competition with chick-Fila at ALL!!!!!! Please don't believe the Hipe!!!!

Bryson G.

All I'm saying is I waited 20 minutes for a chicken sandwich that I could only eat 1/4 of... Big time Popeyes fan but I'm screaming out f*** that when it comes to this one. Hope it's not the same for the rest of y'all

Diane M.

I just left and went to in and out because this place had terrible service i wouldn't feed my dog here

Cindy Hulstrim

Our experience was good and bad!! They told us it would be about an extra 15 minute wait for our chicken which we had no problem with but 30 minutes went by still no chicken!! The manager apologized said no one should have to wait that long and gave us an extra meal!!

Chelsea Chukes

The last three times that I came here I either received no sauce for my chicken strips or no honey for my biscuits that I asked for more than once. Iâ??ll notice it & have to come back inside to ask for my sauces/honey, which is annoying. The people working at the windows have listening problems that they need to work on.

Jennifer H.

Omg! I'm just leaving this Popeyes and I will never return as a customer. I just witnessed one of the cooks come out of the bathroom and wiped his hands on the front of his shirt, when he did you could still see that he had flour all over his hands which tells me he went to the bathroom and DIDNT WASH HIS HANDS!!! Disgusting!

Marnell Davis

I drove 5 miles to get there only to be greeted with a line coming out the drive through all the way to the street. I had to go in to find out what the fuss was about. All I can say is that I wasn't disappointed. Excellent food and excellent service.

Elaine G.

Okay long line maybe 6 cars in front of me... girl doesn't tell me till the window that they're out of spicy chicken. So then I remind them my soda was with no ice she gives me the coke back half full. So I walk inside the store and there out of coke.. lol

tacarra shimek

Husband and I just went there tonight, and we ordered 2 platters and the lady with 2 pom poms on the side of her head was overly rude for no reason... because I asked for a sweet tea.. then we get home and open our bag and we asked (and paid) for extra sauce and there was none... all we ordered was 2 platters nothing special and not difficult. I've worked restaurants my whole life and it's not difficult so for a fast food place to not meet any needs is just sad. Now my husband had to drive all the way back to fix there mess up. My pregnancy cravings got ruined and I got greeted with rude attitude from some chick who's mad about working fast food and takes it out on the customers. Not going back after tonight.

Joshua Cummins

Just went there today and ordered. The last 3 time I went to popeyes they messed up my order. Today I didnt get any sauce with my meal and the people at the drive thru forgot to give me my drink. I had to ask for the sauce and the drink and they still didnt give me any sauce. I'm usually open minded and willing to give the place a second chance but 3 time in a row with different employees and they still have bad customer service and they mess up orders. Get it together.

Tammie Kaiulani Reed Edwards


Michele Poole

Inez...she is great!!!