Root of Life Juicery

2925 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park
(323) 484-9977

Recent Reviews

Karla A.

Delicious food and beverages! The ingredients are always fresh and the business is kept super clean. I have never had a had experience with the food or staff.

Rcabreraortega ..

I love their products. Terrible customer service. They look so friendly on Instagram, but when you are there they are rude. My sister and friend had the same experience. Now we don't bother being nice since their treatment to customers is not what is advertised or expected.

Marilu v

Love Root of Life but noticed that they close at 4pm now? - super early. Through me off when I tried to go after work and I arrived at 4:40pm and the door was locked ? I remember when they used to close at 6pm. Please keep us working folks in mind. That’s why I’m giving them one minus star…

Jose Emanuel Garcia

They have good fruit smoothies, but they are soooo expensive, and when you are paying that much for a fruit bowl, you should be able to customize. I always order the original, but since I am now Vegan I asked to replace the honey they use and replace it with maple syrup. I was told it would be extra for that, I explained that I wanted maple syrup instead of honey, and the snobby girl at the phone said ""we don't do replacements" Bye root of Life!

Diana S.

The bowls are very delicious! A little on the pricey side but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Quality is very good, they have a clean establishment and online ordering is available as well! Makes an excellent substitute for a quick lunch or breakfast.

Jaqueline M.

I really want to come back because the açaí bowls are one of my favorites, but the lack of customer service always make me not want to make the drive. I drive out 40 minutes to get treat like I'm not a paying customer. Usually spend between $60-70 for a good acai bowl and bad customer service. Doesn't seem worth it to me. There hasn't been not ONE time where I come in and get simple "hello". Their Instagram page makes employees look to super cheery but their quite opposite of that. Please train your employees customer service as it's very important for business or your business is quick to loose valuable customers and their money.

regular person

Very welcoming place, I enjoyed their refreshing juices. The bowls never disappoint when I am craving something sweet.


2 girls didn't know how to explain their own acai bowls. Gave an attitude instead of answering a simple question. One was clueless and had to call out another who had a major attitude. If you don't like working there than leave. Don't drag others down with your bad attitude. Never will try this place. Thanks for the bad experience.

Deisy Vasquez

Decided to finally try this place out for the first time & keep in mind I am currently expecting, I advised the girl it was my first time and was thinking of an Açaí bowl and showed her a picture of one of they’re bowls, and seriously didn’t expect her to be rude, being that I had notified her it was my first time, she then replied I needed to know the name of it, as If I was the one working there, no customer service or friendly staff I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by her bad attitude and poor customer service…. Ungrateful!!


The fact that you order on line and have to give a tip and you don't have a choice to opt out expensive prices plus still give a tip come on !


I ordered a protein bowl and it was okay. There was not much flavor in it. Most of it tasted like water to me so I will have to try something else in my next visit. ?

Solimar Williams

The smoothies are MEH... I've had better. Also you can't customize your smoothie you have to get something from the menu (which is outside btw) so it is very annoying as a first time customer to have to go in and out. Also the granola is not gf so for all my people with gluten problems this is not the place for you. Definitely won't be going back....

Atin G.

Love the OG bowl, if it's your first time and don't know what açaí bowl to get, the OG is my go to, you'll know why.

Brian G.

Are you looking for refreshing and natural? Root of Life has it!!! Big fan of the Amazonian smoothie. Açaí bowls are delicious and HUGE! But not only press juices, smoothies, and açaí...they also have some breakfast options! I would honestly recommend anything from here. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I take my pup here on our walks to get myself a smoothie and the staff brings him water and fruits. How can you not love that?

Brandon C.

First of all, I really appreciate this Juicery like you have no idea. Reasoning for this is because our community lacks healthy options it's a food desert. Therefore having an option of health juices and smoothies is amazing. In addition, the vibe and energy you get is always amazing the staff is so kind. I want to appreciate Stephanie because she literally knows my name. I felt so special I was like "Me" in my head. I thought that was only in movies you know but I guess not. Lastly, if you are in the city of Huntington Park this a must.

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