Idyll Awhile Wine Shoppe & Bistro

54245 N Circle Dr C-8, Idyllwild-Pine Cove
(909) 714-0945

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Mel M.

Been coming to Idyllwild for years and try to stop by the wine shop every chance I get. What a great spot! You can tell this place is family owned, and it has plenty of outdoor dining space, which is great these days. Their charcuterie board, which costs $26 is very tasty. Today's visit was extra special as one of the folks working there came out to me and my kids and gave us a homemade rocky road chocolate bar as a Christmas gift- what a wonderful gesture! Can't wait to come back!!

Kristen B.

Stopped in here with a group of six ladies to enjoy some outdoor time and wine the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We ordered a nice bottle of Chardonnay and the bacon wrapped dates. Live, acoustic music was also a nice touch and wasn't disturbing to our chit chat. The owner was polite and friendly. Would definitely stop back in next time we're up the mountain.

Nicole S.

First place I've ever visited in Idyllwild that had a rude waitress. She was not attentive and had an attitude the entire time we were there. Ordered lunch and we were disappointed with the presentation, taste and portion. Would not recommend this place. Unfortunately as I have been wanting to visit this Bistro for quite some time.

Kevin M.

Over 5 years since my last review even though we usually stop in multiple times over Thanksgiving week and Presidents Day holidays. This place has certainly shifted it's customer base over the last many years. It seems Leanna has made some changes that make it nicer! Live music is thankfully gone! This place is way too small for live, loud, music. The renovations make it a slightly more upscale spot. Our first visit during our annual Thanksgiving sojourn was yesterday and then today for lunch. The key to life as we transition from the pandemic is patients. We had a lovely lunch of charcuterie and wine, talking with Leanna and the locals. Looking forward to our next visit!

Jete B.

Avocado toast is shredded cheese on top of multigrain bread they bought across the street, the "flat bread" is a joke and took forever to make. It's basically a tortilla with a spoonful of tomato sauce and some cheese. My kid loved it, so there's that. My husbands sandwich was amazing according to him. Despite all this, the wine is amazing. Order some wine, bring your own snacks, and save some money. Amazing place if you have a kid and if they get distracted by the live music and dogs. Food is 1/5, Wine 5/5, ambiance 4/5.

Michaelaine G.

I visited Idyll for the first time. The music was great, and the owner and bartender was nice, but the crab cakes and Bruschetta was horrible. I took the food back and thought the items would be taken off the check, they were not and I ordered soup because I was still hungry. The soup was 13.00 of which they comped, but had to pay 26.00 dollars for food that only took one bite from. I would not go back for the food. They need a new chef!


Save your money and get a sandwich from the ice cream shop next door. You have to order at the counter, and the prices are that of a restaurant you should have service at. BLT had very little bacon, and was not what you might expect. The food looked and tasted like it was prepared by the waiter.They do have a beautiful outdoor patio with live music, which is very nice. Go for drinks and entertainment.

M C.

Great little spot for a glass (or bottle) of wine in the middle of the afternoon. We got a bottle of a red blend and a charcuterie board. Sitting outside listening to the live music was enjoyable and even more enjoyable with the unexpected rain storm. That interrupted the music for about 30 minutes, but sitting outside with with a nice glass of wine smelling the mountain rain was an experience I'll never forget. The servers were friendly and attentive and the atmosphere was relaxing.

Kristin Gabriel Atwood

This is one of the best outdoor venues in town for great food, drinks and live music!

Anastasia N

This place is subpar at best. It is so hard to mess up a charcuterie board but they still managed. They advertised it as 3 cheeses and 3 meats board but they only give you 1 piece of prosciutto, seriously? The crackers were soft and disgusting and the brie was super hard. So many wrongs it's hard to give this anything but 2 stars. The wine was decent but otherwise, what a disappointment.

Lady Vet Lulu

Amazing place to relax and unwind!

Valerie Demichow

Wonderful atmosphere and great music!

Karla K.

It's a great idea to have a wine tasting place in town but sadly we've been charged incorrectly twice...for a drink we didn't get or double the drinks we ordered. Both times it was explained as a 'computer glitch' but you might want to check your bill. The dolma appetizer was good so that explains our 2 star rating

Stefani T.

Headline: Overpriced, false advertising, and bad service. My husband and I visited my parents a couple of weeks ago. They had been staying up in Idyllwild for a few weeks and while we were there, decided to do some wine tasting. My mom found a place online that had deals for wine tasting, showing 4 types for $12 or 6 types for $16 and this sounded like a great deal for a little wine shop. It didn't even fully dawn on us the complete difference in pricing until after we had already got seated and were ready to order. The menu we were handed by our very impersonal bartender, said wine or beer tasting- 4 for $22 or 6 for $29. Since we had already made our way over and were really looking forward to the experience, we decided to go ahead, and check the online pricing later on. Along with the wine, we decided to order some snacks, cause who doesn't like to drink and have something to munch on... well, in line with the mis-matched pricing from online, the food was completely more expensive and 100000% not worth the $$. We ordered bruschetta, a margherita flatbread, and a sandwich for my husband. The only thing that looked even remotely worth any amount of money was the sandwich. The rest of the "food" was a joke. The bruschetta was so simple and small and I easily could have made a better version at home. The flatbread was truly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. It was cut into 3 long pieces, with only 1 end piece (where the heck was the other end piece?) and next to no sauce, no cheese, and a very small amount of basil. So, this was a very expensive experience, crappy food, and not the best service, yet because I used to be a server I still tipped 10%. We all agreed however, to not only never go back to this place, but also be sure to warn everyone we know that likes to visit Idyllwild, to not go to this place.

Alexandra Emtsova

Another charming spot in Idylwild. Wine bar has a great selections of wine and beers for every budget. I was happy to see so many options from small wineries from around the world. You have to buy food in order to consume alcohol and cheese board was enough for two people to split and was delicious. Guitar player on the lawn outside was a cherry on the top. The whole atmosphere was so relaxing we didn’t want to leave. True California vibes.

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