Papa John's Pizza

2927 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park
(323) 582-7272

Recent Reviews

Gee Gee

I was trying to get a hold of someone at the store to let them know that my order was not complete. I kept trying to speak to someone but their phones rang, rang, and rang and eventually the call was disconnected. I’m from out of state this was the last time I placed an order with them, my orders are ALWAYS incomplete.

Elvis Garcia

This place is wack I put all my details on line and took over an hour to deliver only for it to not be dilivered at all and then said we can make another one wack place don’t go there or order from there.


The Service was terrible the cashier had an obvious attitude problem and was very rude on top of that the pizza was cold and the buffalo wings had no sauce and we're super dry will never return to that place again worst dining experience ever

Rudy Dorado

The service sucks at this location, staff is very rude. Especially the girl with the red head

Kolton M

This restaurant provides fantastic service and yummy menu. One of my favourite places in the city. The food and drinks arrived quickly and the prices were fair. Recommended.

Carnell Marshall

Got delivered it was cold. But a microwave fixed that.The biggest issue was the wings. Supppppppper fatty. Like slime. They need to get with a research company to fix this.

Wilboxx _

Great service fast service and quick easy online order.

Frank R.

I went an placed a walk in order with extra sauce. I should have checked the box before I left. The pizza had little sauce VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE GUY THAT TOOK MY ORDER. I called him back to let him know I didn't get any of my pizzas with extra sauce. He gave me attitude. I asked him to charge me next time cause I HATE DRY PIZZA! He told me they don't charge but if I want to get charges they can.

Joe Escareño

Stuffed pizza was not that great pizza huts stuffed crust is way better wings are small compared to other pizza places

Josh Rios

Great pizza with great prices

Mussa S.

Customer service is very bland . But what do u expect of young workers that get paid badly . Just give them a raise to get the orders right .

Salvador Moreno

Horrible service I placed my order online and I waited 20min before heading to pick it up just for them to tell it wasn't ready until 15min later so waited the extra 15min then I went back in so they can tell me that it wasn't even in oven yet I would have to wait another 15 to 20 min. That's when I lost it got me so angry it was lunch for my daughter she didn't get to eat till she got off work because of their mistake. I was told that he was the only person working and he couldn't do anything about it bad management.

Arturo Betancourt

The operator on the phone was charging my wife more money than the total cost of the order. She immediately told the operator that why she was charging more and the operator checked and from $ 46.00 dollars down to $ 37.00 dollars but my wife was still dissatisfied with the charge so she decided to cancel the order and we went to the establishment personally to make the order and For the same items that they were charging more money over the phone in the store they only charged $ 30 dollars

llenfer Knoth

If I could give this place 0 stars I would but I can't. They made me wait for about over 2 hours. 1. they gave my pizza to someone else. 2.They said "we're sorry you made a mistake" then they tried giving me a smaller size and then what I really ordered. 3. then I had to stand there and argue with manager until one of his other employees said just give her what she wants what she really ordered. not only that they also must have everybody else's orders that were there there is at least 10 other people waiting for messed up I don't think I would ever go back to this Papa John's ???????????????????

Piyo a

Ordered online and waited 3 hours.. When i called they said i was not at the door when they arrived. I then checked my camera and i saw that no one had been at my door. They then changed their story and said i never answered my phone and said i had to go pick up my order and refused to bring it back. Worst pizza place. I called the manager and he was rude af. I would have put 0 stars if i could.

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