Pizza Mia Sports Bar & Restaurant

3006 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park
(323) 585-6666

Recent Reviews


Great ??? and ice ??? ?

Leonardo Zamora

Good food

Oscar Millan

Great place to enjoy time with family and friends great beer and good food. Karaoke is just an extra. Been going here for a few years now.

Mario S.

Good spot to get some pizza and they also have a bar if you're trying to kick it in there. The veggie pizza and mango habanero wings are really good. The workers in there are really nice as well.

Robert Jones

Had a great experience here with my wife. The food comes out quickly and the service is just awesome. Prices are fair.

Donna J.

Now i am a pizza enthusiast. Jon and Vinnies? Ive been there! I went to New York and had their fire Pizza. But this place in Huntington Park??!! Bruh! Im impressed. They have secured a spot on the Top 3 LA Pizza list. The price is fan friggin tastic! The reheat on this Pizza is divine. Yes - Give them all your money NOW

Rosa V.

I have ways had Pizza Mia deliver...however, today sjncei was making a purchase in the adjoining establishment I walked in and ordered my food. As I ealk back in, the employee is cutting my pizzas and TOUCHING MY FOOD WITHOUT GLOVES. I do not know what else they have touched. With our current situation, touching another person's food WITHOUT gloves is UNACCEPTABLE!! When I asked the employee to make my pizzas again and when I shed her to wear gloves, she said she was not required. I then explained that with covid she should not be touching food with her bare hands. She then proceeded to box up my order and then asked me "what do we do now?" I called the owner immediately and left a message. All of a sudden she puts gloves and and proceeds to start my order once again. NEVER again am I ordering from here. Who knows how they handle food when we are not watching!!!

Jesus Troutman

I had an awesome time in this restaurant. We enjoyed the excellent environment and the meals. The waiters are very attentive. I am content we ultimately managed to visit this restaurant.

Daniel Hernandez

Its actually better than the fast pizza places around always taste fresh

Edith L.

It was our first time trying your pizza. It was delicious quality ingredients!! You made my moms Day!! It was a perfect Quarantine Mother's Day Dinner! They were not stingy with their habanero sauce it had the perfect kick and zest!

Priscila C.

I ordered twice from this place already and I'll probably keep ordering, the food is great. The Mexican pizza is honestly the best pizza I've ever had. The bacon cheese fries are good too. What I loved the most was the price point, they are reasonable with pricing and delivery didn't kill us either. We paid not even twenty bucks for a soda, a pizza, and some cheese fries, and it was delivered! I can't believe it has such low stars, it's really good pizza.

Alexis Small

This spot is fantastic! Affordable prices, large portions and the employees are regularly very friendly.

Nancy Vega

Good bomb pizza, wings and beer...but needs better music tho. Overall chill place to chill!

Aimee Romero

Worst bar I’ve ever been to it’s not fun there’s no drinks and no chairs and people who go to this bar is low life’s

Elmer Larson

From the first moment you enter this place the personel give you a great feeling. Very congenial crew, it is a friendly place to enjoy with buddies or with your date. enjoyable cuisine, specialist chef, comfortable price and excellent service. Highly recommended.

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