California Pizza Kitchen at Alton Square

5465 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 396-1120

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Ishaan Gaikwad

We ordered a wild mushroom pizza and a five cheese & fresh tomato pizza, for about 40 dollars. The taste was great, the mushrooms especially. The amount of mushrooms were also perfect, with not too many or too little for the slice. The five cheese pizza was true to its name, with many types of cheese baked within it. However, portions were a bit smaller than expected for the price so it may not be the best if you are looking for an economical option.

Liz F.

I was forced to give this restaurant one star But it didn't deserve it. Tonight was my first time ordering takeout from this restaurant. It was barely edible. We ordered two pies, a pepperoni and a Thai Pizza. Both were dry and tasteless. We also ordered a small Caesar salad, which was fine. The total was more than $60. If I had gone into Ralphs and brought home a CPK frozen pizza it would have been much better. Stay away...order from NY Uppercrust least it is legit pizza!

Milena Tintcheva

This is the first time we come for lunch in a while and we're so disappointed with the service. We have a 16 month old who was so patient for 45 minutes. We waited close to 15 minutes to be seated and then another 30 to get the food. We were ready and ordered as soon as we sat down and asked for the appetizers first so we could feed the baby. About 20 mins after we ordered we asked our server to check on the appetizers and she never came back. The appetizers came after the rest of the food. There were 6 or 7 other tables with 2 other servers at the time and it was around 2pm on the weekend - not busy. We waited patiently but we did let the server know our child was hungry when we sat down. I always have sympathy for servers but I am so disappointed with the service. If you have small children I don't recommend.

Nicole H.

Pricey for what you get unless you're getting the lunch special. The garlic fettuccine with chicken wasn't too bad. It was on the thicker side, would have liked it to be more creamy. The bowl of this pasta was over $21. (Rating: 4/5) I got the Thai chicken pizza with the Sedona tortilla soup as a duo. It was $11.99 and a great deal, at that. Can't go wrong with this combo. (4.5/5) The butter cake was just all right. (3.5/5) The cake tasted thick, dry, dense, almost like a thicker pound cake. The bread and olive oil were fine. It was warm, nice crust and soft inside. (5/5) Service was fine considering it was Christmas Eve. She had a lot of tables on her own, so I'm not going to rate this part of the review. Ambiance is all right.

Jane C.

This CPK is one of the worst ones I've been to. The manager did not keep his promise and our meal took almost an hour after ordering to come out. Yes, that's right, almost an hour. We asked for bread right as we ordered and it took about 30 minutes for the bread to come out as well. Not only that, we had to ask 3 times to anybody we could find for bread. The manager or someone in a buttoned-up shirt came up and said our food should be coming up shortly about 20 minutes after we ordered. Close to 30 minutes later our food finally came out. The pasta dish my friend ordered looked like it was sitting out for a while but at least my pizza was decent. We were crunched for time and had to leave but the manager came by and said he would comp our meals (it was 2 of us with a pizza and pasta). He must not have communicated that to our server because we got the full bill. The server goes back to fix the bill and then brings it back with one entree on there. By this point, we were both so irritated and just paid for the one meal and left. I would suggest to the manager to not make promises you cannot keep. Our food did not come out shortly from when you initially said it would and you did not comp our meals like you said. What a shame and poor experience!

H I.

It's been five months there every time I come up there there's no help at the bar. The only one that helps me is Miranda and Jose. The rest of them are very lazy when it comes to customer service.

Jodi G.

Waited an hour for a 20 min order that was meant to be curbside pick up. Called and told them where I was and was told they would be right out. However, 30 mins later, I went inside and waited 15 mins longer to be told they couldn't find my order. Another 10 mins go by, and I see them finally packing the order. Terrible service and food wasn't even correct when I got home.

Aaron C.

Only restaurant I have ever been to that has a ton of gnats flying around the bar seating. Very annoying. Really! Would be such a great place without the pesky flies.

Matthew B.

Solid choice in terminal A. The waitress recommended a slightly modified version of their mushroom pizza with a chicken pesto. It was quite good. As usual everything is kind of over priced especially the drinks but hey, you're at the airport. They do have a deal where you can get a shot at half price if you're buying another drink. Decent service well executed menu - a good go to spot when you're waiting for a flight..

Edward Arce

Had lunch with the fam here and the service was excellent. Jasmine had a smile and lots of enthusiasm. I will definitely return.The portions are large and flavorful. We ended the meal with key lime pie.

Amy K.

Spectrum was pqcked so we came here and so glad we did! Sean out waiter was amazing and so attentive! Food came out so fast And tasted great. Thank you for such awesome service Sean!!

Trung N.

Poor quality control - my pizza came quite burnt last time. However, I discovered a most wondrous thing about CPK - the kid's pizza is comparable to a small and costs a fraction of the price. -kids original BBQ chicken pizza ($7.85): BBQ sauce, chicken and mozzarella This is very similar to the adult version however, they use a more mild cheese - mozzarella instead of Gouda and no red onions or cilantro for a kids palette. Not the same same but good enough. I think ordering from the kids menu is a good value and overall not a bad idea if you're on a budget.

Samuel M.

Remind, Irvine is kind of you, but any parents like that rig are marvelous fuse are you like to get on the bar? I know I'm looking over here. I don't even notice this place on a Friday night is impossible to get into a hotel, right foods good service straight cash out all my gosh awful glad we did this. Yeah I'm glad we did this but I'm very full.

Life's Good

Looking for some hot soup on a cold drizzly night. This was the place? The tomato basil soup was to die for ? Mom had the split pee soup she said it was also excellent? We had bread with seasoned oil on a plate to dip it and two small pizzas. Our waitress was very tentative, friendly making suggestions asked if we were reward members, which we did not know you could have a membership. She suggested a mango fruit iced tea which turned out to be awesomely delicious, when dinner was over we declined on desserts as we were full but our lovely waitress offered me a to-go cup and a fill up of my new favorite mango iced tea. Will definitely be coming back when I visit Irvine till next time ?&?= ?

Sarah G.

Was very excited to go home and eat my soup only to find the container half full, very disappointed

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California Pizza Kitchen at Alton Square

5465 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 396-1120