Mamma Mia Crepes and Desserts

54225 N Circle Dr, Idyllwild-Pine Cove
(951) 659-1180

Recent Reviews

Jon Lopez

Was there on a somewhat busy day, had just snowed so a lot of people were visiting the area, spent about 25 minutes in line to order and about another 20 to get our food. I had a hot chocolate and the wild berry cheesecake crepe. Hot chocolate was good very creamy but the crepe was undercooked and very thick, almost seemed like a pancake than a crepe. It Had a lot of fruit, but still was not worth the money.

Tessa Hewitt

I was sooooo excited to find a crepe place that did gluten free! Soooo delish!Ordered one to eat there, then ordered more for later since I hadn't had a crepe in years! Highly recommend!! Lots of great choices. Some dinner, breakfast and sweet tooth options.


Yummy crepes! Stylish place with great selection of food & beverage choices. I recommend getting it to go & enjoying on the town square!

nicole wise

Best crepes I've ever had. There are many different kinds. They make everything with the freshest ingredients. They make coffee drinks as well. I mean cmon who dsnt like a fresh made crepe. ?

Social Butterfly V.

Delicious crepes! Stylish place with friendly service & great food & drink selections!I recommend getting it to go & enjoying it on the town square!

Jonathan Lanni

Was my first time up there and I have to say I had a blta with added chicken and mozzarella cheese with a bubble waffle instead of a crepe and it was delicious best sandwich I have ever had

Grant Hirata

Food quality was great, had both savory and sweet options.Coffee products were well done . Service was quick and friendly, the order was missing something, they hadn't charges it but when they were told they got it made very quickly, and everything was efficient.Out door seating was available but the interior was nicely decorated.I will be back. It was centrally located, very enjoyable.

Mike Cuda

Had the ham and cheese crepe...first crepe I ever had. Seemed good but nothing to compare to...I'd try them again

Kara Chung

Great service and amazing food! Everything we ordered was made with the freshest ingredients. We had the chicken pesto crepe, turkey bubble waffle, caprese crepe, vegetarian, and berry cheesecake. My favorite was the chicken pesto and turkey waffle sandwich. Oh the berry cheesecake was really good too; I just prefer savory over sweet. We're planning on eating here again before we checkout tomorrow. It's that good. I would eat here every day. You have to check it out!

Joel Rushing

Everything I've ordered from this place is amazing 11/10 would reccomend

Anaïs L.

The best crepes I've had in the USA soo tasty and super unique flavors! We ended up ordering crepes almost every day we were in town! Even the savory ones are to die for.

Chelsea Fink

They had just closed and stayed open to make us milkshakes.They obviously didn't have to, but the fact that they did (and were super nice too) made our night. *Bonus* the milkshakes were delightful.

Andrea P.

Walked into this restaurant to ask about gluten free. They are able to do gluten free crepes they use the same griddle. The workers advised me to avoid if you have Celiac. I appreciated his honestly but for gluten free I would not recommend.

Jo Marie U.

Pleasantly surprised with our orders! We had turkey avocado sandwiches and croissant and they were excellent! Too much food for us to finish in one meal because they came with fruit that was perfectly ripe and beautifully arranged with our sandwiches. I will definitely go back to try other foods on the menu! The menu is large so it is not easy to pick one thing. Very nice employee with a great touch on presentation!

Alison Gander

Mama Mia is right, the most decadent waffles we've ever had. Great place to order different things and share.

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