Restaurant Gastrognome

54381 Ridgeview Dr, Idyllwild-Pine Cove
(951) 659-5055

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David Andrews Rogers

So good. Idyllic setting. Terrific, friendly service.

Kandie Hart Worden

Krystle was our waitress Friday and our lunch and service was lovely. Thank you and of course we will be back again soon!

Erin Data

Do you see that itty bitty salad behind my daughters dinner plate? That was my dinner salad. That is not a side salad. That is their dinner cesar salad which costs 13.00. Grossly over priced. I was told for an additional 8.00 I could add chicken and they would spread the lettuce portion out on a larger plate for me to make it appear larger. I will never return. Where is Gordon Ramsey when you need him?

Mike Brady

Service was great. Food was very good! ?


In our first stop in Idyllwild 20 years ago this was a great place to have dinner. We stopped again in our last stop and the quality of the food and service were not good. The place was empty, two parties sitting on the deck on a beautiful Friday evening. The prices are really high, as well. We will not return.

Alison Carter

Maybe we just didn’t order the right things, but this place seemed way overhyped, since the food was lacking overall.I got the grilled chicken and penne. The chicken was good but the pasta was extremely bland. It’s supposed to come with sun-dried tomatoes, but I got a few pieces and mostly diced tomatoes. I got two pieces of broccoli, which was delicious, but there was hardly any of it.My bf got the gnome dip. He said the meat was great, the sandwich needed more sauce, and the dip was very bland. The fries were good; crispy and not greasy.The bread brought to our table was awful. 3 small pieces was all we got. It was warm but not fresh. It had no flavor. The butter was pads of Cisco butter, which added zero flavor the bread. It was disappointing.The staff was very friendly and attentive, so no problems there. But the food was such a let down. I don’t think we would dine here again.


The menu is average but the outdoor patio lets you see the downtown activity. Plus super view of Tahquist Rock

Shelly Reker

Me and a friend tried this place yesterday for lunch and it did not disappoint. We had the French Onion soup which was very good. The best though was their steamed mussels. The sauce was heavenly perfection. Kudos to the chef. We will be back for sure.

Ray Bennett

3.5, but gave it a 3. This place tries too hard to be fancy. Staff dresses like a 90s country club but are groomed like hippies. I would have preferred casual dress and more expressive personalities. You can't be fancy with plastic dining chairs and red faux leather tablecloths.I expected for 'Gastrognome' to maybe have a little Gastrpub flair. Some local beers, something on draft, but everything is bottled.The food was good, and service was great.

Michael Watson

Wonderful place to eat, did not have to wait to be seated. The service was pleasantly fast. The shrimp plate and the seafood combo is to die for. Excellent waiter and staff. My wife and I both loved the experience, and the food. Can't wait to come back again.

Janice S

We came here for a Bloody Mary. The young man at the seating station had no idea if there was such a drink and after a few minutes of waiting he seated us. We told him we wanted appetizers only to find out there is only one appetizer on the menu. We would have been okay with ordering that but after we sat with no one helping us we got up and left. As we passed the young man on the way out we told him we were leaving, he said okay! REALLY, that was his response.

Emma Valdez

Service was good. Chicken penne had no flavor. Tasted like it was all boiled together, Drained and put on a plate. Onion soup was pretty good. Ribeye had a little flavor but not much. Had high hopes for this place but definitely fell short on expectations. Great place for older clientele as not much seasoning going on with food.

Mary Rust

Fantastic restaurant with superb meals and full bar. We enjoyed steak and shrimp for our anniversary. We got to sit in the fireplace room right near the hearth. They have two other rooms, plus a large outdoor patio with heaters. It's our favorite place in Idyllwild!

Jasta Music

Went for lunch (very limited menu)Starting off with the smallest, unsatisfying portion of sliced bread. Three infant pieces in a basket the could have easily held 12 pieces. Not only was it not hot, but it was harder than the icey roads outsid. For my main course of disappointment I had the Bland Burger combo. The seasonless prison patty leaves one to wonder, perhaps they are cutting costs by skipping any attempt at flavor and seasoning. I would highly recommend going anywhere else. Expensive and tasteless.

Yulian Suarez

Got in right away. The setting of the place is really nice. We got sat down and after 15 minutes without being attended I had to call for the waiter. Once we ordered the food it took about an hour for us to get the food and the place wasn’t that busy with a couple tables open. I got my burger medium rare thinking it was a decent quality meat but no. The burger is 2/10 the meat has no flavor and the buns aren’t even toasted or anything. So dry in your mouth. The fries were mid, maybe 5/10. I could make a better burger at home. The waiter sucked, and walked around like he dreads working here. The other two waiters with the white shirts did a way better job. Wouldn’t come back unfortunately even tho the other food outside the burger looks good.

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