Higher Grounds Coffee House

54245 N Circle Dr Ste B1, Idyllwild-Pine Cove
(951) 659-1379

Recent Reviews

John Aguinaldo

Great place for coffee, smoothies, blended drinks and freshly prepared pastries and snacks.

Leslie B

I ordered a banana mocha blended drink. It tasted like Folgers with a hint of banana. Definitely do not recommend. Their iced latte wasn’t any better. To top it off their banana bread was not good. Coffee is not good here, sadly. Kuddos for having a changing table in the restroom and the couches to sit on. The staff was not friendly, mainly teenagers on their phones and chatting with each other. Try Alpaca coffee instead, for good coffee.

Daniel Martini

Amazing banana bread and good coffee. Nice spot, plenty of seats and friendly crew!

Grace Waas

I love tge brownies. It’s sooo gooddd. I ordered 1, then go back for 2 more. The coffee also good. The latte and cappuccino is yum.

Jeremiah B.

First time I came I really enjoyed the strawberry Banana smoothie, even though it's a bit on the pricy side. Well have tried to be a repeat customer and 9 times out of 10 they are out of stock no matter what time of day I come. I can understand every once in a while unforeseen circumstances come up, but when it's almost all the time that's the fault of the business. They honestly have wasted my time and gas so many times that they do not deserve my business and hopefully they don't get yours either.

Yoko I.

Friendly staff and decent coffee! I love that they have vegan options! I have tried their vegan banana bread and it was yummy! Definitely will be back!

William C.

Bring back the self-serve coffee! A lot of us regulars don't have time to wait through the entire line up of blended drink orders just to get a cup of regular coffee! It used to be so fast and easy and for some reason it's been changed. Even Starbucks gives you a cup of drip coffee at the time you order it. Here, you now have to wait and wait. Awesome staff by the way but like Steve said in an earlier review, bring back the self serve. And if you can't do that, at least do it like Starbucks and have the barista fill your drip coffee at the time you order. Thanks for listening!

David Bellamy

If you are visiting Idyllwild and need a pick me up or want to enjoy a good cup of coffee then look no further. Higher Grounds rises above all the rest in more ways than one with a good cup of joe, tasty speciality drinks and some delicious eats and treats to complement your drinks!Plenty of outdoor eating to enjoy nature and an indoor space to play board games, have conversation and relax in a cabin like setting.Friendly staff and lots of parking around the shop. Highly recommend stopping by. Cheers

Steve S.

This has been a great place for your morning coffee. The coffee is great and the staff is friendly and very professional. However, lately there has been a change for some unknown reason. Customers can no longer use the self-serve method of getting coffee. The staff must do the serving, which is not very efficient. Not sure why.... but always believed, "if it's not broken, don't need to fix it. It was NOT BROKEN!!


We got a couple of cups of coffee at the High Grounds. All were excellent, service was all good as well.

Thomas S.

The coffee is always better here because they roast their beans on site. It's evident they take great pride in providing a good product and excellent service.

Sue B.

It's been a struggle for us to find delicious baked goods in Idyllwild. We popped in here twice this weekend after some disappointing baked goods from other places. We tried a mountain berry muffin and coffee cake. Both were moist and yummy. The muffin slightly edged out the coffee cake. My husband typically wants a pour over coffee but tried their drip. They roast their own beans and he had a choice of light, medium, dark and decaf. He chose the medium roast and it was pretty good as was my mocha. He loved that he could add his own cream and sugar with lots of variety of sweeteners. Everyone is very friendly and they open early! We'll be back.

Anna J.

Friendly service. Knowledge barista . The pastries are made daily; we had the apricot crumble which was amazing! Mango smoothie and the almond vanilla latte were good as well...

Tracy W.

Friendly service with a smile and good iced coffee. They have oat milk so that's always a plus. Comfy couch and tables for working or hanging out. The covered outside seating was a relaxing way to start our day.


Patio with views of hills and downtown. Music in the courtyard. Banana mocha too sweet but fun to try. Order the lemon bar

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