Carl's Jr.

4960 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 559-0882

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Maryam Afrooz

Great customer service,very fresh and tasty Angus Burger .Brian who took our order.He was very patient and friendly .we will come back here again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


It was great. I went inside to order. And the customer service was very good.Food: 5/5

Inuie Choi

This place is almost always empty, so I guess that’s good if you don’t want to wait a lot. I got the California burger for $3 but it’s a limited time deal.

Eve Thuy

I came here only because it was near my doctor appointment. Plus craving for fried zucchini. I got it was fast but cold. Like it was sitting there for a while not hot. I know a lot of people do not order this. I gave it a one star because I am unable give it a zero.

Whitney R.

The lady who took my order was soooo hard to understand! Because of the language barrier, two different things were left out or wrong on my order. First time that's happened in many, many visits to different Carl's juniors.

Create4you more

Terrible service person she was rude didn't even get my order right and didn't even smile or thank you since I spend money there????????

Joseph Espiritu

Every time I try and order onion rings instead of fries, but they still give me fries. This a reoccurring situation too. I am done going to this location.

Chris A

Just sharing my experience, so I went in for a burger , I had the double angus bacon Gouda burger , was delicious but noticed the bacon was missing after I finished my burger . I let one of the employees know as I was talking to him manager next to him just walked away to the back . Just make sure you guys get your bacon on your burgers . I know from both sides it was to late to do anything but manager need to take more initiation towards customers feedback .that was my experience at Carl’s Jr.I was there around 3:30pm7/8/22

Debi Bird

I just did the drive thru at this location and ordered the bacon egg biscuit combo with coffee. Got home and found the hash brown was missing. So disappointing.

Bartolo Gomez

It says it opens at 7am and I got here at 7:20. No one in sight, it’s not even open. Should def change the hours.

Trish C.

This Carl's Jr sucks. Really! They always close super early. If they say they close at 9:00 pm you could go there at 8:30 pm and they're already closed. This has been going on before Covid. They never EVER answer their phone.

Kevin Lai

Decent hamburger, usually not too busy. Usually they have special meal deal.

Chris Milton

Awesome loved the foos and great service

Benjamin Gundersen

Not a bad place man! I was able to partake of America's only contribution to society: the cheeseburger. T'was quite good! The guy at the front happily took my money as I paid for my items. Coupons came in handy as well. The chicken tenders are quote fuego ??The fries were advertised as having ranch and they did... on like 3 of the fries. It's a bit poor, but not a bad experience to say the least

Alexander Davis

This dennys was pretty sick. Coupons helped out a ton. Tomatoes were questionable and the burger patty was super crunchy but other than that, super solid. Absolute unit of a carls jr. Highly recommend.

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